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  1. Hi all apologies if this is an old question I have just obtained a RS250 2010 model and was wondering where the sport switch everyone is on about is? I have 3 switches by my right knee dash light dimmer and two others is one of them the sport switch? Am having lots of fun but just wondering where or if I have one thanks in advance

    Also I have read if it says Renault sport upon ignition on then I have monitor which means I have sport switch is that true ?

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  2. Yes it's one of those switches, when you press it, it will say Sport Mode on the screen where it tells you your range etc.

    Its the switch on the left as the right switch turns your parking sensors off.
  3. Ahh brilliant thanks for the reply the picture on it is weird but will press and see what happens cheers

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  4. No worries, welcome to the forum btw.

    If you hold the button for about 10 seconds, it turns the traction control off, press it once and it puts it into Sport Mode and you get a slightly better exhaust tone and some pops and bangs, gets better if you get a mid box chop. It also improves the throttle response.
  5. Thanks nice to find somewhere with helpful people and info, excellent thanks is that turn traction off first then press once again for sport mode or simple press for sport mode and long press for taking traction off

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  6. Press once and its sport mode, and I think it limits the traction control.

    Press and hold and it turns it off.
  7. Ahh ok thanks I will have a go later look fwd to it

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  8. All 250s have the sport button function, if youve got the rs monitor which is indicated by "renaultsport" on the centre display upto ignition, then you can change the sport mode sensitivity even further in the rs monitor (snow, linear, progressive, sport, extreme etc) you turn the rs monitor on by pressing the top two buttons on the stereo stalks.
  9. Ahh thanks haven't spotted those yet thanks will have a look I have only had it a week so will investigate at weekend

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  10. You will find thats the screen for the sport mode will be faded out, it only lets you change it when the sport button is engaged.
  11. I haven't had a chance to try yet as collected it and it's been parked at my work for a couple of days so am going to have a play at the weekend and will let you know

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  12. the manual, explains all in there.
  13. I notice the throttle response on mine but that's about it when using sport mode :worried:

    Just to note also that it will always return to normal mode after being turned off

    If mid box chopped but barely see a difference.
  14. Hi, having only owned my 2010 Meg250 Cup for a few weeks and hardly used it so far, I was having a good look around the RS Monitor screens. The screen that depicts the difference between linear, progressive, snow, sport and extreme; what does it actually do? In other words what changes will I feel? Is it purely how “quickly” the power is delivered after each gear change? Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. Throttle sensitivity
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