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Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Semtax, Dec 14, 2016.

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  2. Ouch, that is slightly pricey.
  3. Prices are what was expected I think. It wont be the performance bargain it once was thats for sure. They will still sell albeit in the numbers they are used to.

    It'll be interesting when announced, that's for sure
  4. NJH


    The special deals are always going to come though after a year or two, or perhaps sooner. This has always been a problem for Renault, no one with any sense is going to be putting down 30+ large on a new series production Renault.

    Honestly though like everyone else they will struggle against lease deals like those currently available a bit over £200 PM on the Seat Cupra 300.
  5. Seems reasonable to me compared to the competition

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  6. Really?

    As per my post on the forum and someone else who did some rough analysis on the Euro numbers:

    Looking at UK list prices for rivals in standard trim (assuming similar kit):

    Hyundai i30n 270bhp - £28k
    Cupra 300 - £30k
    Type R 316bhp - £31k
    Golf R 310 - £32k
    M140i 335 - £32k
    Focus RS 345 - £32k

    There's a german pricelist leaked on one of the facebook pages,

    Base 280 - 34550 EUR - same as a 5door manual Seat Leon CUPRA300 - But you get adaptive dampers, 19" alloys and LSD in the CUPRA as standard.

    Base 280 EDC - 36500 EUR - same story as above.

    Recaro Alcantara Pack is 2700 EUR
    CUP Pack 1700 EUR
    19" are 950 EUR
    Probably the alloy bell brakediscs as the file is a bit blurred are 1100 EUR.

    Quick/crude comparison between DE and UK prices for the base Clio 200 and Megane GT (appreciate base cars may differ in spec) show UK is 86 and 90% of DE prices respectively which if used on the 'leaked' DE R.S. prices to convert to UK would make the manual either 29.9k or 31.2k. Assuming the lower and applying that 86% to the options.

    A manual 280 with Cup chassis, recaros and 19s would be 34.5k, EDC would be 36.3k.

    Dreading what the 300 trophy base price will be!
  7. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Id expect discount on those prices to bring them closer to 30k. Or id hope so at least LOL.

    Saying that, Lets be honest though. The vast majority of these new Hot Hatches are bought on finance and not outright, So the outright price isn't as important, as say the monthlies. If its good they will still shift a decent number.

    Still funny to think that there was people buying new 250's for under 20k!
  8. Looks great. Really can’t wait to see how it’s received by the motoring journals

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  9. I wonder if there will be one at the auto sport show next weekend. I’m there on the Saturday.

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  10. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

  11. Knocking £40k for a decently specced one then?!?!?! As some of the comments say in the PH thread, they’ll obviously sell loads at that price!!!
  12. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    As per my earlier comment, book price is largely irrelevant these days.
  13. Why is the Tesla 3 lees expensive than this rs bucket :confused:
  14. Is that the Tesla 3 that's made by a company that's making multi-billion dollar losses and is unable to produce and deliver vehicles to it's customers? :tearsofjoy:
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  15. I had a close look at a Tesla 3 on the road and the rear door fit and alignment was appalling, like a third world car from the 80's.

    Tesla has a lot of evangelical followers who will buy the car no matter what.

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  16. Hope to god the prices work out and are competitive. I given up on the wait and gone down the M2 road.

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  17. Daz

    Daz RSM Club Member

    Fook that, I'll buy a Clio 220 instead
  18. Hot hatchs are getting less and less affordable. Theyll do good pcp deals to shift numbers as no one in the right mind would spend 35k cash on a depreciating asset.
  19. You say that but half the country are driving around in brand new cars they don’t actually own or could never afford to buy outright!

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  20. If you go the Renault site and configure a megane, the GT Nav starts at 26,690 so the RS is gonna be well over the 30 marker.. And there suppose to be bringing a Throphy version out soon after! Dare to think what that will cost.
  21. As Jamie has said, the cash price is basically irrelevant for any cars these days. How many people buy cars outright? It's the finance, leasing and PCP deals that matter, and these often bare little relation to the list price. Given these deals, you would be mental to buy outright anyway in most cases.
  22. NJH


    You certainly would. Do the sums and its often pretty clear on the lease/finance deals that the total cost over 3 years will be less than the expected depreciation against MRP (some incredible discount deals as well on BMWs). It has unfortunately all the makings of another finance bubble but hey that is how the car market is working in Europe these days. Somehow Hyundai have been playing the game as well, at work our last 2 pool cars (i40 estates) have been obtained on pretty ludicrous deals. The story I heard is that these particular cars go back to Korea to be stripped for parts. Pretty incredible if true.

    Another point about the cars. I spent sometime researching the I30N Performance Pack. Its a true outsider. The £28k includes pretty much everything you could ever want on a car so on paper it sounds an incredible bargain. That is until you look at the one comparative test that has been done with the thing (slower than gti performance!)

    then look again at the stated weight of the car in the brochure. They give a range that says up to 1509kg with options, but in the UK the car is already loaded up with the performance pack such that the only options available are a seat downgrade and paint. There is some discrepancy over sunroof or not as I believe that is an option on the content and may be included in that 1509 figure, its always hard to tell if brochures are 100% accurate. Note also that is not EU weight but empty car with all fluids so this is one blooming heavy car.

    Its a real shame as I was really excited about the Hyundai, our works cars have been utterly faultless but an overly heavy fwd hatchback is an oxymoron to me, might as well go for something the same weight with 4wd or rwd and a big engine.
  23. NJH


    Forget the brochure, they measured it on their scales as part of the above test, 1475 Kg for the Hyundai, 1315 Kg for the Pug.

    Makes one wonder why more people haven't bought the latest 208/308 PeugeotSports, perhaps too long in RenaultSports shadow.
  24. I have a friend who has the 308 gti. It’s an excellent car. Really well spec’d and keeps up with the meg on track (although that’s probabpy cause he’s a better driver than me ). And I think his was mid £20k’s for it brand new.

    Enough power, LSD, reasonably lightweight, fantastic brakes, it even sounds good.

    Having said that I wouldn’t swap him my RS and I imagine the new RS will be another level to the 308, but still it’s a lot of car for a sensible price.
  25. Bloody great!.
    I also have had my eye on one of these ,after Richard Meadon raved about it composure,and fabulous steering.
    Maybe a mid life refresh, might trim the weight ,if they want to be serious in the hot hatch sector.
  26. You watch reviews though,and everyone seems to say good things about the way it handles..
  27. I wouldn't take too much from the reviews. I work in the car journalism business and telling a story/keeping the car companies sweet can be every bit as important as giving a good, honest review.

    Plenty of quite heavy cars around that are great to drive. I wouldn't write the Hyundai off until I've driven one myself. With the team behind it, it could be a cracker.
  28. No matter how you look at it it’s still a Hyundai! Renault is more prestige eh!

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  29. Not that much more prestige :tearsofjoy: the badge thing is going to be a struggle for Hyundai, but that will come in time. They're knocking out decent products now.
  30. NJH


    Renault, prestige. Good grief. Its only brands like Dacia that have less prestige than Renault.

    Hyundai make good solid but incredibly boring cars, as someone who has been in and out of works i40s for the past several years its pretty obvious to me that the i30N is trying to say they can make drivers cars as well as the utterly boring utility stuff. From personal experience Hyundai is at a quality level Renault can only dream about.

    I trust that if someone like Steve Sutcliffe says its great to drive then it will be, unfortunately I like to take my hatches on track and 1475 Kg makes this very unappealing to me for the simple reason that I know it will eat tyres and brakes and probably end up costing a fortune. Fine if the car is never going to see a track, as I am sure the vast majority of people buying these cars never really end up taking them on track despite the internet perhaps thinking this is what these cars are all about.
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  31. It’s still a Hyundai.

    I’d much rather drive a Renault than a Hyundai.

    France > Korea

    You get jip for driving a French car, but the abuse would be worse in one of those!

    I am joking, I’m sure it’s a good car but many buyers will no doubt be disturbed by the badge. Skoda still has a stigma despite making excellent cars and casting aside their previous image.

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  32. Renault say journo reviews in UK 31st Jan and pricing released for those reviews
  33. NJH


    Funny that I haven't once got abuse from anyone I know for buying Renault, other than jibes about crazy windows and leaking doors which all turned out to be true!
  34. Hyundai won’t get close to Renault as a brand in this market without a racing pedigree.
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  35. i do all the time.They are still waiting for my R26 to fall to pieces.
    Most of the people i know were brought up on Renault 5`s/19s/early that image still sticks.
  36. What about the WRC.
    Thierry Neuville won more rallies than anyone else last year
    ,and narrowly lost the championship in his works Hyundai.
  37. Well I’m hanging out till December this year when they release the new MK4 Trophy. I wants those Recaro’s, light weight wheel and Akrapovic!

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  38. you must be flush then..lend us a tenner..
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