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Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by Tonuppirate, Jan 25, 2024.

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    So fitted the Forge induction kit the ktec race exhaust arrives today cat back for now no point in fitting the downpipe until I hybrid the turbo or wait for a larger output turbo to come to the market.
    Looking at coilovers but very little choice out there.
    Hybrid turbo
    Spacers or new rims
    Front and rear strut brace
    Torque mount
    Larger discs and new brake lines
    Performance clutch
    Research on forging the engine for higher output and check if the manual gearbox can take the extra power

    So lots on the table to develop and fit

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  2. Edit...
    Sorry just read you have a Mk4 280, to new and to expensive for me but most of bellow maybe of some use.

    This is all dependent on what you will be using the car for ...........

    Personally i would forget about a hybrid turbo, for what you will pay for decent hybrid there are other options out there, i've had 3 fail
    My second hybrid failure

    The third lasted 700 miles
    spacers will only make the appearance of the car look better, will not help with the handling but it will make it worse.

    Strut braces are not needed, the chassis is well up to the job without, i presume you are coming from a VW, Audi or BMW, then i get why you think there necessary, spend the money in a more worthy area.

    Engine forging is your first port of call for any power upgrades,

    Larger brakes would be good, but what you have is more than adequate, i track mine all the time use standard HC discs and i use Carbon Lorraine RC8's, there great on the road and i've never had a problem with them on track either.

    As for the gearbox, it depends on how new your car is, the later ones suffer with poor quality bearings fitted from the factory, earlier ones are better, a mate is running 500hp through his gearbox, i have rebuilt it, but he supplied the bearings and one failed, so i've replaced that one again.

    My 265 gearbox i rebuilt with (good bearings) is still going strong, it must have done 30 trackdays and 1000's of miles on the road by now.

    I have put up a few build threads on here, i will be doing another on my new to me car soon, i just need to clear a few other jobs first :openmouth::openmouth:

    Hope this helps
    If you have any questions just ask, preferably before you spend any money :laughing::laughing::laughing:
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    I have a C63s Mercedes and before that a Mountune forged MK3 RS focus.
    The Mégane is quite bouncy so I'm hoping coilovers will help dial in the handling more with some extra torque brackets as well.
    There isn't much out there for the MK4 considering they have been out there for 6 years now.
    I will switch out the wheels for some lighter options maybe even drop to 18s I'm just looking into engine builds and turbo's at the moment.
    The ktec exhaust just arrived so get that fitted first then the coilovers. Remapping it at present seems pointless until I have rebuilt the turbo then a downpipe can be fitted in line with that.
    I bought the car because they are rare and it was cheap I have owned 4 different clio 197s that I caged and tracked so this will be a good platform to mess with.

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    I'm trying to find out if the OEM dampers on the MK4 are worth replacing for coilovers I already have the cup chassis so I take it they have the compression and rebound set to a factory setting.
    So the question is due to the 6 hours labour to fit springs or coilovers are coilovers worth the investment instead of installing lower springs and OEM dampers? I know ktec have gone all in with BC coilovers on their demo car.
    Has anyone else switched to coilovers on the MK4 over the standard set up?
  6. I don't know what the difference is suspension wise between the 280 and the Trophy, but in the mk3's it makes a difference, i tracked my 265 Cup before any mods were done, all apart from some semi slicks and the BC''s, was quite impressed, standard Brembo brakes pads were okay, never let me down all day but had to brake earlier than i would normally would have.

    Although i did manage to keep a Mk4 Trophy R behind me for a couple of laps at Cadwell until the talent ran out, or i was trying to hard :laughing::laughing::laughing: i was in fairly standard Dci175 Mk2 though :sunglasses:

    All of my cars so far have had BC's on them, this 250 i am building , will be the first with different coilovers, a mate managed to find me a set of AST 5100, so we will see what they are like.

  7. Ohhhh wow
    i have a SL55 that i have owned for 12+ years, i also have a 175 dci, a R26 and a 250, the Mercedes hasn't been driven for the last 3 years, too much fun being had in the Renaults
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    So the mk4s really suffer with heat which won't help at all on a tune so that's dissapointing to start with. Front mount and oil cooler to be added and see if a larger more efficient rad can help on the cooling front.
    The front end suffers from torque steer and more power is only going to make that worse.
    In comparison to my Focus RS MK3 it doesn't compare at present so I hope that changing the suspension and torque mounts will help. There really isn't much info out there on these so I hope that with time and effort and correct parts it will change the way it feels and drives.

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