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  1. Just a bit of fun this.

    As I seem to have an sickness that means no matter how happy I am with my current car I'm always working out what I will buy next, I thought I'd start a simple thread just for fun.

    If you had to change you're car now for something different, not a Megane RS, and had a slightly bigger budget this time, what would you go for?

    Give one car and the reason why...
  2. probably an A45 AMG, nice bit of kit and easily modded.
  3. Think i would be looking a TT of some sorts :smile:
  4. For me an M2 I think. Never done the rwd thing and that just looks like such a driver focussed car.
  5. If I wasn't restricted with needing 4 seats and had a bigger budget I'd buy my mk2 mx5 back that I sold last month to buy my R26. The extra budget would go on turbo/supercharging it. Was an epic car that embarrassed a lot of 'better' cars on track even with only 150hp.
  6. Sadly my next car will likely have to be a bit more sensible, so probably something along the lines of an Octavia vRS.
  7. I've got a 2013 petrol VRS estate as our family car and it's great. The 2.0TSI engine remaps to 300hp easily if you want extra power. If I had to replace that I'd be very tempted with the 280hp 4x4 Superb estate
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  8. Cayman. Because Porsche.
  9. Boxster. Because roof down
  10. my mate has a TTRS..great engine..but not a drivers you probably know already.
  11. NJH


    Just bought a Freelander 2 HSE but I guess this isn't what you're asking about.

    If I was to sell my race car (unlikely as mrs NJH agreed I can go racing again, yaaaahhhh), I would be looking at Gen II Cayman or Lotus Elise mk2 SC or pushing the boat out for a 2-11. Certainly wouldn't be buying anything resembling a hot hatch again or for that matter anything French, not that my car has been anything other than a very satisfactory more that I just can't see the point of this sort of car unless one has to restrict themselves to one car.
  12. Yeah it does seem to tick a lot of boxes. I would like a TSI but, at the age I'm probably going to be looking for (2013/14), 99% of them seem to be the TDI, so I will probably end up with one of those. Not ideal, but it eliminates the temptation to tinker with it at least. The 2.0 TSI does seem really responsive to tuning. The 400bhp Revo demo car must be a monster.

    You're right about the Superb too. They seem a bit of a bargain to be honest. Always good lease deals on new ones and the slightly older ones seem a lot of car for the money. Certainly no sports car, but for a comfortable, practical load lugger, they seem a really good offering.
  13. My mate has a 2014 VRS diesel..pretty quick,with lots of equipment.
    Multi link rear suspension,and 40+mpg.
    And yes,they can be remapped for a lot more power.

    Reliability wise quite good..although he did have a water pump failure in warranty.
    It also eats tyres with that heavy oil burner up front.

    One thing to definitely check is,the front wheel arch has no mud flaps,or deflectors in any way to stop stones shot blasting the cills.My mates car before he realized,was down to rusty bare metal!

    He is in a argument now with Skoda to sort it out,but they dont want to know at the moment.
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  14. Typical on the rust front. VAG products certainly don't seem immune to it. I'd be interested to try the diesel. A friend had a Leon FR diesel and that was actually pretty good fun. If I go down the Octavia vRS TDI route, I think the only mods would be a remap and a tow bar! I spend much of my time on dual carriageways so the Megane isn't really used to it's full potential anyway.
  15. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    Because of the slight engine trouble at the moment i was having a look at whats around worthy of a try, i have driven a couple of A45's and been a passenger in a couple, i changed my mind about the 45 after a ride around Spa, it just felt numb not exciting.

    I don't do fords, Audi's, Bm's so there isn't that much else, so an engine rebuild for the Meg it is then. :sunglasses:
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  16. M2s are epic and definitely the best M car at the moment. Very impressive on track, I did Spa and Zolder and it was mega the whole time.

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  17. Would genuinely love one. But not yet. The meg is mega. Want to get everything out of it before moving on.
  18. I completely understand. Luckily it's my mothers so I have plenty of opportunities to drive it.

    The itch for a manual E92 M3 is very evident at the moment but I feel another year in the Meg is required first.....

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  19. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    As much as I love manual M cars in E92 guise it would have to be DCT, the manual isn't the greatest in my experiance.
  20. 100% going back to lotus 80% will be an evora!
  21. I have driven an exige v6 and it's amazing. Closest thing to a super car I've driven on the road. But I just couldn't imagine using one daily. And the build quality was pretty poor for the price.

    Does the sheer driving thrill make up for all of that? I bet on the right road it definitely does. If I could have a designated track toy, I'd be getting one of those I think, or a caterham.
  22. Yeah, it was on the cards this last time, but decided to got with the Meg 250 :smile:
  23. I couldn't afford the v6 exige so that won't be a problem to think about!
    It's between a launch edition evora, 345hp evora, 220 s3 Elise or to keep the running costs very low even a 1.6 s3 elise
  24. Just sold my R.S. I long for a Trophy 275 as a second car but for the daily barge I'm getting an Alfa Giulia Veloce, QV would be better but so much Italian engineering to break!

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  25. Type R. But much depends on how good, or crap the new Megane is.
  26. If I had a big budget. Litchfield gtr or a dodge hellcat. Sensible budget (I'll probably get shit for this lol) would have to be focus rs. Then a cheeky little 5 gt turbo
  27. HMMM does that mean if you get the type R you will bugger off to the honda forum and leave this one? or are you already on there?
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  28. R34 GTR V spec

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  29. Presumably we’re talking about actual attainable budgets in which case I was genuinely surprised in a new S3 I had a ride in t’other week, bloody hell it was fast and the brakes were VERY strong. I’ve always had a lottery-win hankering for an RS3 as a 2nd car but in all honestly having been in it nobody needs a car faster than an S3, on the road, in these times. Similar power to a tuned MK3, but with the 4WD it felt much quicker and planted and also with the better build quality it will therefore be my next 2nd car!
  30. thinking of changing out the F10 M5 to the new M5 when it is available.....but guess I need to drive one first to see if the extra cost is worth it
  31. The best 50 grand you ever spent for the RS3 with a few options..and i mean just a few...they are wallet withering expensive.People must buy then though.I think its now eclipsed the AMGA45 in its performance figures.
    I saw a pale grey sportback RS3 the other day..did look very nice...better looking than the hatch.
  32. Would like the type R..i think it will be the new FWD handling benchmark..but its to damn ugly,and would attract all the wrong sort of attention.
    So it will probably be a Cup-S in the metallic red.
    Reminds me of my PPP classic impreza in almost the same colour.
  33. NJH


    Friend of mine has the RS3, it was 52k with options. Very nice inside as he went for an option that gives red stitching and alcantara everywhere, also sounds really really good in a way the various 4 pot hatches will never get near. Still though its 50 bags for a blooming A3. If it was my money and I wanted a do-it-all car it would be 40k ish or less on a low miles M2.
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  34. Lexus ISF or if being a little sensible a Seat cupra ST 300 (because they remap to something silly like 350bhp+).
  35. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    Fuck knows, my last one the 175 took me ages to settle on, knew I'd want a mk3 after it but as for next... I'm not looking forward to that decision. Nothing Vag or Ford fills me with anticipation.
  36. It does verge on the unacceptable in the looks dept and the only way to rationalise it is it wouldn't work as a daily driver.
  37. RS6 just because they tick all the right boxes.
  38. Well they actually say with the far better suspension modes, it is a surprisingly comfy cruiser.

    But i think a man in his middle forties would be looking both ways when getting out of it,
    with its `crashed into halfords` styling.
  39. When I first looked around a demo I thought yes, could live with it. Later, not so sure.

    You've got to be in the mood for it, which is why it would only work as a non daily. Only bring it out when your plumbs are big enough.
  40. It's only a car and only 300hp

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