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  1. Hi All,

    First time posting here (though I've been lurking for some time, leading up to the arrival of my new car). I've had quite a few odd, moderately interesting cars over the years and I do quite a bit of track time. Most recently the lineup has been:

    -Scirocco R
    -Caterham 7 Supersport
    -Porsche Boxster S
    -Mini JCW Coupe
    -and now the Renault Megane 275 Cup S

    I wasn't specifically in the market for one, but I'd taken the mini down to croft with a few friends for a track day, and the car held up badly on the day. It had been fun around the tighter and smaller blyton park but was on poor form around croft.

    The same day, my good friend had his new Trophy R with him (current gen)alongside an MX5 30th Anniversary, and took me out for a few laps and I was very impressed. I knew that at the very least I'd need to change cars to something else!

    Later that week he let me know a friend of his was selling a Megane RS and the mission started. Car was a 2015 model (65 plate) with only 12k on the clock and full original main dealer history. It had all the options ticked from new, so had the Ohlins, The Akrapovich and full leather Recaros, as well as Nav with RS monitor. Looked like a brand new carr. I was tempted, and a price was struck that worked for us all.

    Car arrived last week and I've finally had a chance to take it out for a few runs and so far very impressed. I can't wait to get it out on track.



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  2. Nice and very low miler
  3. Very nice.

    Ive just taken a deposit on my Flame Red Cup-S. I will miss it big time when it goes that’s for sure - they are a fantastic car.
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