Newbie Introduction + selling leather Recaros and looking for turbo

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  1. Jordan Moyle

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    Hi all,

    After selling my Meglio and nearly buying an e46 i'm now the proud new owner of my first RS250 Megane and think it'll be here to stay for the long run. I'll mainly be using it on the track, so will be making some changes. I'm planning to loosely base it on the r26.r, so red cage and harnesses with nice race buckets but maintain most the trim. The clio was fully fully stripped out and when you're only doing it for a bit of weekend fun the drone when travelling is literally torture.

    So i'll be selling the full leather Recaros soonish, i'll be selling the leather back seats too. By the looks of things a fair price for the two fronts in good condition is around £1200 if anyone would like to put their name to them soon. Not sure what the rears are worth yet. But it'll all be going on ebay once they're out the car.

    I'm also looking to buy a standard turbo if anyone knows of one going. I currently have a hybrid from Rs Tuning, the latest Dyno in the paperwork showed it at 330bhp but i know a previous owner had it running 360 and torque of a similar figure. Personally i think it's too much on the drivetrain and engine etc so without the want to start forging things i'd rather go back to 290/300 on a remap as already got larger injectors and intercooler etc, and i think it'll pick up better out of corners on track at that power. But mainly i just want the peace of mind of reliability. Once i've swapped it back to standard, i'm unsure whether to keep it spare to possibly use it in the future, but would likely be open to selling it for the right price. Pretty sure it was around £1400/1500, and it's about 4 years old. Would check through invoices to confirm.

    Looking forward to getting it all done though. KW suspension ordered, hopefully it's not too stiff on the normal roads.

    Also, I picked the car up from Aberdeen and live in Brighton, 600 miles home at 70/80mph averaged 42mpg?! Unreal

    IMG_3348.jpg IMG_4884.jpg IMG_9425.jpg
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  2. Nice car, enjoy
  3. Looks to nice to track tbh!
  4. Welcome to the forum. Get a project thread up once you get started.
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  5. What a beaut! Lovely looking thing.

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  6. Nice motor, always found they do good MPG on a motorway run, best I’ve seen is 47mpg at 70mph.
  7. I was watching that on PistonHeads – looked a bargain so great purchase! Someone may need to correct me here but I'm sure I've read that stock internals are safe for 400/400. My 250 was (still is I think) 321bhp/360lb ft on the standard turbo and I didn't have any reliability concerns so personally I would keep the hybrid turbo, although I haven't experienced one to see what they drive like.
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  8. Jordan Moyle

    Jordan Moyle RSM Club Member

    I live in Brighton, so flew to Inverness then train to Aberdeen to collect it :tearsofjoy:

    So on this recent thread I'm also seeing issues with the hybrid turbo itself blowing. Hence again tempted to go back to standard for peace of mind. Especially when like you said a standard turbo will still get you up to 320bhp. Not finding it that easy to find a turbo for the right money though, nor any new ones in stock.
  9. Good effort! Did you risk a one way flight or book a return?! I haven't been brave enough to fly anywhere yet for a car purchase but spent five hours travelling by train with a one way ticket to buy a 182 Cup.

    I have to say there was never a point driving my car where I felt it needed more power. I can see the desire for track perhaps, but my car was mainly for road use. I'm sure there'll be someone out there looking to upgrade to a hybrid that'll do a deal with you on a stock turbo, might even be worth a call to a few tuners like RS Tuning as they may have stock turbos lying around from upgrades they've done.
  10. Jordan Moyle

    Jordan Moyle RSM Club Member

    Implied i had means to a return route but it was just a one way booking, had a good deal on the phone so from then on it was coming home regardless really, sometimes you just have to take a punt. I think it's paid off. All was as described and so far car seems as expected and very healthy.
    Yer i'll give them a shout, thanks
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