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Discussion in 'New to the Club? Why not introduce yourself?' started by Ahmed918, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Hi all,

    New to the forum, really keen on Megane 250/265’s and planning to pick one up towards the end of this year. The more I keep an eye on the sales section of the forum / pistonheads / autotrader the more I want to scratch the itch!

    Couple of points from me:
    Waiting to buy until circa October time. Insurance is chunky to say the least and i’m 25 in West Yorkshire. Hoping premiums will be kinder once 26 + hopefully one more year NCD

    I’m confident an RS is what I want - however are they a bit fidgety? A friend has a clio 200 rs and has probably spent a small fortune with what appears to be constant maintenance. If this is the norm, that’s fine I just need to get my head around it as i’m not the most handyman under a bonnet!

    Having looked at leon cupra’s, m135i’s, gti’s, r’s, a45’s etc. Was probably keenest on the m135i’s till i heard about repair bills on ZF gearbox’s out of warranty. Other’s are £££££. I think the Megane’s are real value for money

    Coming from a golf gt mk7 diesel. 3 an half years ownership due to 70 mile round trip Mon - Fri

    Although not owned a hot hatch before - been lucky enough to be in a trusted circle of friends driving tuned golf r’s, gti’s, z4’s etc on track and in general! Track days predominantly at Silverstone, Cadwell, Spa Belgium once even. Work circumstance changing so won’t need a diesel anymore and finally would like to buy a hot hatch of my own as a daily + occasional track day.

    Sorry for war and peace

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