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  1. Howdi all

    I haven't long been joined up to the forum after buying my very first Renault Megane 225 Trophy.

    I've been a VW man most of my life and probably owned the whole range. Done all the VW shows and I've done 2 full nut & bolt concours rebuilds on a Mk1 and Mk2 Golf GTI which took nearly 2 years for each one to complete but at 36 I fancied something more modern and the power to match so decided on the 225 Sport as they are within my budget. I looked at various ones but nothing stood out, either too mint for me not to tinker with or dog rough and beyond my talents ha ha. I wanted something that wasn't mint and that's when I come across this Trophy edition. It's had a hard life yet only done 65k with all mots and part, if not full history minus a few receipts. With it being a rare/1 of 500 I had to have it and save it from the clutches of someone ruining it to the ground and to the scrap heap.

    Anyway after a very fun drive home with lots of right foot action, out came the clipboard and I went around it with a fine tooth combe. Started inside and worked out.

    It needs:

    Full detail inside.
    New interior heater Blower Motor.
    ESP/ASR light on so presume it's ABS sensors?? Will fit 4 new ones.
    Service light is on.
    Indicators don't disengage on there own?
    Radio/cd player faulty. Going to get a double din set up.
    All carbon effect trim parts to be hydro dipped to freshen up or flocked in a dark OEM grey.
    Steering wheel & gear knob sent for recovering.
    R26 front recaro's & rear seats. Got the rears already.
    Parcel shelf support clips
    Spare wheel is missing
    Glove box light?? Is there supposed to be one??
    The OBD port cover is missing. Absolutely gutted as the build no plaque was not there either. Anyone know if it can be replaced?? Do Renault do replacements??

    New correct front bumper - £225 from Renault.
    New Front wings (Both are cracked at sill area) £95 each from Renault.
    Drivers sill repaired (Looks like an owner has run over something.
    Rear bumper painted.
    R26 Rear Spoiler.
    It will then be passed onto my mate for full paint correction.
    Wheels blasted and painted in original colour.
    Front & rear calipers sent off to Big Red for refurb and coated in red.
    Cooksport Lowering Springs

    That's all I can think of for now, there will be more bits to do as I go along.

    I also can't get the bonnet open. Was working fine when I view it but it won't open now. I can pull the lever at front grill but it still won't open?? Any ideas lads??

    Also when I wash it and then take it for a drive I can hear water swishing around the front bulk head? Drives me mad?? Again any ideas what this could be??

    Anyway, here's some pics when I got it home. This is exactly as I bought it.

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  2. Hi fella, welcome.

    They dont come with a spare wheel as standard, it was an optional extra IIRC.

    If its a proper trophy the interior parts are real carbon fibre/kevlar not fake! If your going to dip them/ get them sprayed just do that to a normal set and flog them!

    There is a glove box light, its a festoon bulb, cant remember the size though 27mm i think.

    If the service light is on just cos its due a service, scroll to it then hold the button down till it flashes and it resests (5-10 secs)

    Dont think renault do replacement plaques, but you could try here
  3. For the bonnet the front tab on the grill is just the secondary one I presume you've tried the main one in the car first?
    If so the ball/ socket has probably popped off, you'l either have to try to access the latch from underneath or pop the front right grill out and feel about for the cable, major ball ache!
  4. Daz


    Yeah don't mess with the carbon interior there's too few of them as there is! Any interior pictures?

    Are you going back to the Phase 1 bumper of keeping that Phase 2?

    Any reason you want the Recaro's? have you tried them? Personally I think they're very over hyped - they look good don't get me wrong but if you want extra support you might as well not bother - also for me the Trophy interior makes it a Trophy.

    Sounds like there's plenty of faults to be getting on with anyway! Good luck!
  5. More pics
















    So, out came the hoover and detailing goodies, removed all the seats, and spent all afternoon just to get it to a decent standard that didn't make me feel sick to the stomach. Ill be giving it a 2nd go this weekend with all the seats out again and shampoo the carpet.




    And one of the knackered heater blower. Fitted new one and all is good.

    More updates to follow :-)
  6. Daz


    I think I remember this on eBay?

    Yeah those carbon parts are worth a few quid although I'd keep them come re-sale time if it was me.

    I fitted a gloss black one while I had mine re-finished, looked ok to me!


    God I've just realised how shit the standard wheel looks - I've been used to the clio 200 one I have now!
  7. Have you asked if anyone with a trophy wants to swap the front end with yours?
    Personally I prefer the phase 1 but someone might want to.
  8. Hi bud

    Ahh I see. I thought they would have at least a space saver. Its only got the jacking tools in there.

    Yes, after having a closer look its deffo real carbon, but if you look at the pic above its been damaged by someone trying to get the radio out. Ill remove it anyway and put it away safe and try get a plain one and have it dipped unless I can get this one repaired somehow.

    The lamp holder isn't even in the glove box so that's another part to get from Renault.

    Ill try what you said about the service light but I know it says service due in 5127 miles as the car is only on 66k.

    Much appreciated for the link. That's exactly what I am after. I just need to find out the bloody build number now.
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  9. Yeah Ive tried the inside lever and nothing. Looks like it may have come off at the bonnet latch. Will pop the grill out and have a look. Cheers bud.
  10. Ah the service light will most likely be related to the abs sensor error (or some other stored code) the button thing only works when it says service due.
    No the space saver was the optional extra! Not even a choice of a full size spare. Just crappy tyre foam as standard!
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  11. nay probs mate.
    It's a bit of a mare of a job tbh! I originally found it easier when it first happened to get it from underneath with a long bar.
    When it happened the 2nd time I had too Many mods and no longer had access from underneath.
    If you do pop the grill out, youl have to remove a white bit of plastic holding some loom out the way. Then squeeze your hand through a tiny hole above the radiator, then twist your arm swear a lot give up, try again when your less pissed off and if your lucky, you may just grab it!
  12. Cheers Daz. I'll deffo keep the carbon console and put it away. Are the door handles the same??

    Yeah I'll be returning it to the phase 1 bumper as I like my cars to look as standard & original as possible.

    With regards to the recaros, my mates got an R26 and the seats are perfect. Went to London with him and was very comfy and supported me as I struggle with a bad back on long journeys.

    The back seats in mine are in perfect nick but the fronts have seen better days. Bolster wear and cracked leather. If I could find a mint set of covers then I'd redo my originals as I always use seat covers with tea towels underneath on the bolsters to protect them. I'm proper anal when it comes to stuff like that lol.
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  13. Hi are you still after a phase 1 bumper?
  14. Yeah mate I'm still after one. I've just replied to your PM.
  15. hows this car getting on?
  16. It's coming on great mate. Just about sorted all the electrical faults out on it and cleared out both scuttle drain holes.

    Its booked into bodyshop next month to have sill repaired and have both sills painted and blended into rear spats. I got 2 mint doors, bonnet and both wings off a trophy being broken, original paint etc. Mine have deep scratches on them and car park dings so rather than painting I'll fit these ones instead as I want to keep it with original paint. Will swap the door glass so that I can keep the same etch numbers all round.

    Wheels will be off to powder coaters while in bodyshop and front & rear calipers will be stripped, blasted and painted in Brembo red.

    Also having the centre console and A B C pillars flocked in Anthracite.

    Ill be posting pics along the way :-)
  17. Well it's nearly been 12 months since I updated this thread. Been saving up, buying and collecting parts etc.

    My trophy has been in Bodyshop last few weeks getting a full overhaul. New doors, front wings, bonnet, bumpers etc

    PDR guy went up last weekend and spent 1/2 day taking all the car park dents out etc, couple on the roof as it had been a little neglected by previous owners.

    Drivers sill has been pulled out and filled where it had previously slipped off a jack at some point plus little toe dings where people had been getting in and out.

    Bodyshop is is doing a full picture gallery for me but took a few on my phone last night so excuse the shite quality.
    Theres still some more sanding to be done but it's off into primer tomorrow then painted end of the week and re assembled.





    New phase 1 front bumper

    New CookSports to be fitted

    Once it's back home I'll move onto the rear, strip all suspension, rear beam, brakes etc have them all blasted & powder coated with new bushes etc then make a start on the front suspension doing the same.

    Its been a long old haul but finally can see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

  18. Good to see a ph1 bumper going on. Looking forward to the updates
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  19. nice to see it being bought back to life
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  20. Primer, base coat and lacquer done today inc bumpers, door trims and R26R rear spoiler.





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  21. caymanr26

    caymanr26 Events Liason

    Very nice mate! Be like a new car!
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  22. Hi mate, where did you get the gloss black one from? Looks good does that!
  23. Daz


    It was professionally painted gloss black.
  24. It looks really well.
  25. All 4 inner arches were fully steam cleaned and stone chipped today with Eastwood chassis black satin and then painted body colour.

    Rear bumper and side trims painted

    R26r rear spoiler painted

    Its been flatted & polished tomorrow and I can then get it trailered home and have the satisfying bit of putting it all back together with nice new parts, screws, clips etc
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  26. MBC


    The black gloss looks decent! I think I'm gonna do that to mine too!
  27. Well its been a while since i updated this thread but i have been cracking on with it inbetween a busy work shedule.

    Managed to get the engine & box back in after being fully cleaned and painted.

    Picking up all the nuts & bolts from the zinc platers tomorrow and i can start putting it all back together.



    Degreased, blasted & painted all the inlet manifold etc and painted them.










    New Direnza Cooler

    New Number Plates

    New Silicone Coolent Hoses

    More updates soon


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  28. this is exactly what I'm doing at the moment with my inferno 225...can't wait to get her back so I can fit all the new part's and get out in it again. ..good work and keep it up:wink:
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  29. Great thread, looking forward to seeing this when it's all done.

    I loved my old Trophy.
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  30. Its well worth doing mate once you start building it all back together with new parts. Cant wait for fire it up again
    Have you got a build thread?
  31. Cheers pal, it should look well once its all done
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  32. Managed to collect all the bolts etc this morning from the zinc platers. Had them done in bright silver. They have come out better than i expected and only £25 for the lot





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  33. no I've not I already started before joining the club. .and work takes up a lot of my time as I'm a cabbie so don't have much down time.. will put up some pics when I can:wink:
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  34. Picked up a few parts from my local Renault dealership today.

    Aux Belt & Tensioner (£56.98)

    Air Con Pipes Seal Kit (Mine were perished) (£22.92)

    Inlet Manifold & Throttle Body Gasket (£11.75 / £3.49)

    Oil Cap Seal (£0.95)

    Will do a good update tomorrow evening as im starting to put it back together.

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  35. Custom ITG induction set up arrived today. Credit to Matt E for the idea.

    76mm silicone pipework and 83mm ITG filter


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  36. Looks great mate
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  37. Looks good!

    Can you give a break down of each hose needed to make that set please?

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  38. Cheers mate

    Yeah course although not fitted yet and think i may need another 100mm straight silicone hose to get it down in behind bumper. Fitting it tomoz so will find out.

    So far ive got:

    Turbo hose (MTC one)
    1 x 63mm to 76mm 90 degree elbow hose
    2 x 76mm 45 degree hoses
    1 x 76mm to 83mm straight reducer hose

    1 x 63mm x 75mm long Alu joiner
    3 x 76mm x 75mm long Alu joiner

    1 role of red silicone tape for all joints

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  39. Did you buy all the bits from eBay, as I can't fine the alu joiners on there.

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  40. Yeah mate all from eBay. Item numbers below

    MTC Turbo Hose - 252312141381

    90 Degree Bend - 221476401897

    2 x 45 Degree Bends - 200972654856

    1 x Filter Reducer - 200807414642

    Silicone joint tape - 221358052608

    1 x 100mm Joiner - 271581991178

    1 x 300mm Joiner - 271887136505
    ( I cut this down into 4 x 75mm lengths)

    Its possible i may need another 100mm long straight silicone hose to extend it further but will know tomoz.

    Hope this helps mate
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