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Discussion in 'New to the Club? Why not introduce yourself?' started by Chrisball35, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Hi all,

    Thought I'd say a quick hello. Newby owner of a flame red. 16 plate 275 nav with cup chassis and akropovic. Will post pics when it's not filthy with road salt.

    Quick question. With the r-link, was the RS monitor an optional extra and if so, if you don't see any flags on the screen are you to presume it wasn't fitted?

  2. Welcome Chris..
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  3. nice choice
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  4. I would say the rs isn't fitted in yours, like mine with the r-link but no flag.
    Apparently there is a hidden menu but I can't get it to work on mine so assume it's not fitted... why people would buy a car like the nav, pay £1300 for the cup chassis, £2k for the akropovic then not spend the additional £200 or so on the rs monitor is beyond me!
  5. Thanks.

    Couldn't agree more. I don't mind not having the telemetry but you'd think being able to adjust the throttle maps would justify the few hundred quid. Ah well
  6. Welcome aboard. Car sounds like a nice spec. I wouldn't worry too much about the monitor. Think I've touched mine twice in eight months of ownership.
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  7. Flame red goes so well on this car !

    I'm actually looking into activating Android Auto - iPhone Mirroring on the Megane Rlink (I dream of being able to use Waze on the Rlink !!!), I know that the procedure to do this can activate the RS Monitor as well. I'll try and keep you updated ;-)
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  8. Suppose it's one of those things you want because you don't have it, indeed I couldn't see myself needing to know my G on the A1(M) past Catterick... but damn it I wanna know right now!
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  9. Welcome Chris,

    The way way I console myself about not having one, is by telling myself it means that past owners of my car were less likely to try and chase timed 0-60 runs. If I had it now, I know I would have played with it all and done a few timed runs. It would be nice to see the boost and temperatures though. If I'm really trying to push it I can imagine that the R-link is also a tiny bit heavier than the older bog standard (no large screen like yours) stereo lol.

    Enjoy the car, they are so much fun!
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  10. Thanks for the replies. To be fair I came from a modded focus St that had mountunes accessport... That I never used :-)

    First impressions of the car are very good. Haven't managed to push it due to the snow / ice but I can already tell it's much more precise and impressive in handling terms than the Focus. Roll on the next dry day!!
  11. Yeah bring on the dry weather and salt-free roads!
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  12. Though I'd finally add a pic of my megane. Love it IMG_20171224_131702_930.jpg

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