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  1. 316 bhp.
  2. ah yes I should have googled it, you are right 316hp.
  3. 300 is near enough
  4. Can't say I would want it as a second car. If it's only for occasional use, I would want something a bit more special than a civic.

    It may be lairy in hot hatch terms but I'd be more embarrassed being seen in plenty of other cars.
  5. what other competitor for the civic in its type, and price would you be embarrased getting out of?
    everyone else seems to go for very steady styling these days.
  6. I quite like the look of them...very edgy.....I drive around in a Hyundai i10 to Tescos and the station carpark and when out with the motorhome so I know what embarrassing can feel like but I don't care any more and it's great for carefree parking.
  7. I think people have missed my intentions. I like that it's lairy. Honda have been brave which I respect. I'd have no problem driving one. I was just saying I wouldn't have one as a toy/weekend car, as I don't think it's special enough. My toys tend to be older cars or ones that are generally too compromised to drive every day. This doesn't fall into either of those categories. If I was spending £30k on a toy, it would have to be something much more interesting. Who needs Bluetooth and climate control in a fun car.

    As for more embarrassing cars, I wasn't referring to anything in the segment. More the fact that people quite happily drive Nissan Jukes etc. They're not only divisive from a styling perspective, they're also shit cars. At least the Civic is a decent bit of kit lol.
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  8. I couldn't agree more, certainly no offence taken from my side matey. Those jukes are a bit odd I must admit.
  9. This dudes got style....'almost as tight as a condom on my fat dick'......

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  10. Well that was strange...
  11. That's sort of what I expect to own one
  12. did make me chuckle
  13. Yep..Thats one ugly car..and mateys all class.
    All car reviews should be done by this bloke.
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  14. even line`watch the rest of my videos on youtube..unless you drive a mustang,and you can fuck off`.
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  15. Cayman/911 - no other options )
    RWD, great chassis, decent power, can use bike rack (not like the M3RS lol).
  16. Yoof of today eh
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  17. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    Yep, totally a typical type R owner, get this all the time with the guy in the next unit and his ***** mates

  18. I've got an older S3 (8P) which is stage 2+, 370bhp and 390lb ft. It's very quick and stops well, but it's not anywhere near as sharp or raw as an R26. It would destroy one in a straight line obviously, but on a twisty road I reckon I'd have been as quick in my old R26 with 100bhp less.

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