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  1. hi all. name is Bernie.
    just about to collect my first megane rs 250 cup..
    new to meganes but not new to power cars
    had 2 x 33gtrs running 750 and a bmw e36 m3, spec c sti running 350/350 too. so after chasing many meganes around the ring and spa, i thought lets give one a try lol.

    couples of track based questions,

    cars running an airtec front mount stage 1, will need to check.
    thinking of going wagner due to water temp issues overheating in germany etc,,thoughts

    also i have on my shelf full thermostatic sandwich plate and 19 row oil cooler,worth fitting for trackdays abroad?

    also it has black 250 18" alloys with 20mm hubcentric spacers.
    going to be changed to 18x8 et45 no spacers less unsprung weight
    so these will be for sale shortly

    no idea on price so ideas would be helpful.
    also the intercooler poss for sale. brand new in aug 19 from rs tuning

    thanks in advance guys and maybe girls too lol

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  2. Hi Bernie
    and welcome

    I have a Airtec (the smaller one) cooler fitted to mine, done quite a few track days including 4 ring trackdays and 8 Spa days, i have not had any high temperature at all, still have the aircon rad in there as well and it still works.

    I think there was a problem with the larger one though.
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  3. Great thanks for replying.would you fit the oil to the in aug
  4. I'm going to monitor the oil temps after the rebuild, then go from there.
    I have a sandwich plate to fit, with oil temp and pressure sensors in it, there are two spare ports if i need to add an oil cooler.

    I have booked the ring on 8th and 9th April, staying for the Friday to watch the chaos :laughing::laughing:
  5. Carfreitag lol luv it
  6. TigerRonin

    TigerRonin RSM Club Member

    Welcome to the forum fellow newbie, I might be interested in those wheels when you put the new ones on.
  7. no problems TigerRonin.

    will be getting the new ones on this week so will be in touch. think someone else wants the spacers bargain lol
  8. just to update. alloys and spacers starting a new post
    intercooler still here
  9. If you’ve got oil cooler already I’d fit in heart beat, plus if can afford also go with wagner and recoup little with airtec sale

    front airflow on theses is pretty shit so oil and water need lots help
  10. Cheers bobsan

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