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  1. Hi, I am a DC5 owner and long time Honda Fan (2 x DC2, FN2, S2k, DC5) - I've been pondering a french hot hatch for a while now and am settled on a 265/275 cup / trophy to replace the DC5. My outsider options are 308 GTi or an R26 if I can find a nice liquid yellow or blue one.

    I'll be snooping around gathering info while I wait for a car in the right spec.

    Thanks in advance for any help and pointers.

    My current car:
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  2. Hi and welcome

    Plenty of info on here for the mk2 and 3, if there's anything you can't find just ask away
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  3. i had a Dc2..the R26 is as close to the DC2`s spririt as a car gets ,
    with its everything directed towards handling traits,and no thrills interior.

    the mk3 megane is a nicer place to be in for everyday driving,but i still feel the R26 is the more alert car.
    both mk2 and mk3 have serious pace with a few choice mods.

    mk2s are getting old now,and can become money pits if maintenance has been neglected.

    get a good one of either mark ,and you will be a happy man.
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  4. Thanks Andrew, sounds like i'll be happy with a good example of either :sunglasses:
  5. Both meganes have what the DC2 has..a balanced package.Handling,steering,brakes,balance.
    They are cars you can jump into,and feel immediately at home,with the ability to take on much more expensive machinery.
    Which is why i still have my R26 after 13 years!
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  6. I vouch for that a good example R26 is fun and thrilling to drive. Even with my Diesel warrior GT (R26 chassis) I still try to get more powerful cars round the twisty roads. This Mk2 gives you great confidence to push and i am not sure where the limit is as the handling is phenomenal.
    Mk3 i cannot comment as I never tried one.
    Anyway welcome along and hope you find what your looking for.
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  7. Welcome mate, stunning DC5 you have there.

    Good luck with your hunt.
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  8. Thanks mate

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