New member - finally found an OG RS250 Cup

Discussion in 'Megane Media' started by Alex__, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. Hi all,

    Not been on here long, but Ive been searching for an RS250 cup in oyster grey for some time, and have finally found one.

    I also a renaultsport clio owner and have a Clio 172 track car.


    So, the meg..

    41611972522_34d34433f8_b.jpg 26783714627_9f933c6722_b.jpg 40940664364_032c4d75b3_b.jpg 39844122370_2d40949642_b.jpg 40940945674_ecb113abdd_b.jpg 27783291298_635e9d1efb_b.jpg

    RS250 Cup
    Auto lights, auto wipers
    Keyless entry
    RS monitor
    Parking sensors

    Milltek 3" non-res cat back
    Remap (298bhp on dyno)
    Blanking plate on turbo (lots of fluttery noises)
    Grams lowering springs
    Rear tints
    Black roof wrap

    Plans wise, Id like to space the wheels out, as they don't sit flush with the arches, then eventually decat, FMIC and RS tuning map. But the clio is my main project for now. And to be honest, this doesn't really need anything doing, Im amazed by how it drives.

    Does 35 to the gallon as well, which I am over the moon with considering the performance.
  2. Looks great! Love the colour and the plans sound great too. Mine had the blanking plate. I loved the fluttering lol
  3. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    35MPG?! HOW! Mine does 25 on a good day.
  4. My old car, had it for almost 3 years and never missed a beat during my ownership, sold it in 2016.

    Glad the horrible bonnet wrap and wheels that the guy who bought it from me put on have gone.

    I did a project thread on here, but sadly all the pics were hosted on Photobucket so can no longer be seen.

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