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  1. Went to them to get 4 Nankang NS2R's fitted and to look at handbrake issue that happened day before booking.
    They said it needed a new offside rear calliper for about £200 fitted. Needed doing as handbrake was useless.

    This is what they did without mentioning the "slight" colour difference at any point

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  2. When I went back to complain the owner had the balls to say that a previous owner had the rear callipers painted red and it wasn't standard for the car and if I wanted it to match the rest of the brakes he'd charge me £30!
  3. If the brakes are now okay, I'd honestly paint that myself and never use that garage again. That will be the least amount of pain you can come out of this with, IMHO.

    Another reason why you should use specialists for cars like this. I don't know Cheshunt at all but I'm sure there's somebody reasonably local that somebody will recommend.

    Tough luck - feel for you mate :astonished:
  4. Yea it's booked into Enginneering Dynamics end of month for major service. I needed the brake down and assumed they could do it and not fuck up. Obviously I'm never using them again :-(
  5. Jesus Christ! I got a refurbished pair of rear callipers in red for £30 and had them fitted for less than £20 because it's a 5 minute job! I use a Renault specialist in Luton
  6. Can I get their details?
  7. Garage owner called me this morning. Said it was their error and they've ordered a new red calliper to fit next Monday. My social media campaign has paid off. :-)
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  8. That's fair enough and probably worth a follow-up on the social media platform to say problem now fixed, but I'd still never use them again personally.

    Everywhere and everybody makes mistakes - it's what happens afterwards that marks out the good guys, and fitting that like that and then arguing that black is white (or red is silver) is pretty poor.
  9. Yep will do that but only once it's fitted and I'm happy. Never intended to use them for anything but tyres was just that handbrake went tits up day before tyre fitting booking . Will prob do so in future.
  10. That's realy unlucky! Least they have sorted it I've always found Mr unique pretty good in chesunt I used to take my old Boxster and cayman S there.
  11. My ultra exotic Megane must have thrown them. ;-)
  12. It's Armstrong Autos. Search for them on Facebook or they have a website. Friendly guys who really know what they're doing with renaults and never over charge!
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