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Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Semtax, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. First year cost is massive on performance cars these days.

    It's the same price as the Type R, i30N, Golf R and probably all the others too.

    Every other year is only £140.
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    Ahh hadn’t realised that. Surely if you buy a new one the dealer would stump that up.
  3. It's all part of the "on the road" price.

    It was £550 (or thereabouts) when I got mine back in July. There's been a big jump since December!
  4. Taking everything into account I think the Renaultsport stuff doesn’t depreciate too badly (can’t comment on latest Clio or new Megane). If you want to talk depreciation look at BMW...... Also I realise that most special models of cars hold there value.
  5. Their
  6. In my experience, the MK3 has held its value amazingly well - I lost £135/month from new on mine after 18 months. I suspect a MK4 would lose a bit more a month but still do well compared to say a M2 in £ terms, and probably similar in % terms.
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    Does anyone have any views of the firmness of the ride of the RS280 Cup vs Standard? Haven't got to drive either yet, but drove an i30N Performance this week - great noise and incredible grip but the ride, even in standard setting, I thought it was a bit harsh for everyday driving.
  8. it has the trick bumpstops, that are supposed to make the ride very compliant.
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  9. BMW’s are not a good in
    If you buy new, order without ticking (m)any options, get a substantial (huge) discount and then get lucky with a private sale then you could fare okay.

    By the sounds of things on here, and on the even more pessimistic Renaultsport forum, I may well be the only person to order a Trophy in the U.K., so expect it will appreciate in value..........
  10. Haven't driven the standard, but the Cup is similar, if not a little harder than the old MK3 in Cup form. I think it's a little harder at low speed, but seems to iron things out better when you're going a bit faster.
  11. Terrible news really.
    The whole idea of making the Mk4,a more of a rounded package, was to grab sales from VW etc.
    Just cant see how Renault can keep spending millions on developing new cars,to be met with sales in single figures!

    Wonder how many Golf gti/R`s have been sold in a similar period.

    I suppose French domestic market sales must make it a viable option.
  12. The mk3 was never very popular either.
  13. This.
    I actually doubt there will be much difference between mk3 and mk4 sales in U.K., although the option for an auto version might actually sneak the mk4 ahead.
    Long way to go before the car can be written off as a disaster.

    I’m sure I read somewhere that the new RS Clio sold considerably less than previous versions in the U.K., but considerably more globally.

    U.K. market is not a big one for Renaultsport, despite a passionate fanbase.
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    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    The MK4 will probably shift more than the previous gens seeing as it's been made a little less hardcore and more appealing to the masses.

    Australia has one of the largest Renaultsport markets believe it or not
  15. Still can't see them being very popular in the uk due to the current pcp deals. You can better cars for similar monthly payments.
  16. ADG


    Thanks. I wonder if the standard version might be the one to get, for everyday driving anyway and if you aren't going to do many track days. Miss out on the LSD though.
  17. What deal is taking your fancy?
  18. That’s right, although now Renault Australia is doing its level best to ensure that’s no longer the case. Promotion of the Mk IV RS has been nil; even as an owner of a Meg III RS, a 182 and previously a Clio 3 RS, I’ve received nothing from them about the new car. Nor is there any promotion around the Aus F1 GP and Riccardo’s move to RenaultF1. Whereas I30n promotion is everywhere; they’ve had cars at track days for test drives; they offer a 5 year warranty covering non-competitive track use; and my social media is full of the N line and motorsport.
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  19. Hi I'm new to the forum, but have had several renaultsport cars over the years.
    namely a 225 about 12 years ago.
    There are defo very good deals on a new 280, if you look or lucky enough to get one. (I know I got one)
    just need to shop around.
  20. Probably is for daily use. I ordered mine on the release day, so had the Cup pack for free. I did consider not adding it, but I don't have any problem living with the suspension. Compared to the Clio Trophy 220 I had before it's very well dampened. Much less wind noise and it was generally nicer having a larger car again.

    The only negative is the boot isn't tall enough for my dog so he has to sit on the back seats!
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    Cheers. I will see if I can drive a standard version in the next few weeks. Yours looks good in red, food for thought.
  22. Hi Ian,

    I'm thinking about getting some BC for my car as front shocker on drivers side has blown. Can i ask did you get your car set up, 4 wheel alignment etc? Seen CGR performance on here but price seems pretty hefty for set up. I wouldnt know where to start regarding set up myself so would need some assistance in that department
  23. Hi Ben
    CGR did mine, fit, setup and corner weighted.
    They were on it for a good day in total, it's quite a lot of work as the top of the turrets need to be cut out, its a time consuming job, i don't have the equipment to do the setup so i had to go to someone that knows the Megane and the type of setup i wanted, mine is a track car although i do drive it to to and from track, track setup was more important to me.

    As far as i am concerned it was worth every penny the car feels great, i don't regret any of it, the BC's are great, yes some others may be better but £1000-3000 better i don't think so.
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  24. Thanks for the reply Ian.

    Okay interesting, you went there as well & high praise then. I've emailed my spec to them but awaiting an reply.

    I'm in Yorkshire so not far from CGR but was impressed with there website & what people had said on here. Mine is daily over moor land roads but do want to take it to the track when weather is better so I'm not sure what best setup would be.
  25. I travelled up from Plymouth, did have another stop on the way though.
    I spoke to Charlie on the phone for over 30 minutes about the setup i wanted and what he could offer, best speak to him and see what he can offer.
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  26. CGR are brilliant, Charlie is a top bloke, set my R26 up and fitted one of his work of art exhausts.
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  27. Sounds like knows his stuff, looking forward to hearing back from him.
    Might be difficult to stomach the set up cost though :openmouth:
  28. It was luckily one of the colours available at launch too.

    Aside from having to switch over to the diamond cut wheels (I wanted the black painted ones), I managed to get the car I specced before the end of July!

    I have to be honest though, I don't think I would have waited as long as many have. If I was looking at a 2019 delivery date I would have looked elsewhere (not sure what it would have been though!).
  29. Yep, a ton of cash off the M140i cars when buying new right now but they are far from alone. I was offered 10k off a 30k Merc C-Class. A third off! They have the perception of good residuals but it is just that. They are subject to the same market challenges as every other manufacturer. What BMW, Merc etc. do though is not allow big discounts directly on their cars generally but offer their cars on very good lease deals which hides the discounts.

    You need something relatively rare and desirable to keep residuals up. I had a couple of Lotus'. The Elise lost 4k in 7 years and the Evora lost 1k in 2 years (both just a 2-3 years old when I bought them).
  30. Trophy order is moving along.
    Spec locked in now. Colour can be changed for the next ten days, then it will be completely locked down and go into manufacture.
    Looks like I’ll get my car around the same time as the dealer gets their demonstrator, end April of thereabouts.
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