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    Hi there! Just bought my first Megane :smile:

    I have an eclectic mix of cars at home and the Meg came about as I recently sold a GR Yaris and started looking for a new track toy. I started looking at Clio 200's which esclated to Meglios and then I realised I could just buy a Megane for similar money.

    I did have to travel a fair way for this one, but it's a FSH, one family owned Cup with zero mods and zero options and it's fair share of car park war wounds. Another thing I liked about it is the yellow seats, most I found online with the boggo basic seats seemed to have grey/black ones.

    So far it feels very grown up compared to previous RenaultSports I've owned, and I'm looking forward to seeing what these are like on track :smile:

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  2. Welcome!
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  4. Germy

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    That's the plan for mine, let me know when you're booking up TDs and I'll tag along if that's ok?
  5. Will do
    More than likely Thruxton will be a test trackday before Nathan and i go to Zandvoorrt, Spa etc March April ish.
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  6. Hi Germy, and welcome. May I ask why you sold the Yaris?. Just curious.
  7. Germy

    Germy RSM Club Member

    So it's a bit of a long story, but I'll keep it short as possible!

    I ordered one almost 3 years ago, and whilst waiting bought a used one, tracked and sprinted it for a year and then sold it on. My original order took that long to arrive that I was done with the GRY thing by the time it arrived, but kept the order and flipped it to a specialist (yes, I'm one of those people) I only owned the second car for thee hours in the end

    I had a Twingo RS at the same time which I sold to a friend, took the profit from flipping the Yaris and the cash from the Twinglet and bought the Meg.

    The GR is a great car, but having £35k odd tied up in a car isn't where I wanted to be this year. Also, they are good, but incredibly over-hyped by owners. Don't get me wrong, they're quick enough and extremely capable especially in the wet, but the steering feel is vauge at best (you can improve it a bit with camber bolts from Toyota), and they run out of oomph at higher speeds (although they aren't designed for flat out top speed runs obviously). I had some really great track time in mine, but it just didn't win my heart.

    Also some of the owners are complete idiots, yeah there are also some very very lovely owners (all the owners in the Javelin and TSS series are amazing for example) but a GR Yaris is not faster than a 911 etc etc and the fact they will die on a hill rather than accept it's not the fastest thing on the road is a bit tiring. (Also oddly enough they complain alot about bulid quality, road noise and having to service it so often)

    I had the first one for a year and it was brilliant, but not a forever car for me. My OH on the other hand loves his, and I can see him holding on to it for a long time. He uses his for work and there isn't anything else out there (new) that comes close to replacing it for him.....well not for now anyway.

    So, I guess essentially I sold it because it didn't win my heart.

    Video of when a damp circuit even catches out a 4wd Yaris :smiley:
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