My new toy - 4WD jap mobile.

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  1. sorry MJ i did mean the golf our lass is quite the Dubber

    ive always love the R32 skyline but too dear imo, well what i mean is when/if it goes wrong and getting stuff and waiting times

    mines an animal at 360 bhp , but i went in a lads at 500+ and it was ridiculous, made minbe feel like an 1800 mondeo on the way home

    here's mine

  2. and here's our lasses V5 sport bug, uber rare

  3. I suppose the r32 sounds nice atleast :wink: so little power from a 3.2 tho. I'd be embarresed driving it :wink:

    yours looks tidy mate and I bet that 500bhp one was rapid! Mines fairly nippy but I won't be getting any more power as It'd require engine work as a minimum. £££! :worried: Everytime I drive it its so addictive. I took a mate out in it the other night and he seemed to enjoy the 4 wheel drift onto the slip road, female passengers not so much :wink: I'm getting a knock when I hit bumps in the road and speed humps so I'm hoping it's not to expensive to fix! I'm thinking drop links or top mounts but need to investigate more!

    I've ordered a new toy for it too thanks to Angel recomending it, the turbo gauge. Pretty much a scangauge but it costs £40 opposed to the £120+!! it's coming from China tho so will take awhile. I'll be able to see what mpg I actually get then however I'm not convinced that's a good idea :wink:
  4. sounds great not too slow but no evo but not hard to get 300 bhp

    no takers for mine yet, also been swaying to the ideas of a van
  5. Markblack@MRS

    Markblack@MRS RSM Trader

    Ill do you a deal with my van
  6. lol its not a T5 buddy
  7. It's coming up to a year of evo ownership now and as fun as it's been i'm looking to jump ship to something abit more normal. I'm getting something with 2 wheels for my speed kicks and that will free up abit of cash for more grown up stuff. If anyones interested in it drop me a pm. This isn't my for sale post mods.... I'll do that in a minute :tongueout:
  8. So MJ now the cars sold any chance of a write up of your ownership experience. It does seem with evo's people only hang on to them for a year or so then move on, do they really chew through money that much?
  9. @+MJ+ what was ownership like I'm now looking at them did anything go wrong. Was your car on ebay

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