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  1. Rubbish, watched 15 mins tops
  2. MBC


    Not bad!

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  3. Wasn't terrible,but I'll just watch it for the cars to be honest!
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    And where was Chris Harris!

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  5. Some parts were ok, others not. Also, I was expecting an actual rallycross car not a mini with some different seats and roll cage lol
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  6. Oh my word
    You could practically see them reading the script and they just don't gel
    Love the ww2 jeeps but I'd rather of them just put a picture of them up for 60 mins than listen to them
  7. That was painful. Awkward moments everywhere oh well roll on Amazon.
  8. so so bad its like a cheap game show wont be watching next week i went out and made a cup of tea
  9. Complete crap ! Won't be watching again
  10. Extra gear is much better and has Chris Harris
  11. Too scripted, lacks the previous TG depth of dedication, Matt LB more natural than Evans who was in TFI Friday mode, same old TG format.

    Watchable but all a bit awkward.
  12. 10 mins then abandoned it.
  13. Will be very hard to beat or even match the original trio. Matt ok ish, but still playing a roll, like the actor he is. The ginger one, is very, very annoying

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  14. Total Crap ! the last few series of TG were a farce, long past it's sell by date, the new show simply reinforces my view that it's the car show that's not about cars, ie, road cars that we all buy and drive on the road, as Tiff on Fifth Gear once said, FG is the car show that's actually about cars. as other posts on here have said, Chris Evans is a complete T**t, M le Blanc is doing it just for the dosh and looks as interested as if he's just been told to have an enema.
  15. It feels weird not having the usual characters on it but so far no worse than Top Gear of recent times. I'd stopped watching it for a couple of years anyway and there is no bigger twat than Hammond so Im just glad hes not on it
  16. and lets not forget its the first one. I'm sure they will gel and settle in must be as weird for Chris Evans as for us watching. Daft to say never watching again after 10 mins in my oinion
  17. It wasn't great I must say, but like others have mentioned, it's early days - some of the early previous gen TG episodes were just as bad.

    Evan needs to tone it down (which I'm sure he will after seeing the almost universal comments), Matt Leblanc was alright tbh - quite enjoy his style. Sabine was boring - not interesting at all.

    Biggest disappointment for me was the format. Why have they just copied it more or less wholesale? Big opportunity to do something different missed. By coping the old series, they are only inviting unfavourable criticism. Next weeks viewing figures could give them cause for concern.
  18. Deffo some cringy moments, it was a lot more similar than i expected.

    I didn't think it was to bad though, No Eddie Jordan which was a +
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    No Chris Harris though! That made me sad!

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  20. Monkey was on the after show, on BBC3 online.

    Some of that was quite a lot better than the main show.
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  21. How would anyone give Evans a job doing anything is beyond me. He has a speech impediment, an annoying voice, he shouts, zero charisma, zero sense of humour, he can't drive, doesn't understand cars and looks like my granny. Apart from that, he's OK.
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