Mr Pinks Brembo Pins - 225/ R26/ 175/ 250/ 265/ 275

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  1. Hi Guys,
    I'm sure most of you will know me from Clio197 and

    I have designed and produced some alternative pins for the Renaulsport range which use an R clip design resulting in deletion of the troublesome standard spring which corrodes into the caliper.

    They are available for the:

    Renaultsport Clio 197
    Renaultsport Clio 200

    Renaultsport Megane 225
    Renaultsport Megane 230 R26
    Renaultsport Megane 175 Dci

    Renaultsport Megane 250
    Renaultsport Megane 265
    Renaultsport Megane 275


    They are priced at £41 for RSMegane members and £46 for non members for a set of 4 stainless pins, 4 R clips (so enough to do both front calipers) and 1st class recorded delivery within the UK.
    Postage is available outside of the UK please ask me :smile:

    If interested please send me a pm for payment details.

    Many thanks,
    Mr Pink

    Also check out my pins on Facebook and don't forget to like:
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  2. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I would highly recommend these to anyone, Ive had a set on mine for quite a while now, Several pad changes and never a seized pin to deal with. Much better than the rubbish OEM spec ones!
  3. Nice one mate , just bought a set as we speak :wink:
  4. Cheers Jamie!

    Midnight - They will be in the post in the morning for you pal :smile:
  5. I also have these, they are things of beauty!
  6. These are fantastic.

    But in the oem pin defence, there's nothing wrong with them either if they're properly maintained and greased when the pins are put back in.
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  7. I have these too. I've had my pads in and out at least a dozen times. So much easier than OEM.
  8. Bit of a cheeky bump on this for people doing their brakes this summer :smile:
  9. Excatly the same kit as on ebay for £37 delivered, 331541948437
  10. No pal, they are a knock off not my time tried and tested ones :smile:
  11. Def buy from mr pink every time, great quality and very happy,
  12. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I would rather spend that little extra and support a member of the forums anyday of the week anyway.
  13. got these last week and fitted them yesterday
    absolutely perfect fit and quality
    why risk ebay when you can buy from direct from a trusted member on here!
  14. Received my set in Australia today. Thanks MrPink.
  15. Got round to fitting these today. Seemed good quality, I obviously don't know how they are after a pad change but service was good and delivery was fast.

  16. Got mine the other day and great quality.

    would highly recommend
  17. Order late on Friday afternoon and arrived in the post today (Monday) -great prompt communication and service.

    Big thanks Mr Pink!
  18. Been running these for a couple of years now and they are so much better than the Brembo junk!

    When I swap my tyres over from winter to summer I just tap them and they glide out. Not even close to seizing. Bit of wire wool to get rid of the crud and back in. No more cutting and burning! ;D
  19. After a set of these please!
  20. Hi mate

    Do you still do these?

  21. I do!

    Pm coming your way
  22. Pm sent
  23. im after a set as well please mate
  24. PM'd :smile:
  25. Does anyone have any pics of these fitted or how to fit them ? thanks
  26. Dead easy.
    Once you removed the old ones these fit the same way. i.e. tap in from the rear.

    Tip: Make sure the pins are rotated as such that you dont catch the dust seals when you put the R clips in :smile:
  27. Yes please!!
  28. How much are they ?
  29. All in the first post :smile:
  30. Great service from mrpink!

    Very pleased with my new pins :cool:
  31. I see how these are a replacement but don't see how they stop the original pins from corroding into the caliper. The description says it's the spring that corrodes into the caliper but it's the pin that won't come out.

    Am i missing something?
  32. The spring is part of the original pin which sits within the rear wall of the caliper.
    My pins do away with the mixture of metal.
  33. I'll have a set for a 225 F1 please
  34. But you still have a steel pin going through an aluminium monobloc caliper? In my case this is where the corrosion and seizure is.

    Got any pics of them fitted?
  35. Just need to read the reviews from others on here pal :smile: The pin isnt what seizes, its the retainer spring clip.

    I'm sure someone will be able to share some pictures of them fitted
  36. I had these pins on my R,and now on my r26. These DONT stick,and DONT need hammer to get them out. They are worth every penny. Mine have never corroded.
  37. Right I did some reading and more importantly had a look at the OE pins.

    What confused me was the term retainer spring clip seizing. By retainer spring I assumed you meant the big thick anti rattle spring that sits across the pad. What I didn't realise until looking at the OE pin is that their is a collet on the inside end of the pin which presumably is an interference fit and it's this that corrodes and seizes?
  38. As in I thought you meant this:


    But I guess you mean this:

  39. Spot on.
    You still want to keep the anti rattle spring plate.
  40. PM sent

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