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Discussion in 'New to the Club? Why not introduce yourself?' started by twinturbo, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Hi Folks

    Some of you may know me from other forums over the years ( Sierra, Volvo, BMW, XROC, Transit!, Jaguar ) sure there are more!

    Anyway I have picked up a 2004 "225" , the first and last time I owned a French car was 2004 (405 STDT) and that only lasted 4 weeks as it would not pass MOT. May well also be the last time I owned a turbocharged car (My Transit is excluded).

    The Megane is going to need a little fettle I think, will open some threads... Not sure what my overall plan is?

    My present fleet comprises...
    Jaguar S-Type V8 ( My Main car)
    Galaxy 2.3 (Family Bus)
    T350 Transit ( Bought last summer for a bit of fun, best thing I have done in years!)
    Jaguar S-Type V6 ( Parts Bin )
    Focus Zetec MK1 ( Was a stopgap at one point, now just being pillaged for it's engine)
    Sierra 1.8GL ( Very Long term project [19 years off road])
    Haynes Roadster Kit Car Project....
    Vectra 1.8 SRI ( Not entirely sure why I bought this other than removing the parrot to Put in the van)
    Megane 225 :smile:

  2. Re Turbos....

    Just rememberd....

    I had a BMW E61 3.0D, That was Turbo, what a piece of crap that was...
    And a 200K 96 Passat 1.9TD (In 2014) flaky lacquer, nothing special, but bullet proof..

    Oh and the XR4x4 Twin Turbo... ( one of 3 I have owned and none never on the road ... )


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