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  1. Doesn't look like you have not removed the two disc retaining screws, the two counter sunk ones.
    Then a tap on the edge turn 180 degrees and tap and so on till they start to move.

    If i were you i would split the hub off of the suspension unit, trying to get that lot back in in one go and do the drive shaft fitting at the same time is going to be a task in itself.
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  2. Bobsan, you mean more negative toe? Why? I think if it is zero or a bit positive, the direction feel more aggressive when turn the wheel, at lease, that works to me ever.

    No man! I´d remove the screws, obviously:laughing::laughing: But it war very fixed to hub anyway. You are right about split the hub, I normally do it, but this time not, don´t ask me why.:grimacing:
    Finally I decide not fit the spacer, I don´t noticed any strange before, and as you say, now, with more camber, even less.

    Thanks for the advices guys!!
  3. No problem Manugtt :sunglasses:
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  4. @torquenstein, I join to the little squares club!:tonguewink: I like that detail in the door. I hope you don´t matter!
  5. Manugtt - i went and ordered the gear knob you bought. Arrived after much delay which is understandable in the current climate

    I’m trying to get the white hard plastic off but struggling a bit! Any tips?
    Did you chop it off or does it just pull off with a bit more elbow grease!
  6. Well mates, yesterday after work, I went to drive hard trough some hill and B roads(I think that is like you call them). Meg goes better with the new camber and the suspension set is very great for me. A bit bumpy a couple times but nothing to wrong. I really tell you, I´m falling in love day by day with the car. I drove many good cars, but Meg have something, is very balance and you don´t notice her 1400kg. going fast. I burn half tank of fuel in 2,5 hours and was terribly funny!
    That is life partners!!:grinning::grinning:
  7. Ahmed, I literally destroy the plastic!:sweatsmile: Then, the new knob is a little hard to fit cause is the exactly size than the stick. You will see, is a pleasure to shift with it!
  8. Destroyed

    i’ve got a pair of trusted pliers out now and will give it a shot!

  9. Yes man! Destruction is the correct way!:tonguewink::tonguewink: I want pics of the result, by the way!
  10. Haha welcome to the club! They look great with the red detail at the front.

    Where did you order the gear knob from @Ahmed918 ? I couldn't find it on eBay.
  11. Well, for real, don´t change much. Only fit a new 89º thermostat(much better now), gapped plugs and a harder gear box mount bolt. But this morning has been time to waste fuel and having fun with some friends, a Clio 16v, my previous Gt Turbo and the apparatus. Here go a bad pics that I take in the coffee break.
    IMG_0831.JPG IMG_0830.JPG
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  12. The R5T:hearteyes:
  13. And another little ride with the same friends! But this time, the weather was a bit worts, so I´d can confirm this: NS2R+wet tarmac=scary driving:grin::grin:
    20200828_105231-01.jpeg 20200828_105212-01.jpeg

    I promise you guys, the cars were full of dirt, but the phone of my friends make miracles with pictures!
    This week will be time for an oil+filter change, I did a lot of kms. traveling to the south of the country. I was thinking in a 5w50 Valvoline, I use that in all my previous cars and very happy with oil termps and press in tracks days or hard driving but, any opinion or advise is pretty welcome.
  14. slight down side of the 5/50 its it's quite a large span in temp for oil to try cover, looks good on paper but not convinced these oils will stay in their share spec with this size gap for extended period although just my thinking. using a more conventional 5/40 put's slightly less demand on the temp band.
    could try the amazing Millers NANODRIVE CFS 5/40 NT with its triple ester offers v hi level of protection right from cold and you might also notice slight drop in engine temp
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  15. Thanks for reply bobsan! I appreciate it. To be honest, the Valvoline don´t have the RN specification, but as I said, never have a problem and keep oil temp. quiet (never more than 115 or 120º in track days). My afraid with the 5w40 is that maybe don´t lubricate enough at high temps. and revolutions.
    Well, I´ll take a look to that Millers that you say and will see what I do finally. Anyway, thanks again!
  16. Maybe try the Millers CFS 10/50 NT if running up around 120C and keep the triple ester
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  17. Today has arrived this...
    IMG_3263.jpg this weekend, homeworks!! A little upgrade for the brake system:wink:
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  18. Nice brake lines!! Hehe. Very worth the upgrade along with decent brake fluid. I find AP R3 very good in my R26 for some brake abuse.

    What pads are you running thought?
  19. Well, at the moment I still with the OEM cup ones. I want to finish they first, but my idea is to go for RC5+ or RC6. I like they much in other cars that I had. Anyway, must to say don´t dislike the OEM cups for now, don´t have done any track day yet, but for hillclimb and B roads works good enough for me.
    About the brake fluid, obviously not the better, but ever use it, including track cars, and never had a problem with this Valvoline. Maybe I drive like Ms. Daisy!!:sweatsmile::sweatsmile::sweatsmile:
  20. This afternoon I´d fit the Hel braided lines. Must to say they fit perfectly fine. Who had fitted braided lines knows that the rear side ones are slightly different. Well, the Hell lines comes with that minimal difference. In the front side, comes with two rubber pieces that fits in the OEM brackets. I don´t know, I had fitted many braided lines, and no one comes with that little details. Thats details like me a lot so, I recommend you this ones.:wink:
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  21. I had Hel lines for mine, i thought the rears were a little too long so made them a bit awkward to get in.

    But yes the rubber bits that come with them certainly helps
  22. I want this day a lot time ago!! Bye, bye bloody Nankangs, welcome sweet Michelins!!
    I decided to fit 225, first, the difference of price is substantial, and two, to be honest, don´t think I need 235 in my way of driving.
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  23. More changes today! I decided to paint the blade (that´s the name?) in the original black colour. So, bumper out! And taking advance of that, I had changed the pipes of the headlights spray, I have heard is usual they broke. For that, I use a more elastic pipe.

    And finally get to fit the bloody clutch line! I need to push it like a bull to fit it, then a good bleeding and go.

    Somebody had to do a reset of some system after remove the battery?? When I go to start the engine it don´t do nothing, so I had to reset the body throttle and then it start. But is estrange, never had to do it and I had remove the battery many times before. Anyway, now all is right again.
  24. It's got to be something else, i have taken my battery out a dozen or more times and for a good length of time and not had any need reset
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  25. Yes, that I think too. I´ll keep an eye on it the next time I drive. But that will be late, in my country come back to a city lockdown. Fucking year this...
  26. I know its a shite time, stick in there mate, it will be better soon, was thinking about Spa next month but that has been cancelled now.
    Anglesey got cancelled just over a week ago, was supposed to be there on Sunday :sob::sob:
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  27. How strange and curious that you have to reset the car, so that it works again. for removing a battery.
    Luckily it was just that nonsense

    que raro y curioso que tengas que resetear el coche, para que vuelva a funcionar. por quitar una bateria.
    menos mal que solo fue esa tonteria
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  28. Si tio, a mí también me chocó, pero bueno, ya está ronroneando otra vez:grin: Cuando monte el labio del paragolpes pondré fotos de como queda.

    Yes man, it shocks to me too, anyway, it is purr again:grin: When fit the bumper blade I´ll upload a pic or result.
  29. Time ago I had been quiet. But this weekend, this beauty and fast girl...
    ...had lost some weight...
    Not much really, 35kg. Since I have the car, I used the rear place in a couple times, and ever thought this car is not for rear passenger. So, if you don´t go to use it, why do you go with it?
    The decent way is a bar and a net, like the Trophy R. So, a 30mm. OD bar, a couple of 3mm. plates, a decent welding and some paint....
    Total cost, a beer for my friend the welder and other for me:grin::grin:
    I´d order a net, not the genuine one, but the price is not the genuine either. Hope it arrive tomorrow and we´ll see the final look.
    I´m waiting for others parts too, so this week promise to be busy!
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  30. And done! Happy with the result...
    The carpet looks better in real, I promise. The black colour is very similar to the OEM one.
    More changes soon!
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  31. That looks very good :smile: well done [emoji1303]

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  32. By the way @Rensport225 , I seen you have the bagde of the wheel in black. How get out the badge?? Or must to paint with it on?
  33. Which bit do you mean mate ?


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  34. :sweatsmile::sweatsmile::sweatsmile: I´m sorry man! I mean the steering wheel, the badge on the airbag.
  35. I think it’s just the reflection as it is chrome as standard .. but now I see it, I think it would look good black [emoji848]

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  36. This looks great.
    Where did you get the cheaper net from? I’m in the same boat, rear seats never get used but don’t want to spring on a sabelt one.

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  37. Hi Jall! The net is from a spanish guy, it cost 120€ posted. To be honest, I think the sewings could be stronger, but the guy assure me they resist. He had sold hundred of them and nobody had a problem. Will see!:tonguewink:
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  38. Hey Man! Just reading this. interesting that you also settled on less extreme front camber for road setup. I was on -2.0 and it made me feel like a cornering hero! But I lost traction for straight line acceleration. Now running -1.6 front and i agree it still corners fast, but has more traction when accelerating in straight line. Seems like a good compromise? I also have total 10’ toe OUT on front, which definitely makes turn-in to corners more natural and also good for camber thrust: As someone mentioned earlier, when moving straight forwards, the negative camber makes the wheels lean in and therefore want to roll IN towards the centre of the car, and the toe OUT cancels this effect - You should try it! I also tried zero toe front, but it needed a bit more effort to turn into corners - didn’t feel so natural.
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  39. Hi Billy! Is funny you write this just now, because I just send my wheel to upholster in alcantara and I´ll do the alignment again when refit the wheel. I´ll test those 10´ out and will see. At the moment I´m satisfaced with the set up, but I´ll follow your advice:wink:
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