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  1. So as some of you will be aware, I have been toying with getting rid of the RS250 for a couple of months, for no reason other than I was getting a bit bored with it. After 4 years in my 225 which although a bit rattly and squeaky, was (in my opinion) a raw driving car - no LSD, just a lot of power. Compared to this, I always found my 2 years in the 250 a little 'boring' - great car, well built and some power, but apart from the first 6 months it never really put a smile on my face. I can't explain why.

    Anyway, I started to look around for a replacement - I knew I didn't want to go down the Focus ST / Golf R / Civic Type R route. I did look at the Mercedes A45 AMG, but they are still commanding big money, and I wouldn't be able to justify the cost. This led me on to the Audi RS4 - a car I've always really liked the look of, but didn't know much about......

    After doing many hours research on Autotrader, it appears that the depreciation on the RS4's has stopped - 06 plates with 125000+ miles are still going for £16k - £17k. Anyway, several weeks of visiting dealers (and seeing some right over priced dogs of cars) I settled on a couple that I was really interested in. Unfortunately, one car had a leaking shock (which is a pre-curser to the DRC shocks failin and a very expensive repair bill, another dealer wasn't prepared to take the Megane in P/X (apparently he struggles to shift hot French cars - amusing seeing as his RS4 is not only still up for sale but the price has dropped by £1000 - a bargain if anyone is in the market for one!). Anyway, I spoke to a dealership up in Huddersfield and put a deposit down and arranged finance, all on a car I hadn't seen or driven. Likewise, they agreed to take the Meg in P/X (even with the bloody great key mark down the side) without seeing it, although I described it to them as accurately as I could.

    I went to the dealership yesterday and was pleasantly surprised - the RS4 was exactly as described (bear in mind some of the ones I'd looked at were described as immaculate and infact needed new tyres all round and new disks all round etc). Tyres are all good, decent wear left on the disks, feels like the clutch is new as well (really low bite point). Signed the paperwork, finance done, drove home!

    So.... What did I get?

    2007 Audi RS4 saloon in Misano Red with 64000 miles. Full service history. 1 previous lady owner. DRC suspension has been replaced with coil overs (which means that I don't have to worry about that aspect of it). It has the leather sports seats (the buckets gave me back ache) which aren't as 'grippy' as the Megs sports seats, flat bottomed steering wheel, 6 CD changer, adaptive Xenon lights, front and rear parking sensors, in built SatNav system, dual zone climate control, heated front and rear seats.





    POSITIVE POINTS (albeit after only 24hrs ownership) -

    Bloody quick!
    The V8 noise is addictive!
    More practical than the Meg - huge boot space and 4 doors
    Decent motorway MPG - managed 28mpg on the run back from Hudersfield (on the run up the Megane managed 31mpg)
    Fantastic handling - the car feels so poised
    Fairly easy to use SatNav system
    Build quality - the only squeaks coming from the cabin was from the leather seat where my fat ass was moving around on it! The Meg was starting to rattle from the dash, despite being only 2 years old


    The cabin is starting to look a bit dated - it is a 7 year old car after all
    The V8 noise is addictive
    The wheels are going to be very easy to kerb
    The fact that scum are likely to want to nick it.

    My plans for it are to keep it as it is - I may get a carbon clean at some point, but other than that it will stay as it is.
    I will still hopefully be attending meets though, as by and large you're a good bunch!! :wink:
  2. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    That looks bloody beautiful.
  3. Its lovely, health to drive! But its no Megane :worried: glad you like it though!
  4. I did have a look back at the Meg as I was leaving and feel a tug on the heart strings, but I just didn't find it that enjoyable to drive anymore....
  5. No point driving a car you dont enjoy driving...enjoy the Audi!
  6. Ash87

    Ash87 RSM Moderator

    Lovely upgrade
  7. What a car mate, would love to be able to own one of these on day, soooo classy looking yet an animal under the bonet and the noise of them is just amazing

    well done mate :smiley:
  8. Cheers. I've not really opened it up yet, but from what I have seen of it so far it's an animal!
  9. Lovely motor mate
  10. Looks quite average, but it must be lovely to drive. Hope you will enjoy your new car.
  11. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Looks average? Erm ok then.

    THats a proper upgrade, Enjoy it!
  12. Yes. I don't like look of Audi, doesn't matter if it is RS4/S4. It seems to be boring as most VAGs. I can see plenty of them, as local Indian guys love them. I see at least 4-5 of them every day. Common cars with common shape. But it is only my personal point of view.

    Technical side of that car is different story. Powerful V8, beautiful sound, 4x4, ride quality, performance and materials inside of cabin are astonishing. That is why it holds value so much.

    Nice upgrade in terms of quality and performance.
  13. Absolute 'weapon' and a proper upgrade. Nothing quite like the growl of a V8!

    I'm sure the Megane will soon be forgotten.

  14. Great motor, did you get it from that lewis James garage next to the Tesco express in hudds
  15. I did mate, yes. They have a nice selection of cars there.
  16. Your Megane is for sale and looks stunning!
  17. lets hope it stays healthy,servicing and parts can be eye watering.
  18. Looks great. I'm looking at going down the M3 route I think rather than chasing power in my meg. Not for a while though....
  19. I saw it the other day - it tugged on the old heart strings!

    I know - I'm prepared for the costs!
  20. A mate of mine has an rs4 v8 absolute monster, not as fast as my other toy and you can't compare it to a Megane, lovely car mate
  21. If you need any servicing or other work let me know, I can do you a deal. Also few little things, the clutch hydraulic pipe can claps causing difficult gear selection and it will normally take the clutch with it. The heads do carbon up, normally caused by running unleaded and not super, they need a spanking as well once in a while to clear them out. Headlight level sensors sometimes play up as well. Otherwise they are bullet proof! Also scrap the longlife services do every year or 9-10k.
  22. I do like these but personally I'd be going for the older RS6 avant.
  23. Cheers matey. Can you drop me a PM with your details, as I'm already starting to price up disks and pads all round as well as a 'big' service - these will be getting done by the end of the year (was serviced before I bought it, pads have approx 50% wear left).
    Do you do the carbon cleans too?

    Ben - not a big fan of the older RS6's myself. I'd have looked at the B5 RS4 but couldn't find one that ticked all my boxes.
  24. Will pm you with prices tomorrow dude

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