My TTRS Megane replacement

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  1. Well most will know I've gone to the dark side now my megs gone and now had a 2011 Audi ttrs dsg in sepang blue. Had it about a month now and she's already been to nurburgring and spa where the car properly surprised me considering it's in stock shocks with eibach springs. The power and traction is unreal and even surprised our resident grumpy Scottsman Jamie haha love you really bro

    Milltek turbo back exhaust
    Airtec intercooler
    Apr stage 1 map (needs stage 2 map and dsg map now)
    Eibach springs
    Mtec 2 piece discs
    Ferodo dsuno pads
    Hel braided lines
    Type 200 fluid
    19x8.5 et35 sportec mono 10 with ad08r
    Audi wingback seats (fitted last night)

    217065864e13083cceb7a6f7dc1e977b.jpg 594b677baa709cd41e0c2076772bd96b.jpg d9a508e6fe849a57dfcd8dfcb68cbb6a.jpg d0c796a6905c4bee9fe0bbcc1af1e78c.jpg ff5858627af5907949b0d9aacebe15df.jpg 8ec2cbab3f9e664bb99802568f90eb11.jpg 565a3b555c88057bcdda19b02db812a7.jpg

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  2. Nice to see you back fella. TT looks great and you haven't wasted any time tweaking it! A friend of mine has recently picked up one of these but not had a chance to go in it yet. He knows someone with an RS3 with a few tweaks and it seems like a rocketship. Be interesting to see what you do with this.
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  3. These map to about 400bhp dont they?
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  4. Cheers lads it's certainly different to Megane but so much better in ways and worse in others, I accept it's not as raw or involving as Megane but as alrounder for all weather driving it's hard to beat.

    Yes this is 420bhp and 500lbs torque the map was put on before the exhaust and intercooler so needs updating. I've known the owner for 10 years and he now has my Megane so I'm glad it's in good hands

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  5. Mega cars! Don't know what the earlier ones are like but my mate has the brand Spanker and it's ridiculous!!!!!

    This is totally standard...

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  6. Baring in mind this needs a map to suit and dsg map we vboxed it 0-60 3.2 and 0-100 8.1 with 2 14stone lads in the car

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  7. That is ridiculous!!!!!!!!! Superb mate!!! Bet you love it!
  8. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator


    Nice car.
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  9. Love this. Always loved the TTRS. Look forward to reading the thread as you modify the car.
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  10. Piss off Jamie

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  11. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Want banned? :grimacing:
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  12. I've been driving around most of the summer in my brothers stage 2 APR tuned DSG TTRS, complete with de-catted Miltek turbo-back and quite a few other mods :wink:

    The brakes were no-way near as sharp as expected so i fitted braided lines with RBF660 and some 2-piece floating Reylands with carbotech XP12 all-round, which dramatically improved things obviously, although at the cost of a bit of noise when driving normally.

    The noise is absolutely phenomenal, and the thing goes like shit off a shovel. The grip is phenomenal (although quite familiar with various quattro's having a few in the stable), but it *really* hooks up well with the DSG. It's absolutely brutal, and thankfully now has the stopping-power to match.

    It was very interesting compared it to my Golf R DSG in this regard, with it being 4wd (albeit haldex 5) and dsg. It just feels and sounds like this on steroids, but in the comfort of a smaller 2-seater coupe.

    The major down-side is in the handling department, IMO. I'm familiar with quattro understeer, but this thing really doesn't inspire confidence at speed - and it gets there bloody quickly! On some local test roads and at the ring i definitely had much more confidence and stability from both the R26 and Golf R than in the TTRS. I suspect some coil-overs would sort this entirely, at the cost of the adjustable magnetic OEM suspension.
  13. Surprised you mentioned the handling as I was very impressed with it at spa even Jamie seemed shocked it did as well as it did. Even so I'll still be adding the thickest rear anti roll bar available and some camber

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  14. Nice motor. Hopefully I'll see you at the track again and ponce a passenger ride .

    I did the Circuit days Alpine tour a few years ago and they had a new TTRS press car on loan. I was driving my mates Ferrari 430 with flappies. We had a drag race (Kevin xxx driving TT) and it was neck and neck. I was very surprised .

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  15. Seats in 1533dbee1c39275ad71e88cd87da4ab2.jpg 3481d4817e44b25caec0d78967f20b8d.jpg

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  16. Cheeky snap cba597629e77947d1f1c0c81b9dfba1f.jpg

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  17. Like it. My friend has just fitted that rear wing to his RS. Looks well.
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  18. Jack by any chance?

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  19. You've made such a terrible mistake buying one of these......

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  20. Another 575ddf418b923d8ad524e7ee5ac8daef.jpg

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  21. Aye, that's it.
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  22. Love this mate, would love one after my 250,

    How do you find it compares now after a couple of months?
  23. Real world driving it's in another level seriously it's so effortlessly fast

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  24. I do love this thing 0930c190caca346d538fff3bb11f15db.jpg

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