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  1. Hi all,
    Excited to now have put down a deposit on a car I've long held in high esteem. A liquid gold F1 R26 2007 with only 34,000 on the clock!
    Its got lots of tasty extras like a K-Tec down pipe, Milltek exhaust, Cooksport springs, Forge intercooler and a stage1 remap. A couple of things are needing to be done and I should be picking her up the Saturday after this (18/8)
    I'd be surprised if it's an unknown car so in the interest of digging up more information the reg is: R26 EOD
    If anyone is interested in that registration, please let me know as I already have my own personal reg I will be adding to the car once collected.
    Looking forward to many happy hours of driving and chatting.

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  2. welcome and looks in extremely good condition, also that is a great colour, I had a boring silver r26 haha. there is a list of R26s on here so do a search on the car number ie the badge on the car with the unique number on it
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  3. Added my name to the list but it’s a new addition No. 1873 , so quite a late one.
  4. mot expires 9 sept so make sure the garage adds another year for ya
  5. Just one of the “couple of things” being done :wink:
    Along with new CV boots, rocker cover and inlet plenum gasket replacement and 2x new track rod ends..........
    I’m in need of a good specialist in the Horsham/West Sussex area for a general health check + a cambelt change, suggestions gratefully received :smirk:
  6. Welcome Good choice of car and colour, though I am biassed. :grinning:
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  7. Thanks :wink:
  8. Renault specialist in Portsmouth is good
  9. Name?
    It's not exactly local, a good hours drive if Chi is free flowing!
  10. Rentech. Used them quite a bit. An hour for me too
  11. Ok, thanks for the recommendation, they do a loan vehicle, maybe go down and see the Victory/Mary rose with the kids?
    Quoted £550 all in for a belt, tensioner and water pump swap. Not too bad.
  12. SixTwoSix

    SixTwoSix RSM Club Member

  13. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

  14. Yes, that’s the car I’ve got a deposit on and will go through with. It’s got a few issues to be resolved, but nothing a bit of time, money and TLC can’t sort. If I buy a car I always go with ones with mint interiors as that’s where I’ll be spending my time :wink:
    Cam belt also needs doing this year as well but it’s only done a few thousand miles since the last one, so I’m happy to get that sorted soon.
    @matt e - The guys in the showroom had forgotten to take pics of the front, but I got in there before they had uploaded new images. It was only on the market for 24hrs before I jumped on it. They had two other people waiting to put down deposits on it over the phone and took another 3 calls on it whilst I sat there doing “the deal” - makes me smile each time I look at the pics, can’t wait :smiley:
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  15. Best colour second only to Inferno.. ..
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  16. Nah!
    Done red before, and it all peeled off and needed a back to bare metal respray :fearscream:
    I won’t be doing a red car EVER again!
    But I agree, nice to look at, if it’s someone else’s :wink:
  17. infernos metallic orange mate,as used on earlier meganesports.
    And yes, i sold my utterly immaculate milano red Integra DC2 type R,
    because the paint was going pink,even though it was a grage queen.
  18. Would make great car park companions.
    Yellow - orange - yellow
    I’d love to see that in a line-up, popping away in the sunshine :sunglasses:
  19. infernos a lovely colour..probally hard to match like liquid yellow ,if any work need doing.

    just because the car has done limited miles,doesnt mean things wont be tired.
    mine has 40k..and this year i have done..swivel hubs,steering bush,inner arms,TRE`s,new shocks and springs.
    Cooksports in my opinion are to stiff for day to day driving on anything other than smooth roads.
    Take it for a good test drive..if it isnt anything than pin sharp in direction change and steering,as well as very strong grip.
    Something isnt as it should be.
  20. I took it for a good twisty lumpy/yummy test drive and I was impressed how solid it felt. Initially I too though the springs might not be as good as hoped, but as the drive went on I forgot all about them, which means that they weren’t interfering or intruding. I really enjoyed the drive. It was a pleaseure to be back in the “driving seat’’ after having owned a succession of powerful estates - I’m currently in a 2014 E63s with 665bhp and 1050Nm of torque so to come from that and enjoy the driving experience is a compliment to how nice the Megane is to pilot. I’m sure there will be plenty of thing that need to be changed/replaced as I get to know the car, but at the moment the suspension set-up isn’t the priority. The atmospheric dump valve is! It was driving me insane on the test drive - TOTALLY unnecessary! It’ll be the first thing I do.
    Does anyone know the Forge part number/model I need to replace it with? I’m not 20yrs old!
    I remember them first time around when Renault 5 GT Turbos were box fresh, I hated them then as much as I do now! :unamused:
    Moving swiftly on, I’ll just have to stay off boost until then, yeah right! :relaxed:
  21. Lovely car - well done and I knew it would be snapped up very quickly at that mileage and price.

    Enjoy :smile:
  22. Do you know of it previously?
    Or just saw the add and thought good thoughts :smile:
    It's now been booked in at Rentech - Portsmouth for cambelt + water pump at the end of the month + a good poke around and see if it's all good!
    Here's hoping!
  23. just put the standard recirc valve back on, to get rid of the chav whhhooossshhhh!
  24. I’ve also got a Darth Vader induction kit under the bonnet too!
    Suck-Psssst-Suck-Psssst :flushed:
    Standard air filter box and pipe soon to be acquired!
    So my Questions are.......?

    1) what are the part numbers required for a standard air box & pipe?
    2) is the air filter housing the same for all Mk2 Megane models? I assume that the pipe is model specific?
    3) will fitting a standard filter back on to the inlet be a problem for the stage 1 map the car has?
    4) I’m keen on getting a Forge recirculation valve due to the stronger spring (due to remap), which model number should I buy? And do they do them in black to look OE?

    I know I should put this in the engine section, but I thought I’d air my thoughts here first :smirk:
  25. Mine has run the standard rercirc for 7 years on a stage 1 at 270hp/285lb/ft..not a single problem
    standard filter will be fine,if you re fit it.
    May make the car feel a bit sluggish for a while, as the ecu relearns parameters for the stock filter.

    You will lose a bit of the top rev range urge, if you go back to standard though.
    I defiantly noticed a free er reving engine on the KTEC induction system over the stock set up.

    have a look on ebay for the standard filter,or join this group on facebook.
    Always people breaking cars,or you put up a request for a standard airbox.

    Never failed when i have been after something for the car.
  26. If you do want an uprated recirculation valve then the Properfekt one is a cheaper alternative to the Forge one.

    I have one on my 296hp/307ft lbs R26 and it works well.

    I'm 99% certain I have a stock air box in my garage as well. If you're interested make me an offer for it. I'm away from home til Sunday so can check and grab some pictures then if required.
  27. Thanks for the info :smiley:
    I've ordered one of those, they look better than the Forge ones - nicely enginered.
    If you could take a look for me at your leisure I'd appreciate that. eBay is littered with air boxes for Mk2 Méganes. Are they the same across all the engine type/range?
    Do you have the connection hose too? Or has that been chopped to fit an induction kit?
    Thanks again, Ross.
  28. Hi Ross,

    I think the air boxes differ, but can say fir certain. I don't believe I have the connection pipe, but they aren't too expensive, or you can go for a silicone one
    Hi Ross,

    I think the air boxes differ, but can say fir2 certain. I don't believe I have the connection pipe, but they aren't too expensive, or you can go for a silicone one
    Will check over the weekend and get back to you. I'll also check what air filter is in it as it may be a good one. I've also got a Ktec front strut brace available too..
  29. Oooh! Strut brace, yes, I'd be interested in that, pm me once you've got all the bits together please. I'd like the engine bay to be as close to standard internal as possible - tasteful mods allowing :wink:
  30. Do not let the garage do the rocker cover, this needs to be removed during the cambelt change as the rocker cover holds the cams in, you can’t just remove it. It requires the cams to be locked in with the timing tool to undo the pulleys then the cam cover can come off.

    Car looks lovely, keep us updated with your progress
  31. Thanks :blush:
    I’ve forwarded the concerns to the relevant person at the selling garage, let’s hope it’s not too late!
    He said he was going to go there today to check on the various areas of fault rectification. I’m awaiting an update soon.
  33. No I don't know it but looked a good buy.
    Have you actually bought as its still on eBay for sale?
  34. Deposit placed, contract signed.
    It’s still on their website FS Performance Cars, Pistonheads and Ebay. Apparently they only take it down once the vehicle has left the site. It was removed from Auto trader within a few hours of the deposit being put down. I have chatted with them this week and all is good.
    Looking forward to Saturday :smiley:
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  35. Out with the old, in with the new (to me :wink: ) 20180818_131126.jpg
    Had good run up and back to Luton. Been out there getting to know her curves. Started a full detail as soon as I got back. I don't think she has ever seen a clay bar. I was aware before committing that she was a "dirty girl!" :smiley:
    More pics in the detailing section.
    Thanks for all your welcome messages, it's made me right at home :smile:
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  36. No longer a "dirty girl" now she's sweet smelling and shiny.
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  37. Congrats on joining the LY R26 club mate! :wink:

    Ive just picked mine up after having the belts done - it was like driving a supercar after a morning of driving a Peugeot 107 haha.
  38. How much and who did your belts mate?
  39. Thanks, happy boy with a new toy :blush:
  40. £395 for belts and £80 for water pump at DDC in Doncaster.
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