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  1. Well I decided to present formaly my RS250. It is a full fat cup with 68000kms. At the moment is almost stock, only a few upgrades like 3" decat and Ktec exhaust line, KN panel filter, ATS springs over stock shocks, remap around 290hp and nothing more that remember.
    Wil be my daily car but I gonna use it for fast road and 3 or 4 track days at year, with any visit to the Nordsleife, so, in a future, want to fit B14 coilovers with camber plates, Hel or Goodridge brake lines with RC5+ pads, Speedline 2120 wheels whit PS4S tyres(have Nankang now and I hate them:sleepy::sleepy:) and interior whims like alcantara OEM steering wheel. I like too much the CAE shifter or similar, but in Spain can´t pass MOT.
    Let me show some bad pics, cause my phone is too old:grin::grin:
    IMG_2852.JPG IMG_2907.JPG IMG_2904.JPG IMG_2908.JPG IMG_2909.JPG
    Little by little, I will tell you new ungrades or changes. Feel free to advice me anything, I´m here to learn and enjoy with you and ours fat machines.
    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Nice car, white is my favorite colour with black wheels. welcome along
  3. Yes man! White body and wheels black like the hell! Thanks tof73.

    Just recive the firsts little items to change. The apparatus had a Renault Spor genuine knob, but prefer something more simple without logos or badges.

    Something that ever remove in all my cars is the rear wiper. Don´t remember to use anytime! So, for what I need?:grin: 5GBP in Ebay.

    That´s all for now, I´ll pic up with process when are fitted.
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  4. You can remove the rear wiper because you live in Spain, ha.
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  5. In UK can´t be removed?? Cause any law or cause the weather?? Here, according the law, secondary things like can be rear wiper or front fog lights, don´t are required, but, if the car have it, must work. Many people remove fog lights to install air intakes or simply weigh reasons.
    If you mean about weather, in the north of Spain it is very similar to yours, maybe a bit less wet. Anyway, always like me a clean back!!:tonguewink::tonguewink:
  6. Was just on about the weather, ha. Thought might be a bit wet in that part of Spain where you live.
  7. This morning had fitted the new knob. To remove the old one, must to pull up very strong so, be carefull with your faces! Once removed, and in this case, need to delete the white plastic where fit the old knob. Is hard plastic.
    IMG_2918.JPG IMG_2919.JPG

    Then fit the new one. Mine is handmade, so fit perfectly in the shifter. Had a little screw to fix it better, but not necessary almost.

    I have ordered a spheric bolt to make a cheap short shift. I found that idea in this forum so, thanks!

    To delete the rear wiper, fist remove the wiper arm. It have a 13mm nut in the axle. Then, in the interior side, must to remove the trunk hood´s covers, first the one near de wing(only must to pull carefully), then the side´s ones(same system), and the last cover be fixed with 4 torx screws, once removed, pull again carefully.

    Here is the wiper´s motor, must to drill 3 rivets(well written??) and pull out the motor. Obviously need to disconnect the clip before.

    Now adjust and fix the cap carefully, it had two O-rings to seal it but we don´t want to broke the glass, isn´t it?

    Finally fit the covers in the inverse order and that´s all. Sorry for the pics quality, my old phone do his best!
  8. Nice car, and good changes :grinning::grinning:
    In Portugal you can't do as much as in Spain, but in Germany, well.... f@ck that

    PS: Do you want to exchange for black seat belts? :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
    I love the red ones, but I have them in black
  9. Thanks man! The red seat belts and steering wheel were changed by the old owner(a friend), there come from a trophy model. I like much too!:smile::smile:
  10. Well, today has been time to timing belt maintenance. Sorry but I don´t pic the process, is a serious work to me and I prefer to keep my eyes and mind on that.

    I´m surprised with the blades of Renault water pump, are plastic!!:dizzy::dizzy: I fit a Doltz one, reinforced version, and have metal blades. Usually, we work this brand in my garage and never have a problem.

    The noise generator went out too! I can´t believe that this cars have one thing like that...:sleepy:

    Maybe tomorrow change the battery, it have many time and sometimes the car not start well. So, I´ll must to do a general reset too. I´m waiting for a shifter cover without armrest, but at the moment, covid19 rules!
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  11. A lot of new water pumps have plastic blades now, can't remember when the last one had metal blades.

    I know what you mean about taking pics when you are in the process of doing work on a car, you concentrate on what you are doing :laughing::laughing:

    I bin'd my noise generator as well, the up side is there is a bit more room in there.
  12. Hi mate,

    love the project thread so far, very nice motor.

    Envious of your car + living in Spain. Did a road trip with a friend (non renault) from the UK, through France, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal, back through Spain and France and then home in the UK.

    Some of my favourite roads in Spain were around Sierra Nevada just off Granada and around Montserrat (between Andorra and Barcelona)

    hope you get to enjoy your Megane in good health

    Best wishes,
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  13. which blow off valve did you fit to replace generator ?
  14. Thanks Ahmed! Long trip that you did man. Here is a lot of amazing roads for our machines along the country. I know the places that you said and totally agree!:wink:

    Bobsan, just fit a plug near as possible to the main pipe. The car have a blow off already, don´t make sense for me delete it to fit another. And more money to another parts!!:tonguewink:
  15. Yo soy español y creo que nos entenderemos, donde has comprado el pomo??? Muy guapo el coche amigo!!!!
  16. It was an amazing trip mate, ironically around this time last year. Crazy how much can change in the global situation within the space of a year.

    were planning on doing another trip this year to mainland europe but perhaps one to save for next year all being well

    like the gear knob mate which you have fitted, what is the material it’s made from? Does it have a good weight / feel to it?
  17. It´s made nylon, very light and good feel, almost to me. I´m waiting for a second hand shifter for an experiment. I´ll try to get it up a bit and make longer the down side of the stick and so make a little short shifter. If it works decently, promise pics.
  18. Jna


    Otro español por aqui con otro Megane Cup!!
    Que medida es el tapón del limpia trasero?


    Another Spanish around here with another Megane Cup!!

    How big is the rear wiper plug?
  19. Entertaining afternoon! I removed the OEM shifter for an experiment. My intention is to elevate the shifter case (a bit closer of wheel), and to enlarge the down side of the stick (it will make shorter the movement on the knob).
    Well, everybody knows to remove the shifter cover, isn´t it??:tonguewink::tonguewink: So, we have the shifter case out...

    Now, we have to remove the stick itself. 3 screws on the top of case, very easy, but be careful with the spring. The idea is to cut the down side and insert a M12x30mm. nut.

    Must to cut between 2 or 2,5cm. from the axle ball...

    Time to make a M12 thread and fit the nut!

    The same in the other part of stick and fit on the nut, but here, we can adjust the length until 2cm. more. If we fit a lorger nut, more length can adjust, but I think that´s enough to shorten the movement a lot. Anyway, it can adjust the original length. When we have our length, tight with the locknut.

    Let´s fit the stick on the case again and check the results. It can adjust on site too so, only need to probe!

    I´m happy with it. Tomorrow I´ll back to the garage and finish the work. Then, with some pics more, will explain how to elevate the case, it´s very simple!!
    Hope you like mates!:wink:
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  20. Don´t like to much Ian. In the Lancer-Evo Club of Spain, many people do the same like me in his Evo 8 or 9. So I´d take the idea. Anyway, is not good to enlarge the top side of stick, because the movement will be longer. It´s need to elevate the center axle.
    The perfection would be a CAE or Coolerworks shifter, but is a lot of money and the fuel is expensive in Spain!!:sweatsmile::sweatsmile:
  21. Just finished the experiment. To be honest, the shifter case only can elevate about 1,5cm. because with more height the shifter cover will not fit correctly so, maybe don´t worth do it. I personally do, and this is the system.
    IMG_2977.JPG IMG_2979.JPG
    4 M8 nuts with 4 wide washers will let us to elevate the case a bit.

    I did a little test and will say the experiment works. The knob movement is much shorter, I would say like the gear selector short shift system, if not more! Obviously this system is more job, but I´d need to to!:tonguewink::tonguewink:

    Also star to wash the car and will probe that magic clay bar who many of you use. This afternoon promise pics with results.
  22. Now I can tell you...first and last time that clean the apparatus in deep!! Too many hours with clay bar and anothers more with the wax/protector:weary::weary::weary: I admit, the car looks incredible and shinny but, at least to me, don´t worth. I prefer expend thats hours with the wheel on my hands. Here is the result, the weather is not the better and my old phone want to die so, the pic is bad...
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  23. Thanks for the feed back on the time spent detailing your car, i didn't think cleaning the car for the whole day was really worth the effort.

    Just going to stick with a couple of hours at most, it only gets dirty again.
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  24. great country work,
    I really liked the invention you have made and just what you have made in uploading the entire set. It is very common in racing cars. I also have it, too, but with nylon studs and it shows a lot
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  25. I generally clean my vehicles properly once a year, a full day on each!

    It's hard going, but once they're done, a quick jet wash is all they need for a while!
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  26. This morning I´d ask her decent phone to my wife and I took a pics of the cabin with the new center console. Maybe that´s more simple but for me is more confortable to drive.
    IMG_0158.JPG IMG_0160.JPG

    I was thinking about wheels and don´t finish to convince how looks the 2120 N4 ones. So, possibly change my cups for tibor ones, like me a bit more.
    Like I sold the old center console, I´ll order a camber plates. Little by little the apparatus make better!!:grin:
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  27. Well, well, this thing did arrive to my garage today...

    We have a lot of work this week, so, until the weekend I´ll can´t fit the plates. I promise pics!
  28. I have the same and very happy. good luck. you will tell us how they go
  29. Good to know! For the moment, in Basque Country we can´t drive without a good reason, so I can´t test them decently...fuck!!:sob:
  30. [QUOTE = "manugtt, publicación: 207017, miembro: 15508"] ¡Es bueno saberlo! Por el momento, en el País Vasco no podemos conducir sin una buena razón, así que no puedo probarlos decentemente ... ¡joder! :confused:ollozo:[/CITAR]
    mejor asi. aqui en almeria la gente hace lo que quiere y estan en las terrazas como si no pasara nada. mi señora es enfermera y desde entonces hay mas ingresados. de lokos esto!
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  31. Lovely looking car mate. The red detail at the front is nice and something I'm considering for mine. The gear knob is nice too, where did you get it?
  32. Lo sé! Vivo en Bilbao pero soy de Jaén, y tenemos bien merecida la fama de los sureños, tristemente.:sleepy:
    I know! Live in Bilbao but I´m from Jaén, and the southern deserve our reputation, sadly.:sleepy:

    Yes man! Is very similar to yours:grin: I´m thinking to order the stickers you have in sides too, hahah.
    The gear knob is from Ebay, is handmade for an italian boy, very kindly. Thanks mate, I glad it like you:wink:
  33. Yeah, I was thinking the red on the front and the side stickers would be a great match! haha.
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  34. As I´d promise, here we go!
    Is a pain in the ass to get out the front shockers in a Mk3 RS, but not as much as the R26 or 225. In both we need to remove the whippers with the cover.

    Then, the system of hub is similar, only a little better in the Mk3, in my opinion. For example, the join ball is in horizontal, that make easier the job.

    Once remover the caliper, hub link and ABS sensor, we have the whole set out, removing the 3 bolt of top plate.
    IMG_3010.JPG IMG_3014.JPG
    Yes, I know, removing the brake disc would be easier. But I´d try it and I can´t, and didn´t want to use the main tool(hammer) against the disc for obviously reasons! So...time to biceps!!:grimacing::grimacing:

    I decide to paint the springs in ITV colour:tonguewink::tonguewink:
    ITV is spanish MOT. With this springs for sure will not pass, and legalize they is a lot of money. So, painting they in black, usually be unnoticed. Little tricks for a hard life!!

    Other thing that I like in this car are the direction ball joints. Are not conical, that make easier to remove they. I suppose that is for the alloy hub.

    And this is the final result of the set!
    So...biceps one more time and get in again!!

    I like to paint a little mark in the shock nut, this way you can check if it is loosening up.

    And finally, a good alignment, or that I try:grin:

    I would give more camber, but for fast road and some track day, don´t need a serious camber. So, this is my ass...
    And this is my front...

    And that was be my funny saturday mates. Next week probably can test the car, in Basque Country we´ll have permission to drive free, I mean, without a main reason to do it. For lucky, Covid19 go out little by little.
    Anyway, I hope you like it and can be useful to anybody.:wink:
  35. nice work, good sense achievement doing yourself, geo looks ok'ish I'd run lot more toe OUT up front with more camber (these love front camber) and maybe fit some camber plates to rear give it 1º more camber
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