My e46 m3 review

Discussion in 'General Automotive & Motorsport Media' started by dru, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. dru


  2. Not a fan then.
  3. I got this vibe too..... Lol
  4. dru


    Hahaha lovely cars just so unreliable lol

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  5. Buy the e92 m3 it's a lot better than the e46. :smile:
  6. Lol, even the bmw has regreted putting that slow and bad V8 in an m3.. The 335cd remaped was quicker than the m3 (e92)

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  7. The E92 was the last of the decent M3s.
  8. The single most overrated, overhyped, underwhelming car, I have ever driven. And god forbid you do ever drive it in anger, and it breaks.

    Always remember when journalists review cars, they drive them in the optimum setting (track) with about 1000 miles on them, for a few hours. Once they've put a set of tyres on and been to the dealer for a wallet inspection, I guarantee their opinion would change.

    I respect anyone who runs an m3, and even more so those that track them. But the financial commitment to giving any "m car" consistent hard abuse, scares me.

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  9. And I completely agree with the video. There are fucking thousands of videos on YouTube, bleating on like the e46 m3 is the ultimate sub £10k car. It's just bullshit.

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  10. Thanks for the advice. Suitably ignored, because the E92 was not suggested as a decent track car.
  11. Chris Harris, whose advice is generally good, agrees with you wholeheartedly - he's owned the last two generations of M3 and thinks the E92 was overhyped and poor, but the latest one is very good car.
  12. E92 - last of the great normal aspirated BMW engines. Worth it.
  13. If I was buying a car just for the engine it would be the last gen C63.
  14. Hi all,

    I am about to look for one more FUN car to own. It has to be RWD as I would like to learn to drive one. The E90/92M price seems dropping to my reaching zone but is a a better car compare to the E46M? I do enjoy the response from a lighter car very much, I have compared a current Merc C250 to a previous SL55 in a track, I like the lighter C250 more.

    Any recommendation on E46M or E90/92M?

  15. For road use, both great cars. Just need a bit of cash to run them compared to other RWD options.
  16. M3 e46 anytime over the heavy lump v8 in the e92.. The Line6 is one of the best engines there is.. Naturally balanced etc..

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  17. With respect. I didn't bring the e92 up, you did, and on a thread discussing the e46 as a track car. But I was simply giving my opinion in response to what you put. No offence meant.

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  18. No worries and tbf I didn't bring up the E92. It was a bit of rapid thread drift.
  19. Yes, take that back, you didn't. The good thing here is, only the person who owns any car has to like it. Just unfortunately not for me. I actually wanted to buy one when I drove it. I just think the car's design/objective is confused if I'm honest...

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  20. Its good to have some strong opinions. Unlike the sensitives on here that can't handle a bit of diverse debate or opinion.

    I would never consider one when new, but now they are floating about at decent prices they are certainly worth a look.

    Expensive to run, not a great track car but a good used proposition for some NA V8 action.
  21. Agreed

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