My 225 Trophy Project

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by Trophyboy, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Hats off mate your attention to detail is spot on!
    Out of interest where have you got replacement cv joints from?

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  2. Cheers Paul
    It's all coming together nicely.

    The CV joints i ordered off eBay.

    Item number: 132186379030
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  3. King bearings fit if you dont mind aftermarket. I have the racing ones in mine with the locating tang, but sure the "normal" ones dont if your on standard rods still. I have the normal ones as my main bearings.

    I think I remember seeing u ask for torque values in another thread, if your still after anything let me know and ill see if I

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  4. Hi bud

    I'll look into getting some King Bearings then as i checked with Renault again today and still no stock in UK or France.
    Bloody shame as there only £28 + vat :weary:

    Yeah ive been looking for torque values but just can't find anything anywhere.
    Below is what I need

    Cylinder head bolts
    Mains caps
    Timing belt set up
    Cam pulleys
    Aux belt tensioner
    Sump bolts
    Crank pulley
    Cam cover
    Breather cover
    Crank end plate/cover
    Exhaust/inlet manifolds
    Turbo to manifold
    Oil cooler insert
    Oil Pump

    That's all I can think of for now :smile:
  5. Few more parts arrived today from Auto Doc in Germany. Great service by these lot and very good prices [emoji106]
    c6200ac0b1bc0393b63c99a8cec668e2.jpg 0fa55fc1a5531a05f3059c1ac206dc3b.jpg 60d7c84ffd459af9be79efeeb88e1a89.jpg 11bce49dbf3d0418ac8b59fd1186a660.jpg f0591d55b42bd66e73e9d0faec5710be.jpg 379d2071c253987a4306781f226745cd.jpg f0bbf08f9b46fdf3ba0732eef42514b0.jpg

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  6. Anyone tell me what this seal is for as im stumped as to where it goes [emoji1]
    It was in the cylinder head set 869e0e39b4de83fc1c87eaf7e088a419.jpg

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  7. Also these seals that were in the lower crank case gasket set??? Any ideas so I can label them up
    20ccd85cdbe840086e235d0b55b85c07.jpg 456c7c68275d7f02ac1469141d4169a3.jpg

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  8. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    all the torques are in the manual just need to go though it

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  9. Thanks Matt

    Which manual bud?
  10. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    whats your email, ill send it over
  11. That looks like the filter sock for the fuel pump, maybe for the oil pump?
  12. Bottom left is almost definitely the sump plug washer [emoji846]
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  13. Blasted the hub carriers today ready for the powdercoaters. Bit of a difference as they had 17 years of shite on them and took some blasting clean.
    e1d84ba47c8fb001d71ff9407bf1c3c3.jpg fc1139e7136df7395486618e6d52eb44.jpg f4e4eb2e4d527343e71ea8a02c33a723.jpg

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  14. Daz


    17 years? :wink:
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  15. Haha well spotted Daz :smile:
    5th night shift ìn a row has done me no favours whatsoever :sleeping::smile:
  16. Bit of a small update as been so busy with work etc

    Few more parts arrived including decat pipe, genuine water pump, King big end bearings, CV joints & Brembo seal kits.

    Managed to paint the exhaust manifold & turbo housing etc with Eastwood Factory Grey High Temp paint.

    Made a start on painting the CV joints and water pump to give them that extra protection against the elements.

    Also picked up all my nuts, bolts, clips, brackets from the zinc platers. 9e9960bd6d89c17da21c8d3d85cd41d7.jpg 430afe4e57a9de3fac6e5727ba15b0a4.jpg 15f20f9ad870b39083c3ff689c4193c5.jpg b921eaf921b9eab5feb3bbae2789d436.jpg f3e828cc6542b064718b0f986655db46.jpg 0cec605592dac62f2921754935bdd83b.jpg d0273cdb0d57e3a1a273f549490ba7eb.jpg 5d5c33a52e0875de845423e4979e7b36.jpg 627da658db996cf8a78759be93a084af.jpg

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  17. More pics a15388b82d9b30194b2ccaa9666f1734.jpg bd31f61af69a2a7035dde18abd05cd9d.jpg 3e796e605a57ef1018d69e1b801a16bd.jpg ad2eefd61a02514a328b6998e9797222.jpg 5f739955e625e0a54bcf3e8883df9f52.jpg c6bf198e05bd5d44d5ca06682ca6094e.jpg 35c6fa08c48752fd6ded72dedb32d5f1.jpg 60996617571aafe2331de9f570f11be1.jpg c02394506b169c2f1e5948a4832368b0.jpg

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  18. And more pics [emoji23] eb9091d18a42fd3c8756e756f3ef6337.jpg 99774cdc88280117fd16b2f7a1d14556.jpg 6f39854a7e14030ee02ce5102d4013df.jpg 9589dfeb65cc76dbbdafd664af6fe64a.jpg 35d4ef25d766cbe12430e9c2cba5c133.jpg 5abba47b36125869a018ace0a91f12b2.jpg dc5365ffeea56e8fffc7cc1718c8d25c.jpg 1e539e3a06be7c2b7b32092b9a87fb89.jpg 8874b2bbc58cb092319b3f3f968c4188.jpg

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  19. And a couple more [emoji41] 8b102804d8654db8ad349d8bcaf275af.jpg 0b3239cd7e6833ed1528392f876243af.jpg

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  20. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    seriously you have got to much time on your hands, but its looking good so far, going to be a shame to take it out when it completed :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  21. Cheers Ian :grinning:

    Thing is I dont have much time at all. Just do bits when I can really. Just waiting for the mains bearings too arrive then I can start building up the block. Any idea on a good assembly lube??

    I'm sure I seen a bottle of Torco Engine Assembly Lube by the engine assembly station over at RS Tuning so must be the stuff to use.
  22. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    When i put mine back together i just used a good dose of good engine oil, i have rebuilt a lot of engines in my time and have only used this method each time and have had no problems, i normally use an oil can and fill the oil holes in the crank etc, that's what i will be doing when i start putting mine back together when the parts get here :openmouth:
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  23. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Great thread mate, amazing effort going into this! Looks like a classic car restoration :tearsofjoy:
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  24. Cheers Karl

    Haha yeah just a bit and will be the first & last one I do although have been asked if ill do another 225 for a chap local to me who has 2.

    Even after doing all the work myself apart from machining, the costs are way above what I expected and its not even forged lol.
    Gaskets, bearings, rings, injectors, seal kits, plating, powdercoating, paint, Ren parts etc etc just took it out of proportion but then i don't do things by halves haha.

    If it was a standard 225 id of just dropped another engine in and sold it on and cut my losses but with it been a trophy edition and limited in numbers i thought it's worth restoring and who knows, maybe it could be a classic in years to come.

    Also, ordered one of these to check my crank end float. £11 delivered on eBay so will use it once and let it gather dust on the shelf lol 1b06c30905d73e061d523b74039ad8f4.jpg

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  25. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    I really think it would be worth keeping the trophy, anyway you have done the work, why sell it unless you wanted another project :blush:

    I can only imagine the cost if you added it all up, anyway your doing a top job I definitely need to take a leaf out of your book with the presentation!

    Was that £11 with the clock or just for the stand??
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  26. Yeah deffo worth keeping mate as i really do love the car. Will love it even more when its done. Just gonna keep it as a summer toy as i have a van to rag to work & back

    Yeah that price was including the dial indicator & holder so cheap as chips

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  27. Couple of small jobs done while I had a few hours spare today.

    Painted up the cam pulleys in zinc phosphate.

    And a job I totally forgot about was the stripped threads on the cam cover where the coil packs bolt into so drilled them out, tapped and M6 Helicoils inserted.

    Next job is to finally start building up the block now that my engine stand has finally arrived after a load of shite went on with the eBay seller lol. daadbb6eb32d83348e85dfbc90a7e216.jpg a158cf93228d69a29108911d0cb14877.jpg 1b352e6cdd372a9f26451add6b693923.jpg fe816fed20d8b46425f0d6eecc48a395.jpg da015da9e5e9aa5937e94337bdc175c0.jpg 928c9dbb974cd23047754cdd236bd5b9.jpg 459280143d7803e0ff0d819d0f042733.jpg

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  28. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Bargain :laughing: just check its repeatability as the chinese ones can be a bit dodgy!

    Good job as always on the painting, how did you get the pulleys so clean!?
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  29. Yeah will do bud. Me being me it'll get checked half a dozen times haha
    That old saying... 'Measure twice, cut once' :smile:

    Cheers pal, I silver zinc plate most metal parts prior to painting. Cleans them up, makes them shiny and gives a good etch for paint.
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  30. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    I know that saying very well :tearsofjoy:

    Plating is something I would be interested in, but I dont know much about what platings work well for what, or what is doable at home.
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  31. There are small DIY playing kits on the market and ive tried a few but ill be honest there not much cop and take forever as you have to wire up/ hand each individual part into the solution and you can imagine trying to wire up and hang a box full of nuts and bolts :tired::tired:

    There's a plating company right next to where I work and just drop the lot off as there have barell rollers where you just chuck the lot in and straight into the process.
  32. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Yeah I dont fancy spending 30 mins on each bolt :tearsofjoy:

    Pretty sure there is a plating company in Rugby where I live ill have to enquire and see if they will do small jobs!
  33. Hahaha that's exactly what i was like Karl.
    I mean there ok if you wanted pulleys doing or the bigger brackets etc but nuts & bolts..... deffo not

    Cool, if you struggle give me a shout and I can have them done at my platers.
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  34. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Cheers mate much appreciated!

    Let me know how you get on with the new paint if you go for it!
  35. Only a minor update to my build as I've been crazy busy at work due to the run up to xmas shutdown

    Managed to fit the decals onto my engine cover and will give it a final lacquer.

    Also managed to drill and insert the grease nipples to my hub bolts while the miller was free at work.

    Next update should be the block rebuild once I'm back from holiday [emoji41] 20171208_221020.jpg 20171204_233412.jpg 20171204_235007.jpg

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  36. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Looking good!!
    Good idea with the grease nipple too!
  37. Hi all

    Been a while since i updated this as I've been so busy with work and no megane time.

    Due to my work circumstances changing and requiring to work abroad a lot ive had to sub the engine build out as i just don't have the time.

    Chap who's building it is Carl over at Mersey Clio Sport (username: Bloke on Clio Sport forum) and he's going to build up the block & head and give it me back on an engine stand where I can then take a week off work, bolt everything back on inc manifolds, turbo, ancillaries etc and drop the engine back in.

    He's doing me pictures of the build when he starts it next week.

    Anyway, managed to get a few pics of other bits I had done at Xmas so it's basically ready to bolt back.

    Some parts cleaned, blasted & painted. 75e138a2a227469e005deb94a189fcc8.jpg 17d5560fd55f9f03f56ef4f521ea5d1e.jpg 477b3d105fb556d86aad11bef9627d1d.jpg e91f78cdfc1898d94f264a9239805314.jpg 058260ad19275d4ac32dc6e36438936a.jpg ea67307da7f836142189110989b94c11.jpg e26641d4e3f20ba05fb7735f3043e026.jpg f7b1524e5a5c587069bd0c809b85698a.jpg b2bcd914f31d9700be2ed3e32aa974c7.jpg d9b161a19c93fba105a7c17c8e37d197.jpg 75033171c162b7b7a956c4574534458e.jpg 3c45b85db1a59dde727ec3a90c174862.jpg

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  38. Picked up all the suspension parts from the powdercoaters. All done in satin black as per original. e80044f2701e05d404feac0381a3dac1.jpg 5d928ca38829060231c13da26b4fcd62.jpg e6601cfc724114f95faeddb9a8f55c29.jpg 54925905b1c0ac852c703b5dc5da52ca.jpg 48e9cffa300f132d966dace2b9f50661.jpg bea026bf7b41e5e86d0db048f8878aff.jpg

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  39. Hub carrier supports done in silver e70c3a844192560e071eb9c639af7167.jpg

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  40. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Looks suspiciously like mine :tearsofjoy::sunglasses: nice work as always mate!

    Might be worth taking the paint away from the centre of the counter ballance where the bolt and washer make contact, I left mine clean there when I painted it, just to avoid any possible chance of slip!
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