my first Megane :)

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  1. hi guys purchased my first Megane on Tuesday from kteck
    not so sure on the dealer but the car is fantastic!
    seems to have a host of bits including a map to 320bhp from rs tuning in Leeds which I've heard good things about from a few mates with Renaults
    anybody recognise the car or is it new to the forum too?

    cheers Tom

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  2. I’ve seen that car a few times on the south lakes renaultsport page, think they traded it in for a 275 trophy.
  3. ahh nice ill have to go see if I can track them down n see if theres anything needs doing before the warranty runs out
  4. FD03BD93-A108-4A0A-A488-F6DBFCD174DC.png
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  5. Was my wife’s car Nothing wrong with it was spot on good clean tidy car and all original paint , had it 5 years she wanted the newer trophy in yellow ,last photo she had with it

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  6. I’m on Facebook Steven Robert Wood
  7. ahh thats good to hear from the previous owner
    as you never know and to properly seek out issues takes a while of living with a car
    any more upgrades any of you guys would have done if you'd kept it?

    and anyone else for that matter any suggestions on mods?
  8. I nearly bought a trophy instead of your old car but yours had more power and upgrades plus 3k cheaper

    nice trophy by the way
  9. It’s got all the right bits on not cheap, that’s why it’s got a decent output , to get any more you would have to spend loads , did you get the folder with all the paperwork and parts it had fitted?
  10. Some from Paul working his magic

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  11. yes I did the work was very well documented thanks
    I'm more than happy with the power and the handling, although I haven't taken it to a track yet ill be doing my usual two trips to the Nurburgring every year once the warranty run out and plenty of track days, did you guys ever track it? have any issues? is it safe at that power with me thrashing it consistently or is that more of a road map? I hear rs tuning is the man to go to I'm pretty happy you had the work done there :smile:
  12. Hi and Welcome Tommy :blush:
    Nice 275+ :wink:

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