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  1. As title says I'm looking to buy megane rs, im from Ireland and not many about so will have to travel to uk, I want the car for making few trips to Nurburgring and bit of daily driving not much as have work vehicle, not sure whether to go for older 250 that's well spec'd and ready for track or get newer 265/275 trophy or cup with factory extras like ohlins, akra and recaros and leave standard, any thoughts and opinions appreciated
  2. huge price difference if you want a later model with desirable options like ohlins.
    Some bargain 250s coming on the market now.
    In regards to handling ability,not much in it across all the range.
    So as you say,a well spec`d older car will be just as on the pace as a run out cup-s etc.
  3. Is there anything to worry bout on higher milage older models and one that's been tracked alot or are they fairly bulletproof?
  4. no
    nothing to sinister.
    knocking suspension is common..
    Obviously a tuned car is always a bigger gamble,especially if you dont know whos done the work.
    Very few reported blow ups.
    It will handle 300hp with ease if all is well with the engine.

    For a so called`dodgy renault`,both the mk2 and mk3 renaultsport,
    handle track abuse ,and fast road driving very well.

    My own R26 has had no major work other than wear and tear,and service items, in 11 years.
  5. Waiting on request to be accepted to see link
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