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Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by Trophyboy, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Also picked up the turbo parts from the electroplaters and a nice delivery of bushes & mounts from Mister Auto 404b3ceecf0f7c81bfbb98d2bb59d6ed.jpg 8b9213be87503e4ee174501d0ca305ce.jpg

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  2. Cheers buddy

    Im starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It' been a long slog and just no time. Hoping to enter it in that show n shine thingy at Clio Sport Festival in Aug lol

    Ahhh which part?? On the hub?
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    Im hoping to do some of the same stuff with mine eventually, Im sure you can get it done for August! What do you have left to do?

    Yeah right in the centre, took a pic of mine for you, I left the area where the washer clamps unpainted. Not saying it will slip with pain on - probably not, just wouldnt want it to happen to you because of some paint :smile:

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  4. It's worth it in the long run but depends if its a daily driver or not as winter will kill off the finish.
    Just using mine as a summer toy as I've got a focus TDI to rag everywhere lol.

    Hopefully mate. Once I've done the front end ill re-coat the under side in chassis black then drop the rear beam/axle and refurbish/powder coat all that then its done I think.

    Just need to order the 3" Ktec Exhaust, 630's and turbo core.

    Ahhh now I see lol. To be honest I'm thinking of doing the 172/182 pulley as I've done away with all the aircon.
    Either that or the pure motorsport bracket but it's expensive when cheaper options are available bud.

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  5. Also had the front Brembos coated in red

    Not the best finish as they were badly pitted and had to be done twice. 258b751fb5dfa6c3cbc3e35159c2a7bd.jpg

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  6. Big Uno

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    Yeah dont see why you cant get that all done, are you struggling for time now with the job change?

    Nice what are you doing with the turbo?

    Yeah thats the clio pulley on mine, will be interesting how / if it effects the engine pick up as its half the weight.
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  7. Daz


    Well that's not just original now is it! :wink:
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  8. Cheers buddy

    Im starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It' been a long slog and just no time. Hoping to enter it in that show n shine thingy at Clio Sport Festival in Aug lol

    Ahhh which part?? On the hub?
    Hope so mate, I'm only struggling for time till end of april then im back at our factory for good. Just training overseas at our sister factory.

    Well im not going for huge power as it will never see a track, just a nice sensible 250/260 with the mods im doing which is ITG filter, decat, 3" Ktec and 630's and stage 1.
    I could prob go for more but I want it to last especially with standard internals so I just bought a new turbo core as mine had too much play in it.

    Yeah be interesting to see as new pulleys are only £100 new. I'l prob go down that route with a stretch belt.
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  9. Haha your right Daz it ain't mate and I toyed with the idea of silver or red.

    Red won in the end as i wanted the lower half to pop out as the rears are going red too.

    Plus it matches all the engine bay as im keeping the nimbus/Red theme going [emoji41]


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  10. Great update mate, the bay is going to look great!
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  11. Wow..just read your entire thread,and really admire your commitment.
    Plus all the time you have taken to document everything for us.
    Very few people would have taken the time to do that.

    What a huge job you have taken on.
    Your costs already ,would probably require a sharp intake of breath ,if you totaled it up!

    I applaud you sir...thank you for your time.

    My mate spend £10000 quid on a £2000 Honda Integra DC2..nearly killed him ,with all the heartache, and countless problems involved, on a full refurb..
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  12. Cheers buddy. Can't wait to get it done now and out enjoying it in the summer months and going out for that early morning Sunday blast
  13. Thanks for the kind words Andrew.

    I think documenting things like this is great for forums and fellow enthusiasts who want to take on these concourse rebuild jobs. It takes a lot of patience and time plus organisation to do them but I've done 3 concourse rebuilds over the years, 1 for me and 2 for friends so I'm kinda used to it.

    I wasn't gonna go down this route with the trophy but once the engine blew and stripped down I knew I couldn't rebuild it without doing a full nut n bolt on it. My wife thinks im barking mad but once there done she admires what I do and achieve lol and she always comes along to the summer shows and sees all the people admiring the car and asking me questions about how I did this n that on it.

    To be honest I'm not sure where I'm upto cost wise but I know it isn' too bad as I've done a lot of work myself ie the blasting, painting etc. Biggest cost was the full paintjob. Obviously ill never ever get the money back should I sell it in the future but to be honest it's a rare car and not many left and thinking about keeping it for a long time as i do see there value going up in the future. My little lad is 9 now and will come a point when he's off to college or buying a house so it'll be a nest egg for him in the future.

    Costs so far are:

    Car £2600
    Full paint job £2000
    Powder coating £120
    Zinc plating £120
    Engine gaskets/seals/timing kit, rings etc £300
    Red engine hoses £180
    Intercooler £120
    Turbo core £150
    630cc injectors £180
    ITG filter - £80
    Flocking - £155
    New block, rods & pistons £120
    Machine work - £80
    Caliper seal kit £40
    Pioneer double din £100
    2 new doors, bonnet, wings, early spec front bumper £400
    Bushes/mounts £80
    Scan Guage £60
    Eastwood engine detail paints £95
    Wheels refurbed £300
    Cooksport Springs £140
    2 front shocks £100

    That's all I can think of for now and I'll stop there cos i can feel a tear coming down my face haha
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  14. Hi all

    Well its been a while since i updated this as everything come to a stand still while I've been working over in Germany last couple of months.

    Anyway I got back over the weekend and last few days I've been completely degreasing the engine bay & floor pan ready for satin black chassis paint.

    Once painted, which i tried to get that factory over spray look I started fitting all the powdercoated parts like subframe, Anti roll bar, wishbones etc that are complete with new bushes & brackets.

    Next job is to clean all the front inner arches/outer chassis legs ready for paint then start fitting the new shocks, drop links, twist links, inner /outer tie rods then fit the hubs, carriers & brembo's.

    Hers a few pics where I'm up to and I know it's not much of an update but I must of spent a good day & half degreasing, cleaning & painting [emoji23][emoji23] 7efe7dd6039cd1c6b6d711be0597dac2.jpg 419f65eacb6a4f30f4cc1dbed3ec2dd9.jpg d5ce4bade89754887c49b59ddff2f1ad.jpg

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  15. Big Uno

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    Great job as always mate! Its better than new...
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  16. Cheers Karl

    This is the bit I like doing the most... Putting new shiny bits on and was quite surprised I never scratched any of the suspension while fitting it lol.
    Even cleaned all my sockets prior to tightening the bolts haha.
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  17. Hand built, your attention to detail is next level!

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  18. matt e

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  19. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    anyone know what ever happened to @Trophyboy?

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