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Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Semtax, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. I believe they confirmed already that both a dual clutch and manual version will be available.

    Not a big fan of those rear lights.
  2. Looks like it could just be a render as someone pointed out its doesnt have a center exhaust like the test mule:

  3. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    I'm not convinced it's a legit leak, the test mule has a centre exit exhaust, this has two, one on either side. The pics I'd seen look like a photoshop of the GT
  4. I saw a GT in the dark last week, it came around the roundabout and I spotted the front lights straight away, the rear lights look very cool lit up too.

    Really excited for this.
  5. The Pistonheads article says that they have been in contact with Renault and this isnt the real deal.
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  6. That Tesla style center console ... OMG. At least the seats are nice.
  7. Shame, i was really hoping to gets eyes on the new car :worried:

    not that i'll be able to afford one anyway
  8. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    4control on cup model to start. And no manual at launch. Maybe down the line.

    The DCT is 'Audi' good. That's all from a Nismo/R.S. source too
  9. Any more updates in this lads?

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  10. only that the pictures was confirmed as fake (apparently)
  11. Just been sent this - photoshop?

    Attached Files:

  12. Yeah, probably, the matt wing mirror on the trophy is falling into the uncanny valley for me, and the reflectivity is a bit off on the car's yellow paintwork.
  13. Definitely photoshop! The wing mirror and the reflection looks like gold vinyl wrap lol and the usual both wheels in the exact same position, very unlikely on a real car :laughing:
  14. Looks better than the previous one though and hopefully the final car looks good! Excited to see what it's going to be like!

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  15. Hope Renault won't do it like the Audi design business ... this is just a Clio only larger. Like the Q3, Q5, Q7 ....
  16. Well it seems that an MR20DDT now exists. No doubt destined for the next Megane-RS.

    Technical specifications – INFINITI 'MR20 DDT' 2.0-litre VC-Turbo

    Fuel type Petrol Construction Aluminum block with arc-sprayed mirror coating to
    cylinder bores, aluminum cylinder head with integrated exhaust manifold, single- scroll turbo with intercooler Compression ratio 8.0:1 ~ 14.0:1 Capacity 2.0-litres, 1,997 ~ 1,970 cc (8.0:1 ~ 14.0:1) Bore x Stroke 84.0 x 94.1 Cylinders 4 Valves 16 (four per cylinder) Valve control
    Intake: Electronic Variable Valve Timing Control
    Exhaust: Hydraulic Variable Valve Timing
    Turbo Single-scroll turbocharger with electronic wastegate actuator Turbo cooling Intercooler Fuel System Gasoline direct injection (DIG) and/or multi-point
    injection (MPI) Max power 200 kW (268 hp / 272 ps)* Max torque 390 Nm (288 lb ft)*

    More details:

    "One development challenge that was addressed by both Infiniti engineers and their colleagues at the Renault Sport Formula 1 team was related to bearings. The multi-link system results in an engine with three times the number of bearings of a conventional engine. Under high speeds and certain conditions there were small bearing vibrations. As the Formula 1 engineers are familiar with working with dynamic motion analysis of engines at high rotational speeds—as in up to 20,000 rpm—they were called in to help address the vibration issue.
    The block and head are aluminum. (Thanks to the plasma sprayed coating, no cylinder liners are required.) The multi-link system components are produced with a high-carbon steel alloy."
  17. Interesting engine. I would however prefer not to be a guinea pig, considering how much innovation has gone into it, what with no liners and the compression linkages. Give it 2/3 years to iron out all of the potential issues post launch.
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  18. Curious if they will decide to launch it in the new Meg R.S.
    I'd be surprised by that somehow.
  19. I saw the new Clio for the first time on Saturday in Northampton. Looks absolutely cracking in the flesh. The lights are lovely. I'd have one. Just hope the Megane is as nice now!

    Some photos of the Clio for your perusal. Yellow is awesome but I'm not brave enough to have a yellow car as my daily!









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  20. That looks like a Clio.
  21. :wink: Have a nice day.
  22. It looks from the spy-shots that it's AWD.

    Given that Nissan have an AWD system already running on the Juke featuring Torque-Vectoring on the rear and the engine is the MR16DDT.

    If you compare the rear of the Megane-RS to the Juke-Nismo-RS it looks the same (although on the Megane it looks like it's shrouded to hide what is behind):

    Here is a technical overview of the Nismo RS system:

    I'm suggesting that the next Megane-RS will be an AWD Hammer-Hatch with an MR20DDT with between 220-250Kw.

    The AWD system has been working for a while and it's reliable and stable, they have just been working on the ESP and fine tuning.
  23. Interesting. Good news for residuals on the MK3 RS. All we need is auto only now ! ;-)
  24. It's going to feature a DCT gearbox, that's very well known.

    On the Nismo-RS Juke, it's either a manual + FWD, or a CVT + AWD.

    So they sort of got the combinations wrong for that car - but the intended market was for Japan and the USA. The CVT's just can't take the higher amounts of power so the AWD version was detuned especially for the CVT.

    The European market is obviously different wrt transmissions and the DCT plus perhaps a Manual will be the only way to go. Everyone hopes they will include a Manual, but we'll have to see on that.
  25. Oh no... Coated cylinders... Newer prowen reliable in any form.
    Nicasil plating or ceramic nicasil platin always suffered from flaking off.

    The rest is very interesting.

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  26. I have to say, I really didn't expect 4WD, will be keen to see what actually happens!

    I've been doing 2000 miles a month in the Clio since November and it's been great. I love the EDC and would look at speccing it if I decide to go for the Megane. I can totally see why those who rarely use their cars (or do little mileage) would want a manual, but for 100 miles of motorway a day, an auto just makes the job so much easier.

    I think I've said before too, I find the EDC more fun than a manual in most driving conditions, but when you find a good road and you're really on it, I do miss a manual - but that's the only time.
  27. I do 100 miles a day in my Meg some parts in busy traffic and while I don't mind manual I do sometimes wish it was an auto!

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  28. I'd be v surprised if it is 4wd, other shots I've seen have no sign of a rear diff or driveshafts.

    I'm also still expecting a 2.0t as they'll be looking around 285-300hp and there also needs to be a little extra headroom for reliability. And a 1.6t would be a little peaky at those power levels.

    Anything info coming in any motorshows?
  29. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd tried a few configurations. Ford did the same with the MK2 RS, their test mule was originally AWD but they ended up going FWD.

    Don't expect anything for Geneva, it's more likely to be revealed in Paris. Jeremy from RUK has said "towards the end of the year" on the official RS forum.
  30. No one actually knows it's all speculation which makes it quite exciting - really looking forward to the outcome though, it will be controversial any which way!
  31. To cut a long story short a Renaultsport dealer told me that they understood the MK4 Megane was going to be 4WD.

    As Nick said, this will do favours for those with FWD manual MK3's.....
  32. NJH


    Nonsense. Porsche used Nikasil very successfully for the past 5 decades, they also used Alusil extremely successfully in for example the 928/944/968 lineage of engines which are legendary for their longevity. My own race car for example built up 7 years ago from its road car base, engine done 171k miles and still making 10 Bhp over book on the rollers, only the top end needing rebuilding. I have a friend whose 944 S2 has done over 320k miles on the original bottom end. They just don't wear out and a great part of that is done to the cylinder walls.

    Porsche did cock up a bit more recently with Lokasil and a plastic coating they tried on pistons but that seems to be down to penny pinching so really this question like many others is not about basic technology but the quality of its application and the cost/performance/reliability trade off made by the company.

    A friend of mine is a bit of living legend in the Porsche engine rebuild business, here are some pictures of the Nikasil plated Aluminium replacement cylinders he developed:
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  33. Yeah it's all very well when Porsche or Baz breath their magic on an engine but Renault/Nissan ? It might be just fine but I won't be a guinea pig that's for sure!
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  34. I would expect them to be the last ones to know :wink:- there were so many rumours he might just be repeating one of the them. My French Renault dealer told me all bets were off - they know nothing!
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  35. Possibly, but this was many months ago before all the press releases and photos etc. came out. There are only a few ‘official’ UK Renaultsport dealers and this was one of them so hopefully they would have a better idea than most regarding the future products they may be selling.

    It’s no relevance to me, was only repeating what I was told.
  36. Yes I agree SC but that rumours a few months ago rapidly proved to be unfounded which was in no way an indication that the car wouldn't be 4wd either. My view is that no one knows, and particularly not the dealers who IME are often the last ones to know.
  37. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I doubt any of them know, I'd be surprised if Renault themselves knew what was gonna be the final drive configuration
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  38. NJH


    Lol, I thought you were French? Were not showing a lot of faith in our chosen manufacturer here lads.

    I have to say when I spotted this thread this morning my immediate thought was another blooming thread about water ingress through the doors, windows or scuttle. In mine the water was coming through the speaker!
  39. Well, let's not forget that Nissan have made some fantastic engines in the past.

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