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  1. Recently sold my Meg 265, partly because I needed something bigger that could tow, but also to free up a bit of cash for other goings on. Ideally I was looking for an estate, but it was proving difficult to find something that fitted the bill. I didn't really want a diesel, as most of them seem to have plenty of potentially expensive issues so, after a lot of time spent looking online, I had narrowed it down to a 330i, Volvo T5 or an A4 2.0 TFSI.

    The problem is, as it's only a daily, I really couldn't be bothered with traveling miles and miles and the cars I liked the look of all seemed to be 100+ miles away. Then, a couple of days ago, this popped up on Auto Trader. It's not an estate but, being a hatchback, it's still pretty roomy. The equipment level is good, the engine interesting but, what appealed the most, was the fact it's only done 65k and has pretty much full main dealer history, all for less money than people were advertising BMWs and Audi's with 90-100k on for.

    Only Auto Trader pictures for now, but allow me to present my Ford Mondeo Titanium X:



    Sadly a couple of weeks before I can collect it, but it will come with a new cam belt, service and MOT. Being the Titanium X, it has leather/alcantara seats, cruise, dual zone climate, front and rear parking sensors, auto lights, auto wipers, heated seats, keyless start etc etc. My favourite bit is the fact that it isn't a diesel, because of this:


    Basically the same engine as a Focus ST. Weirdly, you can hardly hear the engine. It's amazingly refined for an old Ford. Obviously it doesn't go like an ST but it wafts along quite nicely. Sure I can pep it up a bit too. Would quite like to add the body kit from a Titanium X Sport and maybe change the wheels, but we'll see.

    I'm sure it won't be to everyone's taste, but it seemed a decent buy that will hopefully last a while. Will update when I collect it.
  2. Skoda Octavia would have been a option as well..a lot of car for the money.
    This mk of Mondeo was widely praised at the time..Some press said it was better than a 3 series BMW.
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  3. Love these mondeos.

    Underrated IMHO.
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  4. I do like an Octavia. Unfortunately the 2013-on one is a bit pricey and the older ones can't tow enough. A 13-on vRS is top of my list to replace this when they have come down enough. Pretty much the perfect daily in my eyes.
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    I have a Grande Espace as a work vehicle, had it for 6 + years now, it's a tardas the stuff you can get in it :laughing: i have the 2.0 dci 175 version so no cambelt :laughing: it's the same engine as the Megane sport, had mine remapped to around 200hp pulls like a train it done 166k miles now as still going strong.
    Definitely would buy another.
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  6. I've got a 2013 2.0TSI Octavia VRS estate with the DSG box as a family wagon and it's great. Good size, decent power (stage 1 remap takes these to almost 300hp) and decent fuel economy (averaging 34mpg and see over 40mpg on a run)

    Getting a good spec petrol estate VRS isn't that easy as there's not that many available. Since I got mine (Feb 2017) prices haven't really dropped.
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  7. That's definitely what I want in the future. Decent looks, decent performance, decent interior, practical, good towing weight. Just ticks every box in my eyes.

    Will enjoy being Mondeo man for now though!
  8. When I change mine it'll be for a Superb Sportline with either the same drivetrain as my VRS, or the 280hp 4 wheel drive version. Its just everything the Octavia is, but bigger and better (though this is reflected in the price)
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  9. Not really a Ford chap myself but they do put out some good cars. My father has an S Max and it is so roomy and nice to drive. Those mondeos are good to drive and well specced so think you will really enjoy it. Nice car.
    I had a Skoda Octavia estate last week on holiday and must admit I did not enjoy it. I was expecting a new megane estate and got upgraded to a 100k km Skoda !!! Ba$tards
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