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  1. Hey guys looking for some new shoes for the Megane rs 265 can you get rota grid drifts on them. They do a limited edition midnight colour with tint of Blue.

    Are these possible to fit Megane MK 3 preferably theses ones

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  2. Anything is possible with the correct offset and pcd.

  3. Haha is that a lot of work to be done then?
  4. No, you just need to know the offset you want and the bolt spacing (pcd) is 5x114.

  5. Okay and that’s for them rotas yeah. Thanks buddy never seen a MK 3 Megane with rotas on.
  6. That's for any wheel you want to fit to a 250/265/275
  7. Did you ever fit these? Considering getting these but in gold on my white meg 3

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