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Non returning clutch pedal on track?

Discussion in 'Track Days & Track Driving' started by Stock265cup, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. Have had this happen twice now. After a while on track, clutch pedal wouldn’t return to its normal position by itself. Clutch was still working and was fine after a trip to the pits, clutch also fine in general driving since trackday. Happened to me at Castle Combe a while ago and recently at Bedford, both days were quite warm, Castle Combe was mid 20’s Bedford was high 20’s/30 degrees C. Anyone else had this or know what could be causing it?
    Any feedback will be greatly received, Cheers.
  2. I had this at Spa, when i got home i pulled the gearbox out and the clutch was almost shot, so replaced the clutch and the clutch pipe, replaced the clutch pipe with a straight pipe without the diaphragm thing in it.

    Not had the problem since
  3. Ok, thanks for info. Clutch feels fine though? Do you think it’s an overheating issue?
  4. The thing about the diaphragm sounds plausible. I don’t know how the clutch is operated on Megane so any knowledge is welcome.
  5. yes mine was fine after it cooled down, but happened again when on track, changed the clutch and have done 8 trackdays at least and have not had the problem again.
  6. Cheers for info.
  7. I had this at Combe earlier in the year in my R26, when everything cooled down it was okay. The next time out at Abingdon the brake pedal did the same. I've replaced the fluid (Motul 660) and it was okay until yesterday at Pembray when the clutch pedal went again. Going back to the pits it popped back into position again. All three times it was hot conditions. So I know its not vapour lock and I suspect Ian is right and the clutch is on its way out and/or I'm riding the clutch pedal a bit without realising.
  8. Hi Rich
    I did start to have a problem at Snetterton last Tuesday, one slower lap and it was all good again, my clutch was changed over the winter so not had that many track days on it.
    Must be getting really hot in there, it was 24 degrees at 08.30 the first time i have had any problem since fitting the new clutch.
  9. Think we are looking at overheating issue somewhere then? If clutch was on way out I’d assume it would be slipping?
  10. When you change brake fluid does this automatically change the fluid that operates the clutch?
  11. When we do a brake fluid change we bleed the brakes and then bleed the clutch last, therefore hopefully getting rid of all the old fluid
  12. No i doesn't automatically change the fluid in the clutch parts, i have RBF660 fluid in mine, so when the clutch was changed the clutch was then filled with the 660, i did 2 Nurbergring trackdays and not a problem but it was hot at Snetterton
  13. Ok, cheers.
  14. Next trackday I do ambient temperature should be cooler, will see if it happens again.
  15. There's an old thread about this problem (https://rsmegane.com/threads/brake-clutch-bleeding-guide.12079/) where its caused by air/contamination. I think the my problem (and possibly Ian's) is different because the fluid in the clutch lines has been replaced and bled.
    Also if it was an air problem wouldn't the pedal gradually come back up as it cooled, whereas my pedal litually popped back up.
    I'm thinking maybe the Master Cylinder is getting sticky with the heat, but I've also read that there's some sort of 'in line' valve between the Master and Slave. If this valve is fitted on the R26 and 265's it would be interesting if someone knows how it works and if it could cause this problem?
  16. there isn't a damper in the pipe on the R26, it's only on the MK3's, i have already replaced mine, did this over the winter.
    Interesting about the master cylinder, it isn't that far away from the turbo so wonder if that is the problem.
    My gearbox is being replaced tomorrow, while its out i will drain the fluid from the slave to see what it's like.

    My peddle does or did come back on a cool down lap :neutral:
  17. Might be an idea to try a temp heat shield around the Master Cylinder then?
  18. I have some fire proof cloth, might shove some of that in the area to see if it makes any difference, doing Bedford on Saturday so will give it a go there.
  19. Keep us updated.
  20. Will do, just had my gearbox replaced today, so need to give it a really good test before the warranty runs out :laughing::laughing:
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  21. Hope the Gearbox is okay on Saturday Ian and it'll be interesting to see what happens with the Master Cylinder.
  22. Drove it very briefly today, all feels good :laughing::laughing:
  23. I had this at Spa, when i got home i pulled the gearbox out and the clutch was almost shot, so replaced the clutch and the clutch pipe, replaced the clutch pipe with a straight pipe without the diaphragm thing in it.

    This clutch pipe you speak of, I’ve read that it improves clutch/brake feel. Did you find this when you changed yours? Obviously you changed clutch at same time so would except better feel anyway.
  24. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    The replacement line makes no difference to clutch or pedal feel
  25. Ok.
  26. had the same problem with my 250 at Brands after 4 or 5 laps. pedel and bite point just gets lower and lower until its almost impossible to select a gear ! I have flushed the fluid through which was clean. think it could be a failing slave cylinder. am at Bedford with Ian tomorrow so will see how it goes. don't want to be putting a clutch and slave in it as the clutch feels fine otherwise
  27. How’d you get on at Bedford today, and how where the clutches? I was there a few weeks ago.
  28. well the clutch seemed to be ok but I didn't get to many laps in as my 250 engine decided to shit itself and blow a hole in the block :fearscream::sleepy:
  29. Never had a single problem with my peddle today, it was cooler today so i think that may be the issue.
  30. well the clutch seemed to be ok but I didn't get to many laps in as my 250 engine decided to shit itself and blow a hole in the block :fearscream::sleepy:

    Oh dear sorry to hear that. Standard or not?
  31. Good to hear about the clutch.
  32. no was running a hybrid etc. but not excessive power.
  33. Got any idea what sort of times you were doing at Bedford? ( I know you’re not supposed to time at trackdays) I take it you were on the GT circuit?
  34. Just been through all my camera footage and i never really had a full clear lap but most laps were under 2 minutes and had a couple at 1.55 and the best was 1.53.
    Was on the SEN circuit that's 2.3 miles long.
  35. Ah right ok.
  36. DV8


    I had this happen last year at Spa after a few laps, totally ruined the session. Clutch stayed pinned to the floor and then slowly released as the fluid cooled.

    Replaced the line with one without the damper (I know this wasn't the issue but their a known weak point) and then had the fluid replaced with Castrol SRF Racing.

    Did a full day at Spa a few weeks ago. Similar ambient temperatures (hot). No issues what so ever. That's where i'd start.
  37. Good to hear.
  38. How do you go about changing the fluid for the clutch?
  39. Can only really do it when the clutch is changed
  40. DV8


    My mate did it without removing the clutch. Worked a treat.

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