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  1. The problem with trading standards is they've had over 90% of their budget cut by the government, their like a toothless tiger nowadays!

    Yeah its different prices to claim depending on how much your claiming for its quite a confusing system, you can also add on as a consequential loss, petrol money for the dyno runs and getting to the dyno also
  2. Thanks for that info, the dyno was actually quite a drive for me :smile:

    Final chance for superchips to refund me with delivery of this letter.

    Keep you updated :smile:
  3. The funny thing is out of the standard map, bluefin and two Fastchip maps I've had on my car the bluefin was the smoothest and felt most powerful, I know that means nothing if it's dangerously lean but such a shame as it's a dream to drive.
  4. Aside from being lean, the guys that checked my car with the original bluefin map on said their biggest concern was how badly is was knocking, especially coming onto boost and at top end. They said it was knocking really badly.

  5. Brilliant, love it.

    tbh im not surprised on ktec side.

    all the best with your pursuit mate!
  6. baz88

    baz88 Banned

    what happened in the end
  7. Hey, so I ended up in bed all last week with the flu :worried: Just got the letter posted yesterday via recorded delivery and can see they signed for it today, they have 7 days to respond or it goes to small claims court which I made clear in my letter.

    Will keep you all updated.
  8. So,

    Update for you all, on the 7th day since superchips signed for my letter I received an email from them confirming that I would be receiving a refund in full. They sent a courier to collect the bluefin handset yesterday and told me they will process the refund once it arrives with them.

    A good result in the end, it really is just a shame that they didn't handle this issue much better in the first place.
  9. hmmm ive got a superchips remap on the mrs mk3 st and i keep telling her to get it on the dyno, after reading your thread oink i think ill be taking a trip to my nearest dyno myself to see what the crack is.
  10. Just for the record, we did not supply Superchips a finished file for them just to send onto their customer. We sent them a file that they were going to make some changes to and in hindsight we should have not done this as it appears they have made a bit of a mess of things. We did not hear anything from them regarding the outcome of their dealings with their customer and from reading this thread it appears it did not end well.

    I hope this clears this up.

  11. Hi all
    I realised that my Bluefin which I've been using for a year now has been causing my engine to knock, all this time! Now I'm really concerned about my engine. It hasn't blown up and performance is still great, but I wonder what damage I've done already. Anyone can help?
  12. You may well be ok. It all depends on how bad the knock Is, and at what rpm the engine is doing when it happens. You best bet is to go back to the original map to avoid any damage. The cars ecu should detect knock and adjust peramiters to combat it which retards the performance but saves the engine. Also using high quality fuel helps combat knock too
  13. Thanks Chris. It's been doing it at around 3000rpm that's all. I assume that's not too bad?
  14. And yes I'll load original software on
  15. Doh!!
    Wish I had seen this post earlier.
    I just bought a bluefin for my rs265cup. It was rubbish. Mental surge in midrange boost which rapidly faded to hardly any boost by 5k. Struggled to redline in higher gears. Reinstalled the stock map and it was like night and day. Progressive linear boost right to the limiter.
    I will be on the phone to them tomorrow.
    Anyone tried motorsports developments in blackpool for remapping ??
  16. RSTuning in Leeds is the only place to go David

    Sure plenty of other lads will vouch for this
  17. Fair enough. That's what I wil do then. £300 down the drain LOL
    Thanks for the advice.
  18. There are other places other than RS Tuning. I have no doubt their work is good but there are other reputable tuners out there.
  19. For example?

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  20. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    This, the amount of RST arse licking that goes on in the Renaultsport scene is laughable.

    The funny part is that all the base files come from the same source.....
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  21. From where mate ?

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  22. Yep, I know lots of other owners who have had their cars mapped by people I've never heard of without any issue.
  23. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Your delusional if you think that every tuner custom writes the calibrations, all the base A2Ls are pretty much identical from the same source, granted they might be tweaked....
  24. He only asked where..

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  25. I Know how each tuner works. Thought you were ready to mention who is the best tweaker [emoji6]

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  26. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    That wasn't a personal dig, More in general to all those that think RST are the be all and end.

    Everyone has their personal preference, I for one wouldn't pay what RST charge not to mention the extra time and money it takes to go down there. I'd be extremely surprised if they could improve what I'm running anyway. Thats not a dig at them either, Paul was extremely helpful to me when i had no engine or turbo a few weeks before we went out to the Ring and has provided valuable knowledge as well. I'm just a tight cunt when it comes to needless spending.
  27. Sorry to hijack a thread and go off the point but I agree. RST mapped my mates Megane 265 custom map and it ran around 304! And my 250 is standard and they're is not a thing in it!!! And for £474 I wouldn't even bother if they offered it me half price!
  28. What do you mean there is not a thing in it?

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  29. I have to say that my RST mapped (300bhp / 342lbs) RS250 is significantly faster in every aspect than when 'standard'.
    Not another RST 'ass licking' just a plain fact.
    Is it an expensive exercise? Probably, but I am happy in the knowledge that the fuelling is spot on and those guys have years of experience with our engines.
    In the days, many years ago when Imprezas were new to the UK, it was going to cost me upwards of £1000 for a similar service at a specialist in Nottingham. I could have had a superchip or a map from elsewhere, but I like my engines to be tuned by people who know them inside out.
    You pays your money....
  30. exactly what he said..why would you take a chance wth a £3000 engine,because someones mate said` they were good`?
    I have never heard a bad word said about RS Tuning..unlike others
    Pauls been on the scene from the very start..and I value that day in, year out experience.

    I drove to Leeds 5 years ago from devon for my stage 1..transformed the cars performance,with factory like delivery.
    Car has never skipped a beat in all that time.

    Isnt this thread, the very reason you should be cautious,with what should be a very big name in tuning..?

    Did mine on a group buy to soften the blow to the wallet..but I still would have payed full price for piece of mind.
  31. "exactly what he said..why would you take a chance wth a £3000 engine,because someones mate said` they were good`?"

    Huh? It's called reputation and RST seem to have a good one, which is why people go there.
    The point is, I and others have paid "full price" for a remap and it does what it says on the tin. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting a tuning box off eBay is as good as RST (or any other tuner) because it obviously wouldn't be. You need to do your research and trust your own judgement on the tuner.

    There are other tuners out there other than the big name French tuners in the UK. By no means am I slating RST, they genuinely sound good and I am sure I would be impressed but there are other good tuners out there.
  32. reputation..like..Bluefin?..would have been a pretty safe bet a large company like that would have a safe map..or not
    did the OP just have very bad judgement then?

    I am sure there are many reputable tuners out there doing fine work on other brands.
    But for the F4RT engine I would rather trust my engines longterm life to a Specialist .

    Maybe others can reply with long term experiences with other tuners maps,so people can make informed decisions..
  33. A quick Google "bluefin Renault Megane RS250 issues" would have shown that this isn't the first time someone has had an issue.
  34. just a quick update guys. i have had an e mail conversation with superchips. They at first asked if i had done anything else to the car. when i told them it was completely standard, this was their reply

    "We can't provide you with any file assistance without detailed and in depth feedback.
    In this case it may be better for everyone if you just put the car back to stock and return the bluefin to the supplying retailer for a refund."

    fair enough, looks like they know there is a problem. i have returned the unit to my supplier who is sending it back to superchips to verify the file is back in it, then they will issue a refund.
    shame really as i did like the idea of being able to remove the map and reinstall it at will.

    Kind Regards,
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  35. I'm a NI owner too, but I went to TorqueTronix in Kells. No issues with the map and I've had it almost a year now. Few other megane's here done by them and no problems I've heard of.
    Benefit of having it rolling-roaded at the same time.
  36. yes..had my R26 on the rollers before,which brought up a weak injector on virtually a new car at the time!
    my made 265hp/285lb/ft with no mods..
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  37. My bluefin remap on the rs250 is fantastic , smooth and car pulls great
  38. That's great but are you sure it's as good as it could be? Checked the AFR at all?
  39. I think most people who have tried the Bluefin was happy with the performance of the car, it was only when they had afr checked that its was way out borderline dangerous.
  40. Hiya

    We seen your posts about Bluefin and we have owned our 250 for just over a year now and it had a Bluefin on it. We have never had it rolling roaded or track dayed the car but do you guys think we should take it off?

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