My new RS250

Discussion in 'Detailing' started by Gareth, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. After 11 years or more when I last had a Renaultsport (Ph1 172).

    I picked up this stunning Red RS250 yesterday.
    The garage I bought it from had it detailed for me which I wasn’t expecting.
    I have used 3/4 of a tank already just enjoying being back in an RS again.

    I have already ordered a straight pipe to do the mid box chop.

    I will be posting more regularly with updates and pictures from drives out.

    44B6F038-07EC-49E8-99A1-7E5702521ECC.jpeg 7F447C0A-0989-4E84-A3AB-055E7327C46C.jpeg E76FB231-7A40-4ABF-9917-2BF0171BB060.jpeg B94233CD-9D58-49B5-BDF8-E475C02DFE6C.jpeg
  2. That looks ace.
  3. Thanks mate.

    I did the mid box chop on it yesterday morning. Such a good modification for £45. Sounds much better and not over the top.
    Ordered some new front discs and pads as they were dirt cheap from eBay.
  4. Did that on the Mégane 225 I owned.

    These cars are great value for money these days.
  5. Can’t decide whether to remove the Megane lettering on the rear or not?
  6. Hate chrome badges, do it :tongueout:
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  7. I managed to get a brand new set of Brembo grooves discs and EBC Yellow stuff pads for £165 :smile:
    Will sell the pads as I’ve heard they are worse than OEM.
  8. Cleaned the car for the first time since I bought it 2 weeks ago.

    A5AE294D-609B-49A3-826B-75AD44001FEC.jpeg AFA6F26A-6BC8-44BC-87F4-5E59D038A6D9.jpeg D4A65F5A-8885-4D63-907D-DC2F013D5E90.jpeg
    The car was ceramic coated just before I bought it so cleaning it is a breeze. Just snow foamed, rinse, iron-x, rinse, wash and waxed with Dodo Juice Hard Candy.
    She comes up amazingly well.

    I had some binding on the rear brakes which I sorted by cleaning the slider pins on the callipers.
    Getting the passenger side wheel refurbed on Tuesday as I had to avoid a girl speeding on my road just as I was turning into my drive!
  9. Have a soft spot for the 250's in red... Looks ace! get them chrome badges off and some black badges on :sunglasses:
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  10. Red is the best colour in the RS in my opinion.
    I’ve been debating about taking the lettering off the boot but keep changing my mind.
  11. MorganJames

    MorganJames RSM Club Member

    I was in same boat as you mate, but i did a side by side comparison with one at a track day and personally i think it does look better with the lettering on.
  12. I removed mine a few weeks back. Regretting it now ha.
    It looks better with when it’s clean but better without when dirty.
  13. Nice Gareth
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