Noise from pulley area

Discussion in 'Mechanical - Engine, Gearbox, Exhaust etc' started by dave77, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. only guessing as not heard before, quite sharp sound so hopefully external like alternator bearing, air con pump bearing or belt idle pulley bearing, maybe nurse to garage for scrutinising
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  2. Try spraying wd40 on the belt as its running that should tell you if its a tensioner, guide etc if it goes away if the noise is still there then its either inside the air con pump, alternator or inside the timing casing.
  3. Mine sounded a little like this before the cam belt change, although not as loud! (The video could be exaggerating it) . I believe early 250’s has a problem with noisy cam-belt/aux belt tensioner?
  4. Only does it on cold start up too, goes away completely once I drive the car for a few mins

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