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  1. take it to a rolling road and get it checked out if you are worried..i would be if there is any doubt about potential engine damage.
  2. I had bluefin on my meg 250 for over 2 and a half years and was great pulled really well and was smooth
    Mpg was better too
    I'm going to get bluefin on my evoque
  3. Hi guys, just a quick update. I sent the bluefin back to my retailer for a refund.
    I rang RST and the phone was answered by what sounded like a young girl. I asked to speak to someone about the mapping on my car and she told me a rough price. When I asked to speak to someone who could talk to me a bit more about their mapping, she went off the phone and came back with a firm price but I couldn't speak to anyone about the process. I hung up.
    I eventually decided to go to motorsports developments in blackpool. They dyno'd it before and after the mapping. Interestingly ,with the decat pipe I had fitted it made a healthy 274 flywheel bhp. After a day fine tuning the map and the fuel , I ended up with 303 flywheel bhp and a very linear curve which is just as nice to drive as the stock car but obviously much more power all through the range. I am very happy with the results. They also provided a very professional bound folder with written reports on all the work they had done including several graphs from the dyno on the day.
    I can post these if anyone is interested.
    I couldn't be happier with the results.
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  4. Great to hear about another company other than RS Tuning for once. Sounds like they gave a great service !

    Post up the results if you could, would be nice to see
  5. Motorsports developments are well regarded in the cosworth tuning circles, you won't go far wrong with them.

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  6. I guess that answers my question if I should Bluefin my 275 Cup-S, I've used Superchips/Bluefin on literally a dozen cars beforehand and never had one problem or any suspicion of there being any. I currently have one on my Q5 and am really happy with it. Regardless is there any point in mapping the 275 when the 250's & 265's all seem to go to the same 300'ish mark, presumably my 275 would just go to the same mark??

    The reason I like using Bluefin is that I can just put the map back to standard before taking the car for a service etc and also that I can do it myself rather than having to spend a day taking the car somewhere when time is a premium for me. Are their any other self-install options?

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    Seeing as the 275's are mechanically identical to the 250/265 then yes, They will put out the same figures.

    Plenty point doing so as well, In stock form they are very lethargic, A map really livens them up to something that could be classed as quick.

    RS Tuning do a remote box tyre thing that is similar to a bluefin. I'd just get it mapped properly though.
  8. Also fastchip do the rstuner, it is the exact same box as rstuning use but a LOT cheaper. Fastchip designed it and I assume have a contract with rstuning to re sell it.
    Allegedly the maps are slightly different but both fastchip and rstuning are both very well respected in the Renault world

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    Henk at Fastchip is an utter pain to deal with though, Good luck if you ever have any issues.
  10. Touch wood, never had any issues!

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  11. Thanks, I'll have a look at the Fastchip rstuner. I know it's probably been covered already to death, but do they respond well to uprated airfilters (are they panel or cone as standard?)? I don't want an induction kit before anyone suggests one, thanks.
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    Doesn't make much if a difference at the basic level of modification but most people chuck in a decent panel filter anyway
  13. Thanks, I've learnt in the past that some standard filters are good up to big bhp therefore actually to keep standard, but am happy to stick a Pipercross in for the sake of a few squid. What's this air-box mod and foam removal I read in another post?
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    Airbox mod was a MK2 thing, I don't think I've seen anyone do it to the MK3.
    The foam is just a sound suppressor thing, Pulls out, you'll see it when you remove the filter, Its grey and comes out with a tug, get a bit more induction noise and turbo noise but nothing too loud. Im sure that the later 265s and possible the 275's didn't actually have it to begin with but i may be wrong on that.
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  15. Thanks very much, any other little things I can do?

    I had a look at the Fastchips site last night, they're based in the Philippines, which I would presume would be harder to deal with than Buckinghamshire if I had a problem.....
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    You must be looking at the wrong people, Henk is in Holland.

    Errm, Not really. Decat free's up a good bit of power as its the main restriction but that isn't really a little thing. There isn't much else you could do
  17. Thanks. Ha ha, better take another look then, it was definitely a mapping company called Fastchips....

    I may look at a cat-back Milltek to free up some noise and possibly a few ponies which wouldn't need the car to be mapped, but wouldn't a decat need a remap??
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    fastchip.nl IIRC

    Catback wont see any power gains, Just some more noise.

    Decat doesn't need a map, It will still run fine. The ECU is the MK3 is a very good piece of kit and will adjust accordingly, Obviously you wont get the full benefits from it and your EML light will likely come on.
  19. Thanks Jamie
  20. Henk lives on the Phillipines indeed, he is Dutch but doesn'5 live here for a loooooong time!

    As Jamie said, if you ever have problems with the map, or want something else, good luck!
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  21. I was told fastchips rstuner maps lock the map for overwriting/ lock the ecu
  22. If you want some real improvement on the intake throw away the stock airbox (same of the 1.5 dci), move the battery in the trunk and fit a big cone filter, with some heat insulant around it, and a cold air pipe from behind the bumper to it. I'm working on a carbon airbox + cone filter + pipe + battery recollocation kit.
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  23. they do..
  24. Just hold on to your box! It's all that's needed for anyone to overwrite/ unlock the ecu. It's a handy bit of kit too for data logging etc

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  25. No it's not, even when you write back the standard software it's still locked....
  26. When I had my old Clio, all I needed was the rstuner for the "custom map" to be loaded/ edited to my ecu.
    The bloke couldn't do it originally it would not read the last few percent of the map, used the rstuner to pull the old map, he edited it and reuploaded the tweaked version.
    As long as you have the hardware still it can be edited/ removed etc by any decent tuner.
    I think.most tuners password protect/ lock there Maps anyway

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  27. There is a difference between locking it for reading and locking the entire ecu to make it impossible to rewrite it without the original hardware.

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