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  1. Hey all, Patrick here. I'm new to Renault, and moreover, new to Europe. I relocated to Spain last winter from Canada and a few weeks back I picked up a Megane 3 RS Cup.

    Back home I was heavily invested in BMW and I spent quite a bit of time on the track doing HPDE's with my E36 M3 clone.

    It's proven to be different over here to build a street-legal track car due to the stipulations of the annual ITV inspection, so I elected to buy a car that would be capable on the track in stock form, save for pads, tires, a harness, and possibly a few light suspension tweaks should the car need it.

    Phew, long-winded intro, but that's it in a nutshell.

    I'm taking the car to Jarama in a few weeks, so I'll be looking for pad and harness recommendations in the forums, see ya around.
  2. Hi and welcome Patrick

    You won't go far wrong with a standard Mk3 for track use.

    Adjustable top mounts for stock suspension (if your allowed) a couple of degrees camber will help a lot.
    As for tyres, here i use Goodyear Asymmetric 6's for road and wet trackdays, being in Spain i'm sure your are not going to need them that often, but they are still a capable tyre in the dry, well for a few laps at least.

    Pads, i've tried quite a few, my go to ones are Carbon Lorraine RC8's, use with grooved discs, you won't go far wrong with them.

    A half cage would be best (if you are aloud) and any FIA out of date harnesses would be good, 3 inch straps if your not going Hans.
  3. Thanks for the reply Ian, what camber plates would you recommend? I likely won't install a half cage as I think I want to retain rear seat usability, I'm thinking something like the Scroth quick fit 4-point system. Failing that, I'd like to find something that utilizes factory mounting points. Carbon Lorraine is new to me, are they hard on discs(mine are grooved)?
  4. Hi
    To be honest i don't really know which top plates to use i normally fit coilovers to my cars, BC's mainly but my new one has AST5100's, i'm not sure but if i remember Silver project ones fit, but don't quote me on that, i hope someone else will help on this.
    If you want to keep the rear seats then you will struggle with non standard belts, they usually use the seat mounting points for securing them.

    I don't think they are hard on the discs, all depends on what you do and want from them.
    A mate had PBS pads in his car, i drove it on track and they were horrendous, he thought they were great :neutral:
    Got him to drive mine, following he bought a set of RC8's and has never looked back, these are my pads of choice, but others may say others :blush:

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