R26 More electric window problems..

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  1. Tried my drivers door window today and nothing's happening. No sound from the switch or motor but the interior light dims when I press the button. I fitted a cube regulator a while back but the symptoms are different this time. Can anyone recommend the correct switch and motor in case I need to buy new ones?
    I'll take the door panel off tomorrow and have a quick look.

    Was there ever a 3 door Megane with wind up windows?? I'd have that fitted if I could.
  2. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    I would like you too, weight save as well, bonus
  3. I had a motor seize/jam up, replaced it with a motor from a "normal" Megane, it looks like its only the lifting frames are different .
  4. How difficult is it to change the runners? Do you have to take the glass out?
  5. no, you can leave the glass in, it just clips in on the bottom
  6. I recently changed everything. Valeo. I do not recommend valeo ! I have a problem now. The glass does not close 100%. I plan to repair the factory mechanism. I also need recommendations for parts.
  7. RPD are selling the genuine set for £150

    However on eBay you can get this set -

    I may have to investigate further as I have a magicube fitted and only have two wires going to the motor.

    I might try a used motor first just to see if it fixes the problem
  8. Just bought a 2nd hand motor on eBay for £15. Seemed a good idea as I dont want to take the door card off any more times than I have to!
    The widow has been closing slowly and the motor sounded like it was straining for a while.
    I also have a spare new magicube in case it's that. Might get a new switch aswell.

    Trying not to spend too much as I've just forked out £378 to have the cambelt and centre box delete done.
  9. Took the door apart today, turns out its the cable mechanism that attaches to the motor.
    Spent an hour trying to hold the tension and fix it until it sprang out of my hand and unwound. Sod it wedged the window shut and ordered a new one from ecp.
  10. Fixed. £64 from ECP with the discount window is smooth & quiet now. Pain in the ass holding the glass up!!

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