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  1. Out with the wife's mk4 Clio dci:



    and in with the wife's 2017 Twingo GT:






    Car's not here yet so they aren't my pictures, but that is the same colour & spec as ordered.

    Spec is 0.9ltr 3cyl turbo, rear engined & rear wheel drive with 110hp & 170NM torque.

    Selective quote from Renault press release:

    The engine work sees the GT cover 0-62mph in 9.6 seconds and pick-up is amongst the best in class with 50-75mph taking less than nine seconds. It boasts an excellent power-to-weight ratio of 110hp per ton.

    To go with the GT’s immense manoeuvrability, which includes an impressive turning circle of only 8.59 metres, and to complement its performance, Renault Sport finely tuned its chassis to provide precise and enjoyable handling. Stiffer shock absorbers, a larger diameter anti-roll bar and a ride height that is 20mm lower than the normal Twingo bless the GT with precise and responsive handling. The Twin‘Run’s 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels – fitted with Yokohama BluEarth tyres – add to the GT’s driving dynamics and purposeful stance.

    Additionally, Renault Sport has recalibrated the ESC system to improve traction during sporty driving and to take into account the new characteristics of the chassis and tyres. This allows a very slight drift when drivers hit the throttle on exiting a tight corner before the system kicks in to correct the trajectory, all without a dramatic loss of speed and with no detriment to safety.

    The Clio was coming up to the end of the PCP deal we had, and the wife fancied joining the RS fold. Additionally, I think that diesels are no longer flavor of the month, and it was a good time to get out of the black pump before the government tax them into worthlessness.

    I ran a 69bhp Twingo for 4 months a little while ago, and to be honest it wasn't great, but I'm expecting much better from this, even to the point of planning a France road trip in this rather than the 275 Trophy :laughing:
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  2. Nice! I like these, think they look like great fun.

    I'm sure you will enjoy a little blast too :wink:
  3. Thanks, I'm sure I will :grinning:

    They are hilarious, especially around town with the crazy turning circle.

    I was all set to steer her towards the new Clio GT-Line, but she preferred the Twingo GT.

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  4. Well, she arrived.


    IMAG0659.jpg IMAG0656.jpg

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  5. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Shame they don't have a proper Renaultsport version like the old ones, it would be a right laugh
  6. You're saying that but his has the same power as a 1.6 205 GTI with a lot more torque (bit more weight though). I get that it's not really a proper RS but it is a right laugh.

    I've yet to have a proper drive in it as it's the wife's, but the turning circle and the slightly relaxed TCS/ESC does make for fun car to hoon about it. It will oversteer apparently :grinning:
  7. I can attest to the Twingo being pretty fun on a skid pad. Also I'm 6'2 and nearly as wide yet could fit in and drive one which is a feat in itself.

    Would love to hear how enthusiastically it drives
  8. Will report back when I can get the keys off the misses :tongueclosed:

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