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  1. Hi all, have just purchased a mk3 250 cup after owning a Clio r27

    Had the car nearly 2 months now and have a few things to do in order to get the car where I want it.

    Few questions to help out :smile:

    Do Clio mk3 and megane mk3 share the same seat base for the recaro cs sportster seats ? I know the bases sit a lot higher in the megane, but are they a direct swap ?

    Anyone had experience with wimax w5 pads for fast road setup - seems initial bite is very poor compared to the setup I had in my Clio, but I understand that it's like that for greater modulation on track as it's a track oriented pad ? Doesn't fulfill me with a lot of confidence tho on road so looking to change front pads for fast road / occasional track

    Also Bought the car on bc racing coilovers with 10 front and 7 rear spring rate which is too aggressive for my daily fast road / occasional track setup - was wondering whether people would recommend 7 or 8 kg replacement for front springs? Are people on BC's also using driveshaft spacers ?

    any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated

    Cars also got and itg induction kit; gt performance exhaust and decat; Wagner intercooler (maped to 315 hp); coolerworx shifter and half cage !
  2. Responses in red above
  3. Do you know if the pads have been bedded in following Winmax's instructions? When I first fitted mine they felt a little loose, but after the first couple stops during the bedding procedure they fired into life and the remainder of the process was done whilst on the verge of throwing up, that's how well they stop!

    Once bedded in they've always felt super for me, both on road and track. Done 3 full days at Donington and they've probably only worn about 10-20% tops! Proper pads these.
  4. Bedding in process:
  5. Hi all thanks for the responses,

    I don't know if the guy before me did the proper bedding process or not .... however I've pressure bled the brakes through recently with
    motul rbf600 and the brake felt a bit better but not amazing - really end up having to push the peddle with very little sensitivity from the pedal - pads and discs have even wear, but still think this is a caliper issue ? Worth changing the seals and having a look at the pistons ?
  6. Also worth mentioning it has ebc blue on the rear - r these known to be bad ?
  7. Just fit Carbon Lorraine RC8's and have none of the issues, bite from cold is epic and they have never given me concern on track.

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