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  1. Hi guys and girls. So in this naff snow we had I damaged my meg that I'd had less than a month. I've damaged the sill moulding and the rear of the front arch moulding also. Just wandering if anyone can shed me any light on how to get them off to examine the sill behind and repair the moulding as ive been told is that they should "just pull off" which I'm not convinced.
    Please help :worried:

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  2. I’ve had these off a fair few times now. The side skirts do just pull off, and the arch section is the same. The upper arch section that joins to the bumper is different and is secured with the bracket that the bumper bolts to. Still simple, but it won’t bother you as you’re just looking at the lower section.

    You will almost certainly need new clips from Renault as some of them will break.

    You also need some good plastic trim tools as some of the clips won’t come away with the mouldings and will need to be popped out from the body afterwards.

    Hope this helps! For any more info, just drop me a PM.
  3. Can the lower front arch trim (@SamD's first picture) be removed without removing anything else? Mine has popped out of place slightly, so would like to remove it and fit new clips, but don't really want to be removing the upper arch trim and side skirt as well.
  4. From memory the side skirt goes on last so you may end up pulling the side skirt off slightly. That’s what happened with me and I ended up chasing it back and fitting more clips for the side skirt.

    With decent trim tools it’s not too bad.

    But definitely get new clips direct from Renault. I’ve discivered it’s just not worth getting any from anywhere else.
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    Sorry to dig up an old thread, does anyone know what clips are needed for the side skirts. Want to have some ready for when they most likely break during removal. Cheers.
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  8. Anyone have an up to date link for these?

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  10. Thank you Zoto

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