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  1. I've learned to live without this programme now but do miss it to some extent, but it appears the new cast will be:

    Chris Evans, Sabine Schmidt, Matt Le Blanc and maybe even Chris Harris didn't expect the last 2 tbh.

    What does everyone reckon about the new line up....
  2. Matt Le Blanc will be a welcome addition to add some personality I think. And Chris Harris is a proper car nut so will hopefully do some of the more technical features justice. Sabine Schmidt, I think she'll get a few peoples backs up and Chris Evans? Personally the egotistical tw*t (yes, yes, so was Clarkson!) makes my fists itch!
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    That's something he lacked last time he was on Star in a reasonably priced car, I was expecting Joey and he was the complete opposite
  4. I personally think it's just not going to work at all, just like Fifth Gear, it will get some viewers but 'Top Gear' was the chemistry between Clarkson, May and Hammond, the cars and challenges were secondary, I think the Amazon programme will wipe the floor with the BBC.
  5. I find Matt Le Blanc incredibly boring when being himself.
  6. i'll be watching both, feck all else on the tv
  7. Maybe I'm subconsciously remembering him as Joey and not his actual personality :worried: I had a similar conversation with a mate recently and came to the conclusion that there are just not enough car fanatics out there to watch a purely technical car show. I looked forward to the antics more than anything else.
  8. The last 5-6 series if not more was basically a shit, completely predictable show full of recycled jokes used week in week out. However the cast was funny with good chemistry and it worked, and every so often had something that would make you laugh or relate to.

    The new show apart from the name I don't think will resemble anything similar bar it also being about cars. The show itself might be great however the cast I think will be lacking therefore it'll fail.

    That said also Hammond, May and Clarkson have a huge 'worldwide' following, the new deal means financially the BBC can't compete with the running and I actually feel sorry for anyone working on Top Gear within the BBC because I can't see any way at all it'll work.
  9. Yep, totally scripted and predicable, but ultimately very watchable. And I cannot see the wife watching the new Top Gear at all. I suspect it's doomed to failure too. The new Clarkson/Hammond/May show is likely to succeed (maybe not in the UK) due to the worldwide following you mention.

    For the time being I'll stick to Roadkill Sure they are American and there is not a decent supercar in sight, but there is some good old fashioned mechanics and modifications. Great if about the only realistic thing you'd swap the Meg for is a dirty great V8 :smiley:
  10. If they're making a light entertainment program - I'm not bothered or really interested who's in it.

    If they're making a car program for car nerds like me, Evans is okay as is obviously Monkey - Joey and the German - what's the point? Should have been Rebecca Jackson for the female racer cum journalist and maybe Steve Coogan for the humor cum car fanatic.
  11. When is it on ?
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    Chris Harris was at their production meeting today, he's going to be the best thing about it.
  13. When's it on
  14. Got a feeling its going to be cringe worthy.
  15. I'm now excited about it with Chris Harris being on it
  16. Harris brought in for the smoking back end action.
  17. Would have thought that would be the American... oh no, wait a minute :wink:
  18. Will.

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    I love friends and Joey was one of my favourite characters. But Matt Le Blanc is just as funny when he's himself. I really hope he is himself and they don't try and extract Joey from him.
  19. Can't stand Chris Evans and Matt le blanc
    So hope it fails to be fair
    Top gear with the 3 was awesome good family entertainment that we all as a family watched.
    Looking forward to the Amazon ones no doubt I'll be able to get it free like everything else TV related
  20. No firm air date yet but hinted around start of the summer. Depends on whether chris Evans can stop being reduced to vomiting and tears driving a suped up Audi TT
  21. Anyone know what the new series with clarkson in is called and when that's on
  22. Live not heard the name but likely to be later this year around Autumn. I've not got Amazon prime yet but will nearer the time. Would like to see what the trio can do with ridiculously large filming budget
  23. I've always preferred Fifth Gear. as they said " this is the car programme that's actually about cars", the last few Top Gear series were totally ludicrous, scripted and unfunny larking about with three idiots, it's been past it's sell by date for many series, many of the Yank car progs' are much better. As for Chris Evans could the Beeb have selected a worst presenter ? I think not.
  24. +1 on this. Actually quite like watching fifth gear sometimes. For people actually bothered about cars I think it's a lot better an Top Gear, although TG appeals more to the mass market. Personally cannot watch all these "specials" TG put on, absolute crap. Most of them barely anything to do with cars and not even that interesting to watch IMO. Also cannot stand even looking at Chris Evans, he just annoys me for some reason, absolute twat...
  25. Well said CC91, how the heck C Evans has managed to amass a fortune for being a complete irritating git with zero talent is beyond me, he's the broadcasting equivalent of Justin Bieber.
    On the Yank progs' I like Counting Cars, Fast and loud, Overhaulin' etc, there's loads and they don't prat about like Clarkson and co.
  26. So, Eddie Jordan is in.
  27. I thought he would end up on channel 4 for the new F1 with coulthard. I wonder if this means that either Harrison or Sabine are out or if Sabine will be the stig.
  28. Out of all the names mention in connection with new TG, EJ has to be the most ridiculous. The man is a moron.

    I thought I'd heard the Evans wanted a series of co-presenters rather than a fixed set. If so, all the names and more might be correct, in rotation. I know Jenson Button's name was banded about too.
  29. I'm not sure if this is 100% true but heard it was to be called "Gear Knobs" I hope it's good but guess it'll be much the same as top gear was just on Amazon. As for The new top gear I didn't take to Sabine Schmidt when she was on the old program. I was really hoping Guy Martin would have been part of the team as enjoy most of his programs. I'm also hoping they completely change the format or it just wont work and it'll be like when I've watched the American top gear which is basically the same with different presenters
  30. Can't see TG working. The key presenters are busy doing other stuff. No real dedication or continuity, so it's likely to be just a series of set pieces.
  31. Full line up now officially announced. No surprises and a good BBC audience pleasing mix of people. Bet it just ends up as a series of uncoordinated sketches.
  32. I think I'd like Matt with Chris. If they do all their tests together it's worth to watch that bit.
  33. Oh dear.
  34. Tonight 8pm
    Will anyone be watching it
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  36. What channel is it on
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    Bbc 2
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    Shhhhh it's on!

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  39. Does Chris Evans have to shout every line. the bloke is a complete TWAT
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  40. This is painful to watch.

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