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  1. Hi all.

    I have just upgraded from a Clio 100TCE (first car) to the Megane R.S 280 Sport.
    I've only been driving a year, and I became very comfortable and confident sending the little Clio. But with almost triple the power, I am very apprehensive about getting it's full potential.

    Does anyone have any tips or advice on what the do and don'ts are for driving these monsters of FWD? (I really don't want to bin it into a railing on the A57)


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  2. Hi and welcome
    the only thing is experience and time behind the wheel, its quite a jump from a Clio so take your time getting used to the car.
    Give yourself at least 6 months or 6k miles before you even think about turning off the traction control.
    Don't get suckered into traffic light grand Prix's or racing other cars, you have a very capable car so you don't need to prove anything.

    Just take your time and enjoy the car.
  3. Thanks for the advice.
    I'm definitely taking it easy for a bit, the clutch is very strange and the short shifter will take some figuring out. I will take into account your advice about the TCS as I noted that the Race mode disables it. I will definitely be avoiding that for a while. Is there any noticeable benefit to using Race mode over Sport mode once I've got the hang of it?
  4. Traction control will help you out a lot if you get it wrong, Race mode will be good on track when you are used to the car, it will let the car move around more but let you have more control over the throttle, traction control its a great safety feature for the road and the inexperienced.

    Where are you based and are you ever considering a trackday ????
  5. I'm near Manchester, and a track day is definitely on the list of things to do with the car, along with the NC500. But I'll definitely be waiting atleast a few months whilst I adapt to the car before I take it to the track.
  6. Take it easy. Just because you have more power it does not mean you need to use all the time. Meg is only 2wd and while it is good at putting it down its still 2 wheels doing alot of work.

    If you get to high straight line speed go into corner to fast & lift off no amount of TC will help.

    First cars you use the throttle like a switch on/off. Forget that.

    Also appreciate that road & tyre temps at best now. As it gets cold & wet later in year will get worse again.

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