Mk4 LY RS 300 Trophy

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  1. Afternoon, after a month or so of ownership I thought it best to start a project thread for my LY. Mods so far include a set of Cooksports Springs and a set of OZ Alleggerita alloys thanks to @Barnett.
    I don’t envy anyone who lowers these mk4 as it was a bit of a faff tbh.
    Planned mods are induction kit, decat and exhaust, remap, CAE shifter along with other various visual touches.
    604571FE-63E9-4B97-A698-68EA7DEEDA6A.jpeg 08174095-0EC8-47CC-BE1E-1380BCE714E0.jpeg A81A424E-611D-47E6-A01A-FB3DDFCBFB37.jpeg 62E101FA-E250-4B2B-B1A2-63D60BD7BA24.jpeg 2A3DFBF2-87C1-447B-84C2-1453A75E1794.jpeg B2AAB020-69BB-45D8-BD6B-1CA81AABBFDB.jpeg 1340E64A-022B-4860-A960-F9B666A08A91.jpeg E1EA1D05-A978-4D57-B32A-263F69A7AF61.jpeg 00FB574C-CD2F-4F39-8D81-44402FC5A2A7.jpeg C7F9FF2D-836A-4C8E-834D-2E2BDE526593.jpeg 17069B93-3025-420E-8AD4-A332825067F8.jpeg
    Thanks for looking will keep updated best I can
  2. CAE shifter is great on the Mk4
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  3. Much better in my opinion with the 18" OZ, looks great in the Mk4. And can imagine they will be more sensitives on the fast road.
    Taking a seat in this thread and waiting news!
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  4. LoveLY buddy.

    Your old 172 Turbo is for sale on eBay mate.
  5. They do look a decent bit of kit.

    Hopefully it’ll handle a bit better An tide nicer on the 18s.

    CheeRS, I had seen it on eBay as I had people calling me because they see my number on the ED receipt ‍♂️
    Had to drop the guy a message to remove it the info, had a couple people on message me asking about it too.
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  6. this is mega bro! looking forward to seeing the end product :blush:
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  7. Looks good.

    Always think black wheels look great till you take a picture and it looks like someone has nicked youf wheels!

    The brighter the coulor the worse the effect.
  8. Are they the Oem discs? The look big inside the new smaller wheels.
  9. Yeah oem discs mate.

    So I’ve been waiting on ktec to release the induction kit for these for a while and having emailed them, they won’t be for release until Oct/Nov. I’m too impatient to wait so I’ve pulled the trigger on a few other parts.
    ITG filter direct from them as it was cheaper with delivery than ktec, Forge yellow induction pipe and smart spacer bov. I’m wanting to get a splitter but there is limited ones available, I can’t decide between the maxton v1 or v2.
  10. Very nice indeed, looks good on cooksport, waiting to hear how it handles on our shitty UK roads.

    looking forward to see the rest of the mods. Enjoy
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  11. So arrived home yesterday after 3 weeks away to a stack of delivery’s.
    Maxton v1 splitter, Forge smart spacer bov and induction hose along with an ITG panel filter. The other box is a carbon fibre skinning starter kit, plan on trying my hand at wrapping a few bits in a single sheet of twin will carbon.
    The Forge hose was a nightmare to fit initially but got it on it the end.
    I plan on getting the yellow boost hoses to match.
    I finally got the OZ wheels fitted with new oem TPMS yesterday also and had them balanced up and fitted.
    Love the way it sits now, I got lots planned but need to save some more. Ideas currently include scorpion opf/cat delete, Wagner/pro alloy inter cooler, map, stud conversion, uprated pads hoses and fluids.
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  12. Fitted the Maxton splitter this morning...
    Not bad piece of kit, fits well and good quality. Will get better pics soon...
    F4EED04D-BF60-4A2A-9E00-9B10DB8DDAEA.jpeg 4774DA81-6908-4E02-9855-3FF0822B93F3.jpeg C5031585-2D3E-49BA-BCA1-5C083B68C8F7.jpeg
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  13. Have a couple of shots...
    377CE6AB-AE47-4B36-AB3A-9A1D7FD84ACD.jpeg Had to go to the local stealers to start a warranty claim last week...
    The dealer said it’s the 1st time they’ve ever seen a paint crack on a megane like it, still waiting to hear back on the outcome but they can’t deny it tbh. I’ve also got them looking to do an exhaust change as I have the dreaded valve squeak.
    Whilst I was there some old boy pulled in the dealers in this LY Clio 220 Trophy
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  14. Looks fantastic really like the wheels. Best colour too! Lol
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  15. Update...
    Car finally went to the stealers on Monday morning to get the paint warranty started.
    I had a call this afternoon not to tell me it was ready but that it had to be re done...
    It’s got back to them and the paint work was flat... no shine or finish to it at all!
    Pictures don’t do it justice to be honest...
    And to top it off the like for like hire car doesn’t really cut it...
    Captur 90tce play... 0-60 in never!!
    But in other news, my @killallwipers kit has turned up so when the car comes back it’ll be debadged an then dewipered.
    Contemplating putting the standard alloys back on for the winter with the Bridgestones on rather than the Advan AD08Rs on which are sketchy as in the wet...
  16. Kill all wipers delete completed this morning along with the removal of the Megane badge. Undecided on what to do with the RS badge as it looks a bit lost there on its own.
  17. Rear rs badge needs lowering so its more central horizontally.
  18. TBH I’m thinking about the older 197/200 RS badge on the left side.
  19. Not really done tooo much with the mk4 as I’m currently saving to get another motorbike
    Doesn’t mean I haven’t done a few little jobs...
    LED reverse bulb upgrade...
    Changed out the stock ariel for the oem shark fin, looks so much better!
    And I’ve fitted a rear K-Brace from BAF Motorsport... Was an absolute **** to fit!!
    87BA4ED6-3BED-479F-AA46-362F886D3999.jpeg 92301C33-8C45-4F74-8EE8-F24393567BAE.jpeg
    More mods planned for the near future!

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