My first Megane... 225 Cup

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  1. Hey guys,

    So, finally bought my first Megane Sport! Only taken 12 years lol!

    I had a budget in mind and knew what I wanted but struggled and got let down with a number of cars I saw. Originally, I wanted a R26 but then I found this 225 Cup with Lux interior and had, mechanically, everything I wanted done on it. Not talking engine mods but cam belt, aux belt, water pump, track rod ends, top mounts, engine mounts, anti sway bars, ball joints, abs sensors, ... she’s had the lot done, along with new suspension in the last year.

    Got a number of plans for her and I’ll update through this post.


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  2. Decided to sort out the headlights yesterday and try make them look new again...

    The headlight glass was pretty yellow, cloudy and pitted, so I purchased a 3M headlight restoration kit and got to work on them! Massively impressed with how they’ve turned out!

    From this...

    To this...
    14C57C10-87F4-4A39-818F-FBC798C83210.jpeg BCAE7FAF-72F8-4C41-AA37-67E2EEBB2345.jpeg

    To this...

    and a good clean at the end...
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  3. You got a link for the kit, looks like it’s worked well?

    And it would look great with a set of dark insert headlights :wink:
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    I’d advise getting a few more p500 pads if your glass is weathered quite a bit! And make sure you cover the car as it goes everywhere when you polish it ... and you’ll need a mains powered drill as takes a while and battery powered drills aren’t up to it!

    haha yeah they would but looks a ball ache to fit the inserts!
  5. You swap the whole headlight over, bumper has to come off but it’s only half an hr to do that.
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  6. oh really? Where do you get the headlights from . Bumper is easy to get off
  7. Yeah bumper is 2 torn head in each wheel arch, 4 underneath and half a dozen trim clips on the top of the slam panel.
    As it happens I have a pair in the garage :wink:
    Currently for sale in parts section, under r26/225 parts clear out.
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  8. Haha how much we talking
  9. I’ve put them on for £140 delivered or £120 collected Ono, where abouts are you based?
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  10. i did mine by hand..never again!..mine was the meguires kit...i really needed to take the headlight out, so you can really go to town with the sanding, without worrying about catching the bodywork..
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  11. Christ, I bet that was hard work by hand!? You’ll be fine with light in place. Mask it off and put duct tape over the top if you’re worried. Wouldn’t want the headlight slipping whilst sanding it down!
  12. If I hadn’t just spent a lot of dollar on other things I’d have them mate! Give you a shout in a month or so and see if you have them still
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  13. Couple of little updates...

    Changed the old wheel bolts out for black ones. Looks a lot cleaner
    to this...

    Also, got some 4D number plates. The originals were just about hanging on!!
  14. Yeah might well do, going to get them polished up in the meantime hopefully too.

    Have you got a link for the wheel bolts Stephen?
  15. Got the bolts from these guys
    Give them a call and they’ll sort you out, very helpful, just get the right size!!
  16. they all rust in the end...i bought some high quality covers with removal tool.Still look good a year on..easy to whip off aswell.
  17. In the end they do but for now they look nice and clean haha!
  18. So she’s finally in the body shop...

    FC354A0E-B7E7-46F1-896B-1EFFF34A802A.jpeg B100B93A-1F5E-4650-A323-4CF2AB700201.jpeg C955D3A9-F375-4C6E-A7A3-0335C35F95D1.jpeg BFE2E521-97BA-4A19-A20F-9E82B01FC9DF.jpeg 17B2F443-432C-4099-AFD3-52F1ED89009F.jpeg

    The stone chips are quite bad on the rear arches so gone back to metal, few small dents and a rust on the sill. Probably primer the whole drivers side up to the windows and check the inner arches on the rear for any rust.
    Bumper looks like it’s been sand blasted it’s that stone chipped!

    Plan is to paint the front end and sides initially and get the rear done at a later date (don’t have the time right now to do the whole car!).

    Decided on spraying the door trim bullets and handles the same metallic grey as the wing mirrors, think it will blend in nicely with wheels.
  19. Exactly what I’ve just done to mine, looks loads better coordinated instead of different colours and finishes.

    Attached Files:

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  20. agreed mate! I don’t understand why they did different colours!
  21. Standard Renault madness mate :smile:
  22. She’s primed and almost ready for the paint...

    1DF95A0E-E278-4FCA-9374-D11727876F0F.jpeg CC43372D-7687-4E1C-95A2-7CE3B6E21FF9.jpeg A744351D-7EEA-43CE-9318-1E379542A1B7.jpeg 2C2FCDDD-B1F3-4785-82E3-2E00C037023A.jpeg EAC80198-4E26-4C59-BC7E-8A4F85AEF4F5.jpeg
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  23. Out of the paint shop and looking so much better! Front end and sides done, rear end isn’t bad but will do next year. Didn’t have the time to get it done this time. Painted the door trims and trim between the windows. Wasn’t sure about doing it but so glad I did, looks much cleaner.

    29551E47-EAF7-4F84-945E-3FEC0FBFA33F.jpeg 15693E44-1B48-4D1B-910B-8F407DF15178.jpeg 1460739D-FC25-4B7C-9235-CAD645F1F4B0.jpeg 01DE3B40-F80D-442B-88C4-F547129BEFF7.jpeg

    Bit of flat and polishing to do, going to wait for the paint to cure a bit more first. Then the few weeks wait until waxing beings!
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  24. Looks great. Like the painted trim between the windows. Will do that to mine when I get some bits painted.
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  25. Thanks mate! I hadn’t planned on it and the more we worked on the car the more we thought it would look a lot cleaner, pleased i did it.
  26. Wasn’t sure how they were going to look as I was reading that, but the trims look great.
    Did you have to fill them or just sand them down?
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  27. I pondered on it up to the last minute haha!
    Rubbed them down, plastic primer, 2 coats of 2k primer and rubbed smooth... now need to hope no solvents come out the plastic over the next few days
  28. De-badged the rear end today. Left the Renault sport badges on but think it looks much cleaner.


  29. took all mine off years ago..i think it looks better even with that badge gone.All i have left is the small f1 sticker over the front wing repeaters..
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  30. First mod I did to mine, the day I got it :tongueclosed:
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  31. upload_2020-10-18_20-19-54.png like this!
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  32. haha not sure why it’s taken me so long to do it!

    see that does look clean!!
  33. Not updated for a while but managed to sort a few things the past few days...

    Started to add some decals to the car. Always liked the original RS ones, personal preference I know but do like it against the black. Just need to add the side indicator ones. Rear will be done once the bumper is resprayed.
    041A718F-C31B-4BF2-AE26-6F1D6899CD93.jpeg 9AAEA218-21DF-42A7-BC2A-88A27D822DDC.jpeg

    Started to replace the hoses as well as the old ones are looking a bit... old! Annoyingly forge don’t sell the top hose separately so will wait until I fit the ktr induction and get both hoses in the pack.
    Added the Forge brackets to the brake vacuum and pressure sensors. Going to paint the black/rusty brackets in the bay once it stops raining!

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  34. Not much of an update lately. Planning a service and to replace a few parts.

    Still no luck with original mudflaps. Tried the world over! I’ve purchased some after market ones to see what they’ll be like!

    Here’s a pic of her actually clean!
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  35. good idea with the cable tie on the crappy coil connections..why didnt i think of that!
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  36. I know right! I’m pretty sure someone on here mentioned it! Stupid little clips! I know they’re all going to break when I do the spark plugs!

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