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  1. I need to do mine again, I bought non renault parts and the driver door has started again eeek
  2. Not pictures today, but a little update. Lastly I notice like the handling in the Meg don´t go fine. Is a bit imprecise, on the corners over all. So I´d lift her up in my garage looking for possibles plays and just find a little one in the rack rod inn. Ok, today I had replaced both sides with a heavy duty ones. Thanks to my partners for help me(my hip is not 100% for now!). Well, in the mean time, I see the anti roll bar screws looses!:fearful::fearful::fearful: Somebody else found this anytime?? But hold on, the karma don´t stop here. After the alignement, my partner test the wheels again and say me: Manu, here is a good play too, the lower hub pivot. :weary::weary::weary:
    So, I order a set of heavy duty hub pivots. In Spain I don´t find something decent, OEM apart. And for the OEM price I order the HD ones in UK. Seem like the next week I´ll back to Bilbao with a bag of parts!!:sweatsmile::sweatsmile:
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  3. I´m back from London! 4 days non stop, visiting some interesting museums, following the steps of Jack the ripper and walking and walking, maybe too much for my recovering hip:sweatsmile::sweatsmile: And no seen any Megane...not even one! Lambos and Ferraris, but those are boried italian trash for me. Anyway, here are the souvenirs that I had bring... IMG_5010.jpg
    Seems like I have job to do. Taking advance of I´ll visit my parents next week and they have a lot of place to do the job, I´ll fit all this. I hope the hub bearing works fine and for a very long time!
    @ianplymouth , I didn´t find a sealer that satisfy me, so finally expend the money:disrelieved:
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  4. You so right Manu - I live close to SW London, drive in to work regularly on the A3 up to Wimbledon, and I have never seen another Meg in 5-years. In fact only an RS Clio from what I remember. No one round here knows what the Meg is or its capability so it’s a bit of a joke that it is more exclusive than the Porsches and the so many Teslas! Only ever saw another Meg in the local Effingham station car park. Glad you liked London - it’s getting expensive to eat and drink out though - absolutely love Spain
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  5. True! Forgot to comment the lots of Tesla I saw. I hope nobody offend because my comment about Lambos and Ferraris, I just joking, I just mean they aren´t the kind of car that I enjoy.:sweatsmile:
  6. I agree! Perhaps it is because of the Matt black/metallic gold vinyl wrap on the London Lambos and Fezzas
    Not for me either.
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  7. Let’s go!!
    Not bad, at least to had remove the whole hub without a car elevator :grin: :grimacing: Both bearing come out with hammer help, the lower one was like ass!! The new one once fitted…
    The upper one was difficult to remove. The new was fitted very easy, to much easy to be honest. In fact, it turn a litter into the hub. There is no play, but it should not turn. Anyway, I’ll test the car before the alignment and will see.
    Tomorrow, time for the rear axle!​
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  8. Some great work as always, ive never had the confidence in doing this on my driveway.

    Im glad youve enjoyed London, its where most tourists go but plenty of much nicer areas within the UK. However the museums are fantastic and you can walk or tube to so many areas.

    You are right though, there are never any interesting cars. Lambos and Ferrari's don't really do it for me either.
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  9. And done! Again, a bit hard doing it on the floor, but I have done more jobs worst :sweatsmile::sweatsmile:
    I can’t wait to test the upgrades and see if that extra degree worth.

    @D7DPJ , I’m car mechanic, or I try:sweatsmile:
    :sweatsmile:, so I do the jobs always as I can.
    About London, absolutely right, too much tourists, including me. Next time I,ll focus in other places of the UK map.
    Thanks for reading!!
  10. @manugtt How did you get Ryan Giggs to do your car?
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  11. :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: Really? I am not a football fan and don’t know about Giggs, but I can see some similar too.
  12. Thought it was Rhodri Giggs!
  13. Newcastle Upon-Tyne is the best city in England, not that I'm bias!
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  14. Hello partners from England! Sometimes Karma give you a breath and put some interesting things in your way. In this case, a set of Ohlins DVF. They have about 30000kms. but are recently checked. At first I though they are too much for my capacity on track or fast road, but they had a good price and with a little push from my wife and friends I said to hell!! I hope to fit them this Friday after work, if my health wants! I promise some pics of the job and my opinion when test them.:wink:
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  15. I hope they work well for you, i have been steered away from my go to coilovers (BC's) and have moved to some AST 5100, i have fitted the rears, but still have the fronts to do, i will have to cut out the strut tops so i can adjust them, but first of all i have to get this yellow thing out of my workshop.

    We are going to Zanvoort and Bilster Berg at the start of March, so i will see how they feel, shame they wont be setup properly before i go due to the lack of time, but hoping they perform okay.
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  16. Never test the AST ones, but seems like they go pretty well. I know a few people with them and very happy. Honestly, from my ignorance, looks better than the BCs. Tell me something when you test them Ian:wink:
  17. Well, Ohlins fitted and tested. I thought they had 20 clics on the front and 30 on the rear, but had much more, hadn't they?
    The first benefit you realize is the weight. Don't had a weighing machine but the lightness of the Ohlins is clear in your hands.

    I like to do some marks on important nuts, after you'll can check posibles loose up with a glance.

    The second thing I like is the rise. I ran with AST springs and it was to much low for my taste. Now it have like 10 or 15mm more and well, is not a flat car of Instagram, but still having a pretty rise, for me at least.
    IMG_0348.jpg IMG_0349.jpg

    On the road! I start with the Renault Sport recommendations from factory, I mean 5 clics on the front and 10 on rear. The car feel pretty firm, even more than the cup suspension, but something had changed because you can feel more smoothness. I don't know how explain it, but can imagine that details makes the difference of money between one and other.
    In Basque Country the B roads are like the surface of the moon, so I test the 20/30 clics recommended by RS for that kind of roads...and it is amazing. You can go very fast, the car still feeling on rails but it eat every imperfection on the tarmac and you don't realize you just pass a crater. And that feel draw a smile on your face. I can´t wait to test it on track, sadly it must to wait until I recover my wallet!
    So, if you ask me, worth the Ohlins for the money? If you have the Meg for weekend and holidays, and some track days at years, and obviously you have the money, absolutely yes. And I have to be honest, I'll NEVER arrive to the limit of the Ohlins, but they come to my life for a good price so, why not Manu?? I know, they need a not cheap maintenance every 40k or 50k kms. depending use, but I think all the suspensions focused to track or fast road need it, don't matters brands or kinds.
    I hope this words can help to someone to decide in the future, although it is a piece of shit of review to be honest!:sweatsmile::sweatsmile::sweatsmile:
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  18. Hello @manugtt
    i try to find that black one knob you have,
    do you maybe have a some new link of some information about it on your Ebay?
  19. Its longer than the original one?
  20. Hi! Seems like the seller on Ebay don´t have activity...and yes, it is a bit longer than the OEM one, not much. But the knob is nylon made, I suppose any turner in your area can made it easily. I´m sorry I can´t help you much:sweatsmile::sweatsmile::sweatsmile:
  21. Sorry to hear, thank you mate
  22. Coulud you measure your knob? I try to look for similar one.
  23. Coulud you measure your knob? I try to look for similar one.
  24. Yes, I can measure it, but give some time please. I think I´ll go to the garage along this week.:wink:
  25. Thanks :smile:
  26. Here we are!
    The stick of the shifter have 11mm. and the lever for the reverse have 28mm.
    I hope this help you!:wink:
  27. Big thanks :smile:)

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