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Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by manugtt, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Well I decided to present formaly my RS250. It is a full fat cup with 68000kms. At the moment is almost stock, only a few upgrades like 3" decat and Ktec exhaust line, KN panel filter, ATS springs over stock shocks, remap around 290hp and nothing more that remember.
    Wil be my daily car but I gonna use it for fast road and 3 or 4 track days at year, with any visit to the Nordsleife, so, in a future, want to fit B14 coilovers with camber plates, Hel or Goodridge brake lines with RC5+ pads, Speedline 2120 wheels whit PS4S tyres(have Nankang now and I hate them:sleepy::sleepy:) and interior whims like alcantara OEM steering wheel. I like too much the CAE shifter or similar, but in Spain can´t pass MOT.
    Let me show some bad pics, cause my phone is too old:grin::grin:
    IMG_2852.JPG IMG_2907.JPG IMG_2904.JPG IMG_2908.JPG IMG_2909.JPG
    Little by little, I will tell you new ungrades or changes. Feel free to advice me anything, I´m here to learn and enjoy with you and ours fat machines.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Nice car, white is my favorite colour with black wheels. welcome along
  3. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Yes man! White body and wheels black like the hell! Thanks tof73.

    Just recive the firsts little items to change. The apparatus had a Renault Spor genuine knob, but prefer something more simple without logos or badges.

    Something that ever remove in all my cars is the rear wiper. Don´t remember to use anytime! So, for what I need?:grin: 5GBP in Ebay.

    That´s all for now, I´ll pic up with process when are fitted.
  4. You can remove the rear wiper because you live in Spain, ha.
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  5. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    In UK can´t be removed?? Cause any law or cause the weather?? Here, according the law, secondary things like can be rear wiper or front fog lights, don´t are required, but, if the car have it, must work. Many people remove fog lights to install air intakes or simply weigh reasons.
    If you mean about weather, in the north of Spain it is very similar to yours, maybe a bit less wet. Anyway, always like me a clean back!!:tonguewink::tonguewink:
  6. Was just on about the weather, ha. Thought might be a bit wet in that part of Spain where you live.
  7. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    This morning had fitted the new knob. To remove the old one, must to pull up very strong so, be carefull with your faces! Once removed, and in this case, need to delete the white plastic where fit the old knob. Is hard plastic.
    IMG_2918.JPG IMG_2919.JPG

    Then fit the new one. Mine is handmade, so fit perfectly in the shifter. Had a little screw to fix it better, but not necessary almost.

    I have ordered a spheric bolt to make a cheap short shift. I found that idea in this forum so, thanks!

    To delete the rear wiper, fist remove the wiper arm. It have a 13mm nut in the axle. Then, in the interior side, must to remove the trunk hood´s covers, first the one near de wing(only must to pull carefully), then the side´s ones(same system), and the last cover be fixed with 4 torx screws, once removed, pull again carefully.

    Here is the wiper´s motor, must to drill 3 rivets(well written??) and pull out the motor. Obviously need to disconnect the clip before.

    Now adjust and fix the cap carefully, it had two O-rings to seal it but we don´t want to broke the glass, isn´t it?

    Finally fit the covers in the inverse order and that´s all. Sorry for the pics quality, my old phone do his best!
  8. Nice car, and good changes :grinning::grinning:
    In Portugal you can't do as much as in Spain, but in Germany, well.... f@ck that

    PS: Do you want to exchange for black seat belts? :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
    I love the red ones, but I have them in black
  9. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Thanks man! The red seat belts and steering wheel were changed by the old owner(a friend), there come from a trophy model. I like much too!:smile::smile:

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