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  1. Best,
    New owner of a megane r26 in ultra red. I am 32 years old and live in Belgium. I mainly work on Clio 4 Cup Endurance that participate in the Belcar competition here in Belgium. After spending many hours with these cars, I fell in love with a Megane R26. I have already changed quite a few things on the car (mainly maintenance and suspension). If I find the time, I would like to write a blog about this.
    Furthermore, I can mainly be found at the Belcar Sprint Cup series in Belgium, but I also ride trackday's with an MX5 NA awith 1.8vvt swap. I also visit the Nurgburgring about 3 times a year. The megane will also be found there.
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  2. Hi and welcome to the club

    How far are you away from Spa, i'm sure i and a mate will end up there again next year, along with a few other tracks in Europe, i've fallen out of love with the ring, it's got too busy and the trackdays there are bad as well now
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  3. Hi there,
    I live about a 2h30 drive from Spa. I can be found there on May 3-5 and July 5-6 with the sprint cup series (this with the Clio 4's that I maintain). When I personally go there for a track day, I still have to see. The ring is indeed getting busy. I mainly see it as a fun outing with friends. I don't drive record times there either because I don't trust the people on the circuit there. But I enjoy just being there every year.
  4. My last 5 trackdays there (ring) were such a disappointment at £600 a time, to spend 5 hours sitting in the carpark waiting for them to drag BMW's off of the track

    For Spa we normally go early Easter ish or at the end of the year November, in the middle of the year the prices are silly.

    I and a mate went to the ring last year, before our trackday at Spa, it took us all day to do 3 laps, the number of closures was a piss take.
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  5. Not a pleasant experience indeed. Why not do a track day in Zolder then? Take a look at the skylimit website. They arrange track days in Zolder, spa and ring. Zolder is very cool and I come there often.
  6. Did Zolder earlier in the year, not too bad a circuit, but there noise monitoring was a joke, my mate got pulled for excessive noise and so did a standard TCR Golf, but the really load Porsche's and BM's, nothing
    It was Zolder and Zandvoort, this year it's Zandvoort and Bilster Berg, Bilster Berg is a great circuit
  7. Session trackdays aren't great, only done one, if you have an idiot in your group you get any decent track time
  8. For that reason I am going to get my club license in Belgium. then you can book track days only for license holders. This is on different days than the normal track days.
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    Hi mate and welcome. very nice car!

    do you know any renault specialist in EU for mapping the car?

    many thanks and best regards
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  10. Fastchip in NL is one off the best for Renault.
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    autronix RSM Club Member

    many thanks. do you have any real feedback ? looks more like a basic generic stage 1 maps ...
  12. Just get your ass over here and get to EFI, it will be worth the effort
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  13. Dekker Motorsport is in the Netherlands. Custom map on the dyno to suit your setup.
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  14. Arthur is on here (Dekker)(on here as tutuur) but not that often now, send him a PM, really nice guy knows his stuff
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    autronix RSM Club Member

    many thanks for the inputs!

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