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  1. Well, this morning had arrived this wonderful thing...
    Very happy and not hard to fit. I had adjust the gear selectors, all the gears go perfectly and now got a good touch, the way of the stick is very short and can´t wait to test it (I´m waiting for the alcantara wheel). BUT my surprise comes when I go to fit the centre console...WTF??:fearful::fearful: Anybody can tell me how can I fit it? Please, don´t tell me I must to cut the front part of the console...
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  2. Ok, watching the ZPO fitting isntructions, I can see you must to place the shifter but fit it after place the console. Gonna be a pain I think, not much room to work with the 2 parts at time:weary::weary::weary:
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  4. Done! Cost me some scratches in my arms but I get it. Like @Rensport225 said, I had to cut a bit the console.

    This ball joint must to be replaced, the OEM one will hit the shifter frame. Don´t like too much this system, but will trust! It must to coincide in neutral position with the ball of the shifter. It need to fit cleanly.

    Adjust the gears is and easy job, only must to be sure they in and out unforced. I´d start with the 5th-6th, then reverse and last 1st-2nd.

    And this is the result with the alcantara wheel. What a touch man!!:fearscream::fearscream::fearscream:

    I´m working on the surround, at the moment I don´t know how but something I´ll think. And I´m gonna give you my opinion of the shifter. For me, has been a whim. It give you and amazing touch playing with the gears and seem like you have a gearbox with Crabots, you think you are in a Kit Car, BUT only that. Is only a very good feeling when you go fast. If somebody fit this thinking it makes your Meg faster, bad done. I think you can make better the Meg expending that several money in suspension, brake or engine. And I say again, is only a whim. Am I regret?? Nothing at all. The evolution of my apparatus will not be much more, so I decided to go for the CoolerWorx. And I chose CoolerWorx because the price(the cheaper option) and the look(I like the form of stick and knob). I hope this help to somebody:wink:
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  5. And taking advance I had the car in the garage, I´d change the rear pads. They weren´t too bad, but for the cost don´t worth to hold they more.

    I fit a Brembo ones because don´t make sense to fit CL´s rear having the OEM ones front. When I´ll finish the front ones will fit CL´s all around.

    And that´s all today!! From now, I gonna burn fuel for a long time!:grin:
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  6. Love the steering wheel refurb, looks amazing and agree on the shifter, be it CAE, ZPO or Coolerworx they are better to shift with, with a great mechanical gear change and throw, position when going at pace is improved but apart from that and the visual improvement in the cabin they are a lot of money for not a lot of gain.

    Would I buy again .. maybe [emoji848] but I’m not the smartest when it comes to cars / bikes and money lol

    Agree on brembo rear pads even with the change I made with Z rated up front the brembo are more than enough in the rear as I’m not on track asking more of them, even then I think they would do ok [emoji1303]

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  7. Taking measures of the shifter for a surround...had result that shit!:sweatsmile::sweatsmile: tempImageR6TPJ2.png
    But don´t worry boys, only wait to the end of the work. Just need to find a plastic or vinyl plate and, with a file and a lot of patience, give it form.
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  8. Sunny Sunday in Bilbao so, full tank, mountain roads full of corners and a smile in my face!
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  9. Stunning scenery there my friend ! Very jealous

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  10. Basque Country is full of places like that and amazing roads to enjoy our toys. I´ll be happy to show you if have the chance sometime!:wink:
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  11. Chances low at the moment but maybe one day [emoji1303]

    A very kind offer :smile:

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  12. Finally gave some form to a plastic plate. A couple of hands of textured paint and thought to use the OEM surround too, only to see how do it looks.
    At the moment I can´t fit it, we have a lot of work in the garage and had no time. Will see if the result convince me!
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  13. Ok, I know the ZPO surround or similar looks much better, but mine is enough for me!:sweatsmile::sweatsmile::sweatsmile:
    tempImagecqnQbZ.png tempImagepxCW2L.png
    And now I have over 100€ extra for fuel!:tonguewink:
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  14. that looks good, great money saver to boot :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
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  15. Looks good to me :smile:

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  16. Looks fantastic, with the oem surround it looks more finished, I'd love one but I cannot justify the cost to my wife:fearful::fearful:
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  17. Why would you tell her the cost though!?
  18. :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
    As I said up there, that´s a whim. Don´t wanna justify it but, I only recibe an unexpected money and thought why not?
  19. if you have the money great, but having lost my job due to covid i cannot afford it yet, time will come, it is still on my shopping list:grin::grin:
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  20. A small update. When I´d delete the resonator, I´d fit a "home made provisional plug"...
    PHOTO-2021-07-21-16-47-59 2.jpg
    Works perfectly! But I saw some cracks recently...
    Just for peace in mind and to get a fine job, I´d order a SAMCO plug...
    PHOTO-2021-07-21-16-47-59 3.jpg
    Obviously looks better than the home made one, but I´d must to pay a lot of taxes for a piece of silicon:triumph::triumph::triumph: I´d need a kit of OEM shocks and Grams springs too, but KamRacing not even send to Spain. Fucking customs! You are lucky to live in UK in that point, you have a lot of good parts for good price.
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  21. Brexit hitting prices hard?
  22. To be honest, I don´t know if it because of brexit or spanish policy man, bu I paid for taxes more than the plug cost. About 40€ in total for a simple thing. Before brexit, there was a lot of parts that worth to buy in UK, even with shipping costs. But now, can´t imagine how much plus would pay for a set of coilovers or an exhaust system, to mention something. At least, there is a few stores(not many!) in Spain that keep good prices in some parts. Well, that´s life!:weary:
  23. .
  24. A little update. I decided to change the front speaker to a better quality ones. Well, easy job, remove the door panel, remove the OEM speaker, fit the new one, cut the OEM conector and fit faston conectors. Fuck me! I had to buy new rings for the speakers and now, I bought wrong size of speakers. I read in the forum the size was 6", it isn´t. Mines are 14 cms. Don´t have any problem to back them, but I go to fit the bloody speaker two times and not finish the job yet. What a maze!!:weary::weary:
    This is the new ring...

    And now need a hand, which wire is the "+" and which the "-"?? Same in both doors??
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  25. @manugtt What aftermarket speakers are you going for?
  26. Alpine ones. Don´t know much about sound systems tbh, but in the store said me they are a good option. Why your ask? Maybe is better looking for others?
  27. I think you were given good advice. For car entertainment, Alpine are considered one of the best for sound quality.
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  28. Perfect then! More peace on mind:wink:
    Ah, only for someone interested, the "+" is the green/brown wire. I supose would be the same in both sides.
  29. Finally done!! I forgot to take pics of the job finished, but nothing special to show. And yes, I recommend this absolutely, the sound is night and day. I only hear music when have a long travel, but worth the upgrade to better quality of sound.
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  30. There isn´t much changes recently, so my thread is a bit dead. Past weekend went to a track day in Pau Arnoss Circuit, in south of France. Very happy with the apparatus, and I ran with street tires, I mean, no semislicks, but the Pilot Super Sport were good enough for me. Maybe the next set of tires will be Pilot Sport Cup.
    My doubt about suspension is clear now, don´t go to change to a coilovers, I use to do 3 or 4 trackdays at year, and cup shocks works fine to my level. But I´m thinking to fit Grams or Cooksport spirngs, because you always says they are the best for cup dampers without doubt. Any advice about that??
    Well, I haven´t pics on track, and only one of the day, I´m not a smartphone fun tbh!! But here they are, the two woman of my life!! IMG_4387.JPG
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  31. Grams springs have worked very well for me, as ypu know I'm also not running coilovers but my car handles pretty well.

    Have you got adjustable topmounts? Do I remember you having silver project? The compbrake ones I've found are much better and can go more aggressive on the front. Rear shims have massively helped my turn in as well.

    Either way looks like your having fun
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  32. Long ago not posting, but not many updates either. In fact, I had a problem in my hip 6 months ago and recently I was operated. That time make me realice I have to enjoy life as long as the health or wallet let me. So, the plans for this year are go to upgrade some parts of the apparatus to make it more enjoyable, I think in a set of coilovers, harder bushes and following @bobsan and @D7DPJ advice, a couple of camber shims. Well, to this upgrades, I need to recover my economy first so, little by little!:tonguewink::tonguewink:
    At fist, how much camber do you advice me for the rear axle? I do about 4 track days at year, the rest are weekend rides on B roads or holidays trips. I was thinking about -1º to -1,5º. The second, for bushes, I doubt to fit blacks or purples ones, thinking in Powerflex. All advices are welcome! I need to replace the left door stopper, it start to clank and hate that noise!
    In the mean time, some friends visit me and gift me a carbon cover for the Coolerworx, I was happy with my custom one, but need to admit the carbon one looks a hundred times better.

    Well, lately there isn´t much activity in the forum, but I´ll keep posting anyway. Have a nice weekend and take some beer for me!:tonguewink:
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  33. With just a handful of T/d I’d go with 1° rear camber to add to already existing camber
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  34. That carbon looks the part eh!
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  35. Loving the carbon, I'd love a proper shifter but I'll stick to the zeropoint one extension for now.

    I'm glad your back enjoying the car, that's what it's all about.

    I was at -1.5 degrees on the rear, made a huge difference on track especially if you can get your toe to 0 or toe out a little. I can't think of any downsides really with this much camber.

    Coilovers is something I've waited a while for and I can't wait to get them on track but the suspension feels great.

    I went with black powerflex and also have evol upper and lower mounts. The powerflex aren't as hard as I thought, the evolution however will rattle your teeth out .. I love it.

    Keep posting, I certainly will even though only a couple of people comment.
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  36. @D7DPJ

    I'm not going to bother with a CAE, Zeropoint etc in mine, can't see the reason for them, especially for the price.
    I find standard setup with the ball moved 20-25mm closer to the pivot works extremely well and only costs about £3.

    I'm interested in your rear camber though, do you use yours as a daily or like mine just to drive to and from track ???
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  37. I might not comment on your posts, but i do read them, it upsets me that you have the opportunity to drive on the Bathhurst track :laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  38. Mines only the zeropointone extension, I've got the short shifter aswell. The extension defo makes a difference on track, having the gear stick closer is great.

    Mine is a daily but I only travel 30 miles once a week so I've made it very extreme. Rear camber and correcting the rear toe massively helped in turn in. It was night and day and one of the best things I've done. I'm currently running -2 rear with 0 toe.
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  39. Guys, please don´t misinterpret me. I don´t pretend people comment my threads, not the reason because I write. I like to share experiences and learn from other. I just notice not many people post generally.
    About powerflex, I was thinking to replace front arms and rear beam, engine ones, for the moment, are out of mind.
    Thanks partners!
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  40. Today I´d replace the door stopper. No more clanks!! The lasts door stoppers have metalic rollers, in the earlier ones were plastic.



    It get out easily through these hole.

    Is easy to remove the door panel, but this video help a lot.
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